NOTE: These are Amilyn's original notes and will need to be updated - she is now level 12 or 13

Neutral Good
Aasimar (believes she is Human)
Ranger 3 / Priest 5
Midlength golden hair; white-blue eyes; striking but unkempt; uses camouflage often


Ability Score Modifier
Str 17 +3
Dex 12 +1
Con 14 +2
Int 10 +0
Wis 22 +6
Cha 16 +3


BAB +6 / +1 heavy mace / light mace
Init +1 dex mod
HP 80
AC 18 dex mod + chain mail
Fort +9 TODO
Ref +3 TODO
Will +10 TODO
Type Weapon Hit Damage Range Notes
Melee Heavy Mace +9 (+9) 1D8+3 N/A Masterwork
Offhand Light Mace +7 (+5) 1D6+1 N/A Masterwork
Missile Composite Longbow +8 1D8+3 110’ Mighty +3

Armor: Chain Shirt +3 of Silent Moves - +10 to Hide and Move Silently skill checks

Personal Notes
Worships Ehlonna
Was a ranger until she had a vision that “something was wrong” and gave up her wandering life to dedicate herself more fully to the Huntress.
Is trying to figure out what Ehlonna wants of her.
Thinks she's just a human.
Extremely kind personality - essentially, like the stereotypical paladin, but without the ego.
Handles herself gracefully in combat
Slightly slimmer and wirier than her strength - looks more like a runner than a bodybuilder, but is very strong

Feats/Special Abilities
Spot, Listen +2 racial bonus
Two-weapon fighting
Turn undead 6/day
Greater turning 1/day
Lowlight vision 1 hr/lv
Quick Draw

Equipment Feats/Special Abilities Spells DC Mod 16
Heavy masterwork mace
Light masterwork mace
Mighty +3 composite longbow
Masterwork arrows x20
Shadow Chain Shirt +3 of Silent Moves
Backpack with standard adventuring gear

Major Skills
Spot +14
Listen +14
Hide +18
Move Silently +18
Knowledge (religion) +12
Survival +11

Common Spells Memorized

Domains: Animal, Sun

Standard List
Lv Spell
0 Light
0 Foraging Charm (List)
0 Guidance
0 Create Water
0 Resistance
0 Thunderthump (PGD)

1D Calm Animals
1 Aegis of the Gods (S&S)
1 Obscuring Mist
1 Shield of Faith
1 Shockwave Strike (R&R)
1 Runyon’s Fortunate Choice (PGD)
1 Minor Symbol of Divinity (R&R)

2D Hold Animal
2 Bull’s Strength
2 Dispel Ward (List)
2 Hold Person
2 Cat’s Grace
2 Zone of Truth

3D Animal Agent (PGD)
3 Mass Resist Elements (T&B)
3 Rescue
3 Invisibility Purge
3 Holy Cloak

4D Repel Vermin
4 Tongues
4 Sending

General Attack List
Lv Spell
0 Light x 2
0 Resistance
0 Guidance
0 Thunderthump (PGD) x2

1D Endure Elements
1 Aegis of the Gods (S&S)
1 Divine Favor
1 Obscuring Mists
1 Shield of Faith
1 Shockwave Strike (R&R)
1 Runyon’s Fortunate Choice (PGD)

2D Heat Metal
2 Bull’s Strength
2 Hold Person
2 Knife Spray (Faith)
2 Endurance
2 Shield Other

3D Searing Light
3 Mass Resist Elements (T&B)
3 Rescue
3 Invisibility Purge
3 Holy Cloak

4D Purifying Flames (R&R)
4 Sending
4 Freedom of Movement

Anti-Undead List
Lv Spell
0 Light x 2
0 Resistance
0 Guidance
0 Thunderthump (PGD) x2

1D Endure Elements
1 Aegis of the Gods (S&S)
1 Detect Undead
1 Divine Favor
1 Invisibility to Undead
1 Shockwave Strike (R&R)
1 Protection from Evil

2D Heat Metal
2 Bull’s Strength
2 Calm Emotions
2 Consecrate
2 Assassin’s Senses (R&R)
2 Endurance

3D Searing Light
3 Daylight
3 Negative Energy Protection
3 Rescue
3 Undead Attraction (PGD)

4D Purifying Flames (R&R)
4 Primal Lightning (List) x2

New Loot

As of the end of the session Bam! Lich Goes Down, acquired the following new loot:

Staff of Positive Energy
(31 charges)
- Cure Serious Wounds (1 charge)
- Turn Undead (1 charge)
- Cure Critical Wounds (2 charges)
- Greater Turning (2 charges)
- Postive Energy Bolt (3 charges) does 8d6 damage to undead, produces unpleasent tingle in living targets, stuns evil targets for 1d4 rounds (DC 17 will negates), Caster level check to disrupt vile spells or negative energy spells.

Warlord Helmet
+1 deflection bonus to AC
+5 to intimidate checks
+2 to CHA

Longbow +2 of Holy Affliction (Formerly Longbow of Vile Damage)
Struck enemies take 1d4 int damage in addition to normal arrow damage. Additionally, struck foes who have vile feats must make a will save (DC 16) or loose access to one of their vile feats. Stats and feats lost will not come back naturally, and can only be healed with a Greater Restoration cast on descecrated ground… or an alignment change.

Iron Blob
This appears to be a small, extremely heavy, opaque disk roughly the size of a small iron buckler. When touched or commanded to move, it reveals itself to be an ooze made of flowing iron. Unlike most oozes, it does not seem motivated with a desire to eat anything. (Thus it will never grow, reproduce, or attack anything unless commanded to; see below.)

Anyone within 30 feet of the Iron Blob can command it through simple concentration. If more than one person are trying to command the Iron Blob, they should make contested will saves to determine who it obeys. If not commanded, the Iron Blob lies perfectly still, soon collapsing into a perfectly symetrical disk-shaped puddle that closely resembles a very plain iron buckler.

Magic that the Iron Blob is immune to flows right through it. If commanded to climb onto a magical item, it spreads along it as commanded and tightly grips the item until commanded to let go. This makes the item heavier by 10 pounds, and adds a +1 enchantment bonus to damage, in addition to any normal benefits of making a shortsword a longsword or a light mace into a heavy mace.

Iron Blob
Tiny Construct
HP: 30
Speed: 20ft. (can't run)
AC:34 (=2 size, +22 natural)
Attacks: Slam +3 melee
Damage: Slam 1d8+1
Face/Reach: 1 ft by 1ft/1ft.
Special Attacks: Magnetic Burst (Ray of Attract Metal or Ray of Repulse Metal, 4 per day.)
Special Qualities: Construct, magic immunity, Damage Reduction 50/+3, rust vulnerability
Saves: Fort+6, Ref+5,Will+6
Abilities: Str 20, Dex 10, Con-, Int-, Wis 11, Cha 1
Climate/Terrain: The Citadel
Organization: Solitary (Unique)
Challenge Rating: ?
Treasure: Yes, it is.
Alignment: Always Neutral
Advancement: does not occur

Anklets of Maneuverability
2 sets
Improves a flying creature's maneuverability by one rating. (2 exist in this horde. Up to 2 sets can be worn by one character, on wrists and ankles, stacking for a total of up to 2 ratings' improvement. It is reasonable to expect that more of these exist, somewhere, created for Drummond's Half-dragons.)

Black Dragon Amulet
A black dragon scale, inset with a tiny green emerald chip and polished to a high sheen.

Potion of CCW

Potion of True Seeing

Potion of CSW

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