The Alicorn's Path

So you want to be an Alicorn! Is it power you seek? Fame and position and wealth? Perhaps you dream of beinding the very sun, moon and stars to your will? Or maybe you just think they look cool. For many, the prospect of having a horn AND a tail, of not having to CHOOSE, is enough.

Whatever your reasons, know that any pony has the potential to become an Alicorn. A Unicorn or a Pegasus is not "halfway" to being an Alicorn. The wings and the horn are merely symbols, side effects… a metaphysical shorthand for the power and freedom embodied within an Alicorn.

But with great power comes great potential to make SpiderMane references. An Alicorn must EARN her or his power, and becoming an Alicorn is not the type of thing that can happen easily, by accident, or on a whim.

The Rules:

Like all house rules, the Alicorn's Path Rules are under construction and might be tweaked later to fix problems caused by them.

  • Any Pony can become an Alicorn.
  • No two Alicorns are the same.
  • You must make your own Path, and find your own Way.

It is perfectly natural and normal for ponies to daydream about being an Alicorn from time to time. If you want to know more about how to become an Alicorn, ask leading questions in-game. I dare you. >:) Go ahead, walk right up to princess Celestia and ask how she became an Alicorn, or if she was born that way, or what the heck is up with that. Go around saying things like "why don't *I* get to be princess?" See what happens! >:D

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