Argia, or Godsmetal, is a very rare metal found in the deep mines near Golddale. Argia has deep religious significance to the islanders and is incorporated in all of the most precious divine artifacts and temples. The temple altars in all of the major cities, the elite guards' warhammers, and the Bridge and Gods incorporate accents mades of godsmetal.

Godsmetal ore is a deep orange color. When refined, it turns to a milky, translucent orange-white. Godsmetal is as hard as steel once refined. The refining process is extremely long and arduous; it is a close-kept secret of the master craftsmen and their planned successors.

When argia is found, the miners always find a large vein of some other precious material very nearby, though the specific material varies. Gold, silver, iron, and other key ores have all been found just behind or below argia deposits. The discovery of a thin vein of Argia is cause for a two-day citywide celebration.

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