Abyssal Edge Amusement Park

Abyssal Edge Amusement Park used to be a large and well-appointed amusement park on its own island, popular enough that the island was ringed with mooring posts and had three dedicated bridges to other islands in the Fade. The War ravaged the island badly, and only one of the bridges remains. The amusement park itself has been shut down and cordoned off since very early in the War.

Rumors abound that the amusement park is still populated by ghosts, both of workers and of park attendees. People claim to hear phantasmal music or see lights occasionally. Since ghosts aren't active without living people present, many believe that the gerent of Abyssal Shoals may be treating the amusement park island as a prison of sorts, perhaps sending certain offenders there to keep the ghosts company for the lengths of their sentences.

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