Alien Species Template

Species Name

Describe the species - physical description, home planet/environment, etc. Intra-species interactions are also fair game - e.g., family units, tribes, clans, classes, etc.


Attribute Minimums/Maximums
Attribute Minimum Maximum Attribute Minimum Maximum
Dexterity minimum maximum Perception minimum maximum
Knowledge minimum maximum Strength minimum maximum
Mechanical minimum maximum Technical minimum maximum

Human attribute min is 2D; max is 4D

Attribute Dice: 12D for normal humans
Type: near-human, mammalian, reptilian, etc.
Height: average height range, generally in meters
Weight: average weight range, generally in kg
Move: human base is 10-12
Force: are any members of this species able to use the Force?

Special Skills

Describe any special skills that all members of the species (tend to) possess. For example, Ewoks tend to possess training in primitive weaponry and construction techniques, as shown in Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, Second Edition by Bill Smith, page 134.

Special Abilities

Describe any special abilities the race possesses, such as skill bonuses, skill limits, exception senses, or exceptional physical abilities.

Story Factors

Describe any story factors like racial personality traits or common interactions with other species.

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