Academie Brighella

The Academie Brighella is a combination school/apprenticeship system with on-site housing for both students and faculty. The campus includes on-site housing for the instructors. It is not a boarding school but maybe something more akin to a charter or private school, a relatively expensive but prestigious school that includes the instruction of various types of magic. The Vances in particular have a relatively large influence on the campus, as the education-based approach to magic jives with their philosophy incredibly well. Makers, Weavers, and even the occasional Goetic provide instructional services as well, however.

The Academie is located in the Room's Moor neighborhood in Palidrome, only a couple of blocks from the local Satyrine rail station.

Eir works as an instructor here and specializes in teaching the younger attendees (8-12ish) various minor magics.

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