Advantages and Disadvantages

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I originally found these rules online circa 1995; I recently rediscovered them in some printed-out game notes from that era. I no longer know the original source of these rules suggestions. As such, the original rules are posted here verbatim (as of the original page revision). These rules may be revised for use in future Star Wars games.

Advantages and Disadvantages

I recommend that the GM pay attention to the selections players make, since this system has the potential for some abuse. One of my players created a beginning Twi'Lik with Con of 8D+1 who was routinely convincing Imperial Moffs to lend out Star Destroyers for weekend excursions.
I pretty much use the first edition rules in my game so this does not take into account many of the 2nd Edition's changes. There's no reason why these rules can't be used with 2nd Edition, but I have a feeling this stuff might not work too well in concert with the specialization rules.
Many of the Disadvantages have nothing written in the effect column. Some affect players' role-playing decisions (say, Vengeful), while others affect the difficulty number I assign to an action (a Lecherous PC trying to seduce someone). Don't force the Disads down PC's throats. Avoid this situation: GM: "Oops, I'm sorry, Bob, your character has a Phobia of heights; you can't go out on the ledge." Bob: "But Roark will die if I don't!" GM: "…sorry." Roark: "Aaaaaaahhhh!" Also don't let players think that a disad precludes certain actions either. Facing one's fears can be appropriately heroic.
Here's a somewhat extreme example from my campaign. Outlaw/biologist Beowulf Thrustspeare always leaves a single lobster claw (Ego Signature) behind at the scene of his attacks on Imperial bases. One adventure his player just plain forgot to do this. We talked about it and decided that because of this omission, the Traumatic Flashbacks of the death of family would worsen and he would have to drive himself even harder next adventure to make up for his failure. This single minded drive led to some rash decisions and the rather senseless death of his character.

On to the nitty-gritty:

During character creation, players may choose up to four points of advantages which MUST be balanced by an equal number disadvantages. If a player wishes she may choose to take more disadvantages than advantages without exceeding the maximum of four points of disadvantages. For every extra point of disadvantages a player has, she may take an extra 1D of skill dice in addition to the standard 7D. Standard limitations for the use of this die still apply (i.e. no more than 2D in any single skill).
Many advantages and disadvantages affect certain skill or attribute rolls. Many have a 1D bonus or penalty. For others, the bonus/penalty is determined by the number of points taken in the ad/disad. Generally, one point equals one pip of the die. For a few others, subtract 1 from the number of points before determining the bonus. The bonus/penalty for each ad/disad is noted in the effect column.
The cost in skill (or character) points to increase a skill which is affected by an advantage or a disadvantage is determined according to the net total of the dice. For example, Wedge has MEC 4D, Spatial Awareness 3 (+1D bonus to MEC skills), and 2D of skill adds in Piloting for grand total of 7D; in order to increase the skill to 7D+1, he must pay 7 skill points. Likewise, Han with the Bad Liar disad and PER 3D has Con 2D. He must spend only 2 skill points to increase that skill. However, when an ad or disad affects an attribute it does NOT raise all the skills derived from the attribute. For example, Logan has the Acute Smell advantage; PER rolls involving smell have a +1D bonus, but this bonus does not extend to other PER skills or the PER attribute in general.
Disadvantages may be bought off at the cost of 15 skill points per point of disadvantage. Without GM approval, Advantages are not for sale.


Name Points Effect
Acting Ability 1,2,3 +1/Point charm skills
Acute Hearing 2 +1D PER, Search/Conceal, Sneak
Acute Smell 1 +1D PER
Acute Taste 1 +1D PER
Acute Touch 2 +1D PER, Pickpocket, Sleight of Hand, Lockpick
Acute Vision 2 +1D PER; +5 long range shots,+1D Search
Ambidexterity 2 no off hand penalty
Animal Friendship 1 +1D Animal Handling, Beast Riding
Artistic Ability 1 +1D Forgery
Athletic Ability 1,2,3 +1/Point STR skills (but NOT vs. damage)
Attractive Appearance 1,2,3 +1/Point Bargain, Con, Command, Seduction
Bilingual Background 2 +1D Alien Races, Cultures, Languages
Blandness 1 +1D Con, Stealth
Computer Aptitude 1,2,3 +1/Point Comp/Droid Prog. & Repair, Security Systems
Contacts 1,2,3 +1/Point Culture, Streetwise; contact owes character favors (1/Point)
Dual Identity 2 two sets of complete identification
Education 2,3,4 +1/(Point-1) KNO OR TEC skills
Eye-hand Coordination 2,3,4 +1/(Point-1) Weapon skills, Lockpick, Pickpocket, Zero-G, Starship Piloting, Gunnery and Vehicle Operation
Fearlessness 2 +1D Command, Con, Bargain, Seduction
Internal Compass 1 Easy PER roll to find direction
Language Ability 1 +1D Languages
Light Sleeper 2 roll Combat Surprise while sleeping
Mechanical Aptitude 1,2,3 +1/Point repair skills
Musical Ability 1 +1D musical skills
Natural Lie Detector 1,2,3 +1/Point Bargain, Con, Gambling
Natural Resistance:Cold 2 +1D STR, Stamina to Cold
Nat. Res.: Disease 2 +1D STR, Stamina to Disease
Nat. Res.: Electricity 2 +1D STR, Stamina to Electricity
Nat. Res.: Poison/Drugs 3 +1D STR, Stamina to Poison & Drugs
Nat. Res.: Radiation 2 +1D STR, Stamina to Radiation
Night Vision 2 no minus for partial dark, +1D Sneak
Obscure Knowledge 1 +1D in area
Observation 1,2,3 +1/Point PER skills
Photographic Memory 3 +7 on recall rolls
Presence 1,2,3 +1/Point Bargain, Command, Con, Bureaucracy, Seduction
Spatial Awareness 1,2,3 +1/Point MEC skills
Sixth Sense 1,2,3 +1/Point PER, Search/Conceal, Stealth, Surprise
Subculture & Jargon 1 +1D Streetwise, Cultures, Bureaucracy in chosen area of expertise
Toughness 1,2,3 +1/Point on STR rolls vs. Damage
Wealth 2,3,4 2: 10,000 creds; 3: $25,000; 4: $50,000


Name Points Effect
Addiction 1,3 1: common cigs, coffee; 3 addictive drugs or spice; increasing penalty for withdrawal
Albino 1
Allergies 1,3 -1D STR skills for resistance
Bad Liar 2 -1D Bargain, Command, Con, Gambling
Clumsiness 1,2,3 -1/Point DEX skills
Color Blind 1 -1D Stealth, Search/Conceal
Cowardice 3 -1D Bargain, Command, Con, Seduction
Curiosity 2
Deep Sleeper 2 will be perpetually attacked at night
Dependant 1,2,3 your dear old Aunt May who needs looking after
Debt 1,2,3 1: 10,000 creds; 2: $25,000; 3: $50,000
Easily Intoxicated 1 -1D stamina when drinking
Ego Signature 2
Gambling 2
Greed 3
Hatred of Authority 2
Hearing Impairment 1,3 -1/Point PER, Stealth
Hunted 2,3,4 the higher the Points the greater the resources of the hunter
ID Trouble 3 PC has NO identification of any kind
Illiterate 2 -1D KNO skills
Imperial Record 1 wanted (but not specifically hunted) for a minor offense
Lecherous 2
Lost Dependents 3
Mood Swings 2
Moral Qualms 2 code against killing, that sort of thing
Night Blindness 2 -1D vision based skills at night
Overweight 1,2,3 -1/Point STR skills
Paranoia 1,3
Phobias 1,3
Psychological Limitation 1,2,3 catch all category
Religion 2
Sexual Fetish 2
Shortwinded 1,2,3 -1/Point STR damage rolls
Sociopathic 1,3
Suscept. to Disease 2 -1D resistance
Traumatic Flashbacks 2,3
Unattractive Appearance 1,2,3 -1/Point Bargain, Command, Con, Seduction
Uncouth 2 -1D Bargain, Command, Con
Unmistakable Feature/s 1 scars, tattoos, etc
Vision Impairment 1,2,4 1: requires corrective lenses 2: partial, -1D ranged weapons, search 4: total blindness, no vision skills
Vengeful 2

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