Aldershoff is a moderately-sized Rierscher city (for the Kgoli humans, a massive city) located on the northern shores of Reef Island. Both Rierscher and Kgoli live there, the Kgoli tending to fishing and forestry more so, and the Rierschers tending more toward the city and the farms.

The city is surrounded by farms and forests. The trees on the island, a type of oak known as "saltoaks", are native only to that island and grow poorly elsewhere; they're strongly protected and are used in local industry with little of that lumber being exported. Aldershoff also exports sweetgrass, a large and fast-growing grass with a very high sugar content that can be used to make alcohol, raw sugar, or various flavorings. Their biggest export by profit margin is often their rum, the production of which is a closely held secret, though it is known that both the saltoaks and sweetgrass are used in the recipe. The rum is quite popular in dharven lands.

Their seafood includes many types of fish, but more notably, some rather impressive clams and crustaceans. They do sometimes find pearls in the oysters on the east of the island.

A type of lynx is native to the island as well, and it has semi-domesticated. Some of the islanders keep them around as pets of a sort, though they are not truly fully domesticated.

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