Allicanadra Kan'thith

Daeus "Old Man" Malicor

Local Wizard of Gwivonna.
Human, age 93 Dresses in an old, but well-made maroon robe with gold trim. Long, white-and-grey beard, grey hair. Stereotypical wizard.

Damir's thoughts: Slightly frightened of Malicor, though he'd never openly admit that. Doesn't feel that he can read Malicor well and feels that Malicor can read him very well, so won't lie to Malicor. Damir purchased a gift for Malicor, a figure of a man (resembling Malicor) whom he placed on a glass dish (resembling the Improved Floating Disc Malicor uses). Damir included a note with the gift thanking Malicor for his time and Emby's and gave this to Malicor upon Damir's graduation.

Common knowledge: Moved to the community 52 years ago, to study the ley line, and the fringes of Peloria's aura against the skyline at sunset. His cobblestone house is a refurbished old wheat mill, water wheel included and still functional. He keeps an arrow above the main entrance for good luck, as per local custom. Close examination reveals that the arrow is a masterwork, and is not nailed into the wall above the doorframe, but rather rests upon two metal hooks. Was training the young mage Emby in the arcane arts.

Uncommon knowledge: Fond of the fresh elderberries that grow throughout the local woods. He LOVES fresh elderberry pie, which his neighbor sometimes bakes for him. Not too keen on the town's locally brewed elderberry wine, even though it's good enough that some of it is exported. Some whisper that he occasionally visits the brothel. Only one person ever suggested to his face that he might not be a fit guardian for young Emby. (He's still living down the ensuing Seal Mouth spell.) No one knows why he is studying magical theory here, when a nexus town would make more sense.

Top Secret: Really is the DragonSlayer Allicanadra Kan'thith in disguise, a fact that Damir confirmed sneakily through Emby. Upon a subsequent visit to Malicor's, he locked this knowledge away from Damir's consciousness. Thanks to Damir's injuries and the subsequent required healing, Damir has reawakened this knowledge and revealed to Malicor that he has done so.

Allicanadra Kan'thith


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