FIGHTER LV. 12 / TIER 7 MYTHIC: 17 surges/day (D10)

XP: 71,925

3,635 Mystery Gold Coins
6 Mystery Silver Coins
5 diamonds, worth 250GP each
[Also gave the new party members a budget of 13K +25,530 to spend as needed—SPENT]
(1/4 trials completed for Tier 8)

Party Members/Members Party

Current Homies

Saul (Call him)


Marinus Iphigenio
Jotham (Onesimusyehudit Jotham)
Xav (Xavier Nicolao Zubizarreta)

The Airship



Attribute Score Mod
STR 26 (28) +8 (+9)
DEX 14 +2
CON 18 (20) +4 (+5)
INT 10 +0
WIS 10 +0
CHA 14 +2
Base Attack Bonus +12 (second attack is +7, THIRD ATTACK is +2)
Melee (Total) +20 (+21)
Missile (Total) +14
Initiative +2
HP 132 (144) +11 hp/lv (+12)
AC 10 + 2 +13 (+7 with steel shield)= 25 (32)
Save Base Ability Magic Total
Fortitude +8 +4 (+5) +12 (+13)
Reflex +4 +2 +6
Willpower +4 +0 +4

Equipment [For hammer: Disarm, sunder, etc. attempts against the wielder now suffer a -4 penalty, bitches. Also, 3/day, the hammer can fire a lightning bolt (like the spell) as a level 10 caster. This has a range of 100' and does 10d6 electrical damage, or two 50' bolts can be fired instead.]

Weapon Size Type Attack Damage Range/Reach Ammo
Awesome Warhammer - PHB pg. 116 M B +28/+23/+18 1D10+16+1D6+1D6(electricity) (1D10+22+D6+1D6 using 2 hands) /19-20 4x Crit.
Dagger S P/S +21/+16/+11 1D4+9 /19-20=2x Crit. 10ft.
Darts S P +20/+15/+10 1D4 /2x Crit. 20 ft. ammo
Warfan S S +21/+16/+11 1D6+9 /3x Crit.
Manti L P +21/+16/+11 1D8+9 /3x Crit.
Magical Water Pick (heavy/military pick) M P +21/+16/+11 1D6+9 /4x Crit.
Aelphin Battle Sword M P/S +21/+16/+11 1D10+9 /18-20=2x Crit.
TODO Orcish crystal dagger ? P/S ? ?
TODO Orcish crystal sword ? P/S ? ?
FIREHEAD ? P/S ? 15D6 5ft x 80 ft beam
Armor Type Weight L/M/H AC Max DEX
Leaf Mail +8 - Armor Check +0 {PHB pg. 123} 30lbs M +13 +8
Shirt of Immolation, deals 1D6+10 fire damage per round to attacker while grappling 1 lb. - - -
Ranged Heavy Steel Shield, Animated +4 {MIC p.13} 30 ft. range, cannot be blocked/grabbed 1D8 - remain in same spot 15lbs. M +7 -
Belt of Physical Prowess +2 STR +2 CON 1 lb. - - -
Boots of Levitation - 20 ft. per round vertical movement 2 lbs. - - -
OPTIONAL Clothing Weight L/M/H AC Max DEX
Kinsight goggles - Give one to another wearer, see what they see - - - -
Pirate's Eyepatch - +2 swim & climb, touch of the sea 1/day, expeditious retreat 1/day - - - -
Other Equipment Weight Source Misc. Notes
Backpack 1 lb. source notes
Caltrops 2 lbs. source notes
Flask, Empty 1.5 lbs. source notes
Rope, Hempen 10 lbs. source notes
Rope, Orcish (3) 4 lbs. each source notes
Ascender/climber 1 lb. source notes
Grappling hook, collapsible (2) 2 lbs. each source notes
Housebreaker harness 2 lbs. source notes
Pitons, burrowing (10) weight source notes
Signal Whistle wgt source notes
Marbles (6) 2 lbs. each bundle source notes
Instant rope flask (2) weight source notes
Poison-Retch (10) weight source notes
Twine, Roll wgt source 50 ft. length
Bag of endless caltrops 1lb. Adventuring reward Caltrops wear off after awhile (magical)
Trail rations (14 days) Weight source notes
Iron pot Weight source notes
Flint & steel Weight source notes
Bucket Weight source notes
Bedroll Weight source notes
Winter blanket Weight source notes
Grappling hook Weight source notes
Handy Haversack that has 2 side pouches and a central compartment. The side pouches hold 2 cubic feet/20 lb each. The central compartment holds 8 cubic feet/80 lb. 5lbs. source notes
Other Equipment Weight source notes


Aida gains 5 skill points per level.

Skill Ability Class? Abil Mod Ranks Class Bonus Racial Bonus Magic Total
Appraise Int +0 +0
Autohypnosis* Wis +0
Balance+ Dex +2 +2
Bluff Cha +2 8 +10
Climb+ Str X +9 12 +11 (+1) +28 (+29)
Concentration Con +5 (+1) +5 (+6)
Control Shape* Wis +0
Craft (something) Int X +0 +0
Decipher Script* Int +0
Diplomacy Cha +2 3 +5
Disable Device* Int +0
Disguise Cha +2 +2
Escape Artist+ Dex +2 +2
Forgery Int +0 +0
Gather Information Cha +2 +2
Handle Animal* Cha X +2 12 +4 to Moxie +14 (+18 to Moxie)
Heal Wis +0
Hide+ Dex +2 +2
Intimidate Cha X +2 15 +17
Jump+ Str X +9 6 (+1) +15 (+16)
Knowledge* (Demonhome) Int +0 5 +5
Listen Wis +0 3 +3
Move Silently+ Dex +2 (+1) +3
Open Lock* Dex +2
Perform (something) Cha +2 +2
Profession* (something) Wis +0
Psicraft* Int +0
Ride (something) Dex X +2 1 +3
Search Int +0 +0
Sense Motive Wis +0 +2 +2
Sleight of Hand*+ Dex +2
Speak Language* N/A
Spellcraft* Int +0
Spot Wis +0 3 +3
Survival Wis +0 1 +1
Swim+ Str X +9 4 (+1) +13 (+14)
Tumble*+ Dex +2
Use Magic Device* Cha +2
Use Psionic Device* Cha +2
Use Rope Dex +2 +2

* denotes a trained-only skill
+ denotes armor check penalty applies

Speak Language details


  1. Simple weapon proficiency
  2. Martial weapon proficiency
  3. Light armor proficiency
  4. Medium armor proficiency
  5. Heavy armor proficiency
  6. Armor specialization (Leaf mail)
  7. Shield proficiency
  8. Tower shield proficiency
  9. Improved shield bash: Make standard attack to perform shield bash; when doing so, keep shield's AC bonus. Shield bash can be done with any full attack action as off-hand attack (take -2 to attack with primary weapon and -6 with off-hand weapon).
  10. Toughness: +1 hp/level
  11. Weapon focus: Warhammer: +1 to hit with a warhammer
  12. Combat reflexes: Can make up to 1 + Dex mod attacks of opportunity per round
  13. Hold the line: Can make attacks of opportunities against creatures that charge you.
  14. Weapon specialization: Warhammer: +2 to damage with a warhammer
  15. Power attack: Trade attack bonus for damage (up to base attack bonus)
  16. Dazzling Display: Intimidate 30' radius of character; if foes fail, they take a -2 on attacks, saves, skill checks & ability checks. DC 10 +hit dice + WIS mod; lasts 1 round + 1 for every 5 points player beats the enemy's DC
  17. Gory Finish: Same effects as Dazzling Display, but get to make a free intimidate check any time player brings foe to negative hit points (intimidate check applies to surrounding foes, not the one just killed)
  18. Greater weapon focus: Warhammer: +1 to hit with a warhammer
  19. Improved critical: Warhammer: 19-20 is a critical threat with this weapon
  20. Vital Strike: On any attack action (i.e., attack or full attack, but not charge or spring attack or similar) made at your maximum attack bonus, you roll an extra die of damage. For ranged attacks, you must be within 30' for this to apply. This extra die is not multiplied on a critical hit.
  21. Devastating Strike: On any attack action (i.e., attack or full attack, but not charge or spring attack or similar) made at your maximum attack bonus, you gain +2 damage. For ranged attacks, you must be within 30' for this to apply. This extra +2 is multiplied on a critical hit.
  22. Pin Down: Opponents that take a 5 ft. step or withdraw provoke an attack of opportunity from you. If it hits it does no damage, but the targeted creature is prevented from making the move action that granted a 5-foot step or the withdraw action and does not move.
  23. Strike Back: Can ready an action to make a melee attack against any foe that attacks you in melee, even if the foe is outside of your reach.

Mythic Stuffs

Can spend one use of mythic power to add half a mythic tier as a bonus to attack rolls.

  • Mythic Warhammer Weapon Focus: doubles weapon focus or greater weapon focus bonus to hit with Warhammer
  • Hard to kill: Automatically stabilize at negative HP. Live until negative double CON score HP.
  • Mythic power: 3 + double tier per day (e.g., 5/day at 1st tier).
  • Surge: Use mythic power to increase any d20 roll by 1d8 1D10.
  • Champion strike: Sudden Attack; expend one use of mythic power for bonus melee attack at highest attack bonus (in addition to other actions during round). Roll twice and take better result, adding tier to attack roll. Damage bypasses DR.
  • Tear Apart: Rend armor of opponent w/ sunder attack; reduce bonus by half mythic tier (min 1).
  • Ever Ready: When making attack of opportunity, get additional attack and damage bonus equal to mythic tier. Can make attacks of opportunity even when surprised or flat-footed. Can make 1 additional attack of opportunity per round at 3rd, 6th, 9th tiers.
  • Recuperation: At 3rd tier, restored to full HP after 8h rest. Expend use of mythic power and rest 1 hour to regain up to 1/2 HP and any use-per-day-limited class features (reated as 8h rest).
  • Precision: On multiple-attack full attack actions, get +5 to hit on every attack but the first (e.g., if attack rolls would normally be +15/+10/+5, would now be +15/+15/+10). Does not grant extra attacks per round.
  • Mythic warhammer specialization: Gives player +1 to damage per two mythic tiers.
  • Mythic dazzling display: Can make intimidate check as a standard action at -5, move equivalent action at -10, or swift -20. Spend 1 surge on dazzling display attempt to make targets frightened instead of shaken.
  • Mythic improved critical: Warhammer damage multiplier increases by 1.
  • Climbing Master: +8 bonus to Climb checks and gain natural Climb speed equal to base move rate. Retain Dex bonus while climbing. Can climb perfectly smooth surfaces (Climb DC 40).
  • Mythic saves: saves for half versus spells or special abilities become saves to negate.
  • Titan's Rage: As a standard action, spend 1 surge to grow to size L. This grants +4 STR, +4 CON, -2 DEX, +2 natural armor bonus, +5 ft. of reach. Adds 1 step to any weapon damage die. Rage effects last a number of rounds equal to 4+ your CON modifier.
  • Mythic combat reflexes: Make as many attacks of opportunity per round as you want.
  • Shatter Spells: Can destroy magical effect by attacking it with natural attack/unarmed strike. Melee touch and expend 1 use of mythic power. Acts as greater dispel magic using double tier as caster level.
  • Mythic vital strike: Essentially multiplies everything on a critical hit.
  • Force of Will: At 6th tier, expend use of mythic power to reroll any d20 result (yours or someone else's). Must take second roll.
  • Sweeping Strike: Use full attack to make single roll at highest attack bonus to all opponents within reach simultaneously. All take same damage, but if critical rolled, only one target takes the critical.

Petulant Child Meets Kickass Warrior:

When we recognize our warrior self
We can exhibit strength
Without sacrificing tenderness.

Personal Details

180 + 50 - stuff = Gold from our original side of the bridge

Chris's questions to aid in character development:

What do you look like? Try to describe not just your hair and eye color but also stuff like distinguishing marks/features, mannerisms relating to dress, etc.
Aida has just grown out of her "baby fat" phase and is making up for it in leaps and bounds. Long, strenuous daily trainings have resulted in a sculpted physique and extreme muscle tone. Aida stands tall at 5'11" and weighs in at a solid 180 lbs — all muscle, she'll have you know. Training dictates an extreme control over her center of balance. A control which Aida longs for. Sadly, she is still underneath it all a gangly teenager and as such can fall prey to an ungainly gait and way of carrying herself, often resulting in stumbling or dropping items. Let's face it—bitch is accident-prone.

Who are your parents? Your family? Are they still around?
Excellent question! The strong impression I got from my character initially was that an older sibling, most likely a brother, was a friend of the group. I hero-worshiped that boy and followed him everywhere, tagging along with he and his friends much to their great displeasure and frustration. I really wanted one of the other PCs to be Aida's sibling, but now I'm thinking it might be easier if we kill him off and say he was one of the crowd and now is no longer. And I'm determined to take his place in life, with friends, and in general make our family proud.

I haven't thought too much about our parents. I'm thinking they were typical-for-this-island parents. Father is a merchant or farmer or tradesman, whatever makes the most sense. Yes, I will flesh all this out before the game begins. Mother does whatever the typical mom thing is on the island. They had two children, the heir and the not-so-spare. Can land or estates (meant in the sense of "this is the shit that is bequeathed upon death, be it $ or land or property or bric-a-brac") be entailed? Is that a thing? If so, I'm screwed. If not, I feel like I need to prove myself to my family, my dead brother's memory, and his stupid friends who won't accept me, dammit.

What about friends — got any? Close ones? Regular acquaintances?
Aida was always focused on what her older brother was doing and didn't make time to carve out anything for herself in her life. Everything was done to be accepted with her brother's circle of friends. As a result, bitch is lonely. And she could really use someone other than the family animal(s)? (goat? horse? pig? whatever makes sense, to be determined before we start playing) to talk to. She sometimes talks to her parents, but busy as they are with making a living/keeping a home, the animals are the only ones who will listen to her no matter what.

On the opposite end of that spectrum, what about enemies? How powerful are they?
Aida is too young/too inexperienced/too in her own head and not yet really living her own life to have enemies. I'm sure this will be remedied in due time.

What caused you to move away from home and begin your life of adventuring?
Aida still lives at home or at least still lives in her hometown of Violetford. She is training simultaneously for the city watch and the militia.

Where did you learn the tricks of your trade? Did you receive schooling (most mages and priests do; mages apprentice and priests join a temple, but when, how, and why)? Did you have a natural affinity but little training? Did your parents or another family member teach you?
Aida's had two goals her whole life:
1. Be tough. Join the town's militia/guard/watch/whatevs.
2. Be accepted. Why won't her brother and brother's friends accept her?

Do you belong anywhere (e.g., guild, organization, etc.)? If so, where? How did you get involved?
Outside of her family, the city watch, and the militia she belongs nowhere. That didn't use to bother her. Not sure it does yet, either. She just wants to be accepted into the group of PCs. She doesn't really care how she accomplishes this, and doesn't aspire to any other greatness than that.
That said, if there is a guild or other formal grouping of either people training for militia OR the militia itself then Aida is definitely a member or at least an aspiring member/apprentice.
Is there a deity she should be following? Hmmm…investigate.

What kind of person are you? Try to name some traits of yours… and WHY do you have these traits? Do you even know, or are they just integral to your personality… just because?
Bitch has something to prove. To herself. To her brother/brother's friends. To her parents. She's not the scrawny little skinned-knee brat she was when she was younger. She's strong. She's powerful. She's…still a little bit of a klutz, okay. But she's becoming a force to be reckoned with. Pretty soon (she hopes) she'll be kicking ass and taking names. You know. If she bothers to learn the names.

How do you feel about authority figures? Why?
In the city watch and militia authority is everything. You have to know your place and know how to take orders.

Aida knows this, but she struggles constantly with it.

On the one hand, she wants to be a part of something great. Something that makes a difference in the lives of those around her. She wants people to depend on her. She wants people to sleep easy at night, knowing the best of the best is working hard to keep them safe.

On the other hand, she's VERY SLOWLY starting to realize she can live her life the way she wants it. Maybe she wants to be her own boss. See the world. Fall in love? Crazy idea. Maybe it will become a reality…

But, for now, she is (mostly) content to be a cog in the machine.

Why is your moral code (or alignment, if appropriate) what it is?
Aida, though considered an adult in her culture, is still untried and untested. She doesn't know how she will react to extreme situations because she has not had to deal with them thus far. She'd like to think of herself as a "good little soldier" but is worried that when the chips are down she'll react to instinct-whatever the hell that is. She's honestly never given it too much thought, aside from a tiny niggling idea in the back of her mind when she has very rarely entertained the thought of being her own person, living her own life, and finding her way. But who has time for flights of fancy? Not this chick.

What motivates you deep down inside?
Aida has always wanted to belong. To something. She's been focused for so long on conforming to meet others' standards that she hasn't really given any thought to what she might like to do, what kind of person she would like to be.

Finally, try to list some quirks or identifying mannerisms. I usually aim for between 10 and 20 little quirks, like "strokes his goatee when thinking" or "has trouble looking people directly in the eyes." Just jot down anything that comes to mind about yourself. Don’t forget to jot other notes as you play; half the fun (or more) is how your character can grow during the course of a campaign.

Personality Quirks

personality notes


personal history

  • Youngest of the group
    • Perpetually tagging along
    • Older brother is Darius
  • Hit big growth spurt during adolescence
    • Really worked out to prove herself
    • Grew up big and strong
  • Feels like she's always got something to prove - needs to meet the standards set by her older peers
  • Likes the feminine fripperies, but prefers when they can also be useful in some way
  • Impulsive due to "youngest" attitude and desire to prove herself
  • Starting to train to be a member of the city watch

Family and Relationships

Aida's cat's name is Mousetrap; coincidentally, Darius invented a mechanical mousetrap.

What else?

Favorite band
Braided Beard (local hipster traveling band made up of 100% dwarves)
Corpse Disposal (another great band name, but details escape me now 05-17-14)

Aida-relevant quote per Carol
"His friend wasn't particularly good at cursing. He sounded like a child mimicking his elders." - From the book Enchanting the Lady from the Relics of Merlin series

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