Adrasteia Moores

Adrasteia is a High Priestess residing in Brightmill. She specializes in the study of Boccob's rituals and teachings. As might be expected of a disciple of a goddess of knowledge, Adrasteia is a voracious reader; what may not be so readily apparent is her affinity for travel and her silver tongue. Despite her obsession with the written word - she's rumored to have read every text available to her on the entire Isle - she travels regularly and has a true knack for making friends wherever she goes. She has a very grandmotherly demeanor and a real talent for imparting wisdom to those with whom she speaks without seeming nosy or pushy.

Adrasteia is a plain-looking woman of 60 who has not padded out with age, perhaps due to the sheer amount of time she spends walking. She is one of the most approachable of the High Priests primarily due to how frequently she can be found outside. She has slightly thinning brown hair liberally streaked through with grey; her features are neither sharp nor round. She is slightly smaller than average. She has been married for many years to a very particular scribe in Brightmill by the name of Mackinnon Moores; his penchant for personally-delivering completed works in bulk shipments has facilitated her penchant for travel for years.

Adrasteia had only one daughter who gave her a very difficult pregnancy despite her magic; as a result, she and her husband never tried for a son. Her daughter, Adrianna, has a considerably larger family in the Golddale area.

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