A Spring in Our Steps

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Note: At the start of this session, we discussed some final items from the previous session. Those notes are on that page.

Crappy Dumped Notes

These aren't really well-crafted notes; these are just the things I dumped on the wiki during the session. The post-session GM-provided notes are below.

It's All Downhill From Here

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Braelyn Again



GM Note Dump

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Come On, Orc Patrol

Cordial but professional – will not consider allowing PCs to pass without a fight/duel. Fight to subdue only.
Orcs seem to have some kind of heavy armor under their robes
Orcs bleed green

All party members comport selves sufficiently; Aida and YM obviously the fighters of the group. Maleos learns to set up temp. wizard-duel arena and how to fight a wizards' duel.

Misty Waterflower Memories

Saul tells party about downing potion in Sundtar Agamm. Hit with weird, disconcerting vision-memories from time to time. Not sure he can trust them fully. Distracting, take him out of reality when they hit him. Tells party about a few. This was triggered by memory of feeling like he'd been around here before (see standing stone picture).

Sundtar Agamm

After heading out into Sundtar Agamm proper after drinking the draught, Saul is struck by the realization that he's been here before. He doesn't remember many details. What he does remember is that he was with another group at the time. Something was wrong, and they all had to sneak into the city, essentially hiding here. None of them revealed who they really were during the entire time; they were laying low from something. They even stayed apart from one another, holing up in different inns and keeping mostly to themselves for a few weeks. He remembers finally meeting up again and leaving; the group took the north-western road when they left. They'd come in from the east.

Fighting the Usurper

Upon first seeing the islander PCs, Saul remembers something about them. He'd been alone by the time he met them; he doesn't remember splitting from his previous group but does remember that he'd done so by the time he'd meant to meet the PCs. He'd been in the mountains, somewhere near a cliff but not the cliff where they'd met. He'd been heading toward the water when he came across a cloaked creature wielding a three-piece rod of black metal. He knows now that this was the same creature the party faced in Hallvar. He'd fought the cloaked figure there in the mountains and lost, but before he'd lost he'd managed to do… something to protect himself. His very next memory is that of being awoken in the bushes by the cliffside where the PCs had appeared on the mainland.

Meeting the Islanders

Saul very vaguely remembers that he'd been trying to meet up with the PCs. He knows that there society is from somewhere else and that they'd be coming to this place on a quest. He'd seen a vision or something that had guided him to them, and he was to help protect them on this quest; they'd asked for help, and he'd been sent. He can't remember how or why he'd been sent (or by whom, though he assumes by his deity), but he assumes that his previous vision (about the woman and Alease) is related.

The Other Party

Saul remembers some snippets of things about the other party. He remembers some names; he can tell those to the PCs (and does). He doesn't remember much else about them. He's fairly sure he wasn't travelling with them, but he feels like he might have been searching for them, which is why he knows about them.
Names and vague memories of his:

  • Warrior Woman: Thema Ekane
  • Carbry Righi, deceased wizard man
  • Khalil Mawar, nondescript man
  • Klementyna Aliberti, plainish strong lady
  • Salvatrix Marta Kaufman, attractive exotic lady

Mantid Fight

Mantid Fight

PCs encounter four mantids in badlands and must fight them – very strong, very dangerous.


  • The poison delivered by the bite (and also coating their weapons) has an initial damage of 1d6 Dex, but the secondary damage paralyzes victims for 2d6 minutes (DC 17).


  • Each has a gythka+1, which is a tri-bladed, dual-headed polearm. Gythka is dual-ended and does 1d10 base damage.
  • Each has three chatkcha+1, which are bladed boomerang-like thrown weapons. Chatkcha is thrown w/ 30' range increment and does 1d6+2 base dmg.
  • Each has various small semiprecious gems worth an average of 25 gp; the PCs didn't know this immediately, but they eventually found out that they had 418 small gems of types found only east of the mountains.

Orc Legions

PCs see more mantids fighting with orc legions near orc legion camp. Shows off fighting prowess of orcs. Gives PCs a chance to see how the orcs live and why they only allow survivors into their realm. Aida and YM also get to see some large-unit tactics different from what they're used to but that work quite well.

A Study In Globs

At some point, Darias and Maleos plan to set up a smallish lead tent and try to extract something of the metal blog currently sealed inside their carefully lead-lined lockbox. Have Darias roll a craft check, DC 30, to be able to extract a small part of the blob for further research. This small blob is a little bit smaller than a marble and causes Maleos to feel tingles (like when your hand falls asleep and then wakes back up) when he is in close proximity to it or is touching it.

Braelyn Returns

One night, while the PCs are setting up camp, a red-haired human woman approaches the camp. She has fiery orange eyes, stands roughly 6’ tall, and wears drapey clothing of orange, red, yellow, and black. She is shapely and seductive, swaying when she walks and purring a little when she talks, but there is a strong sense of menace behind her wild eyes.

When she approaches, Saul flashes back to some memory and loses track of reality for a couple of rounds. Braelyn immediately approaches Saul, throws her arms around him, kisses him, and leans on his shoulder as she looks at the rest of the party.

Braelyn seems confused if the party professes not to recognize her – after all, they’ve already met, and it wasn’t that long ago. She refuses to help them with any confrontations, though. She may even increase the challenge of a confrontation slightly if she’s bored and the PCs can easily win.

One quote: “Don’t worry, darlings, I’m not here to harm you. Of course, I’m not here to help you, either….”

TODO notes the fight and the aftermath - burned up 2/3 of magical mystery glob and told party that the glob is somehow related to the worm things, which are also somehow related to Saul's story about Braelyn. PCs also end up with about an ounce and a half of an argia/mithril/platinum/adamantine mixture.

Saul's Braelyn Story

Saul remembers the original myth of Braelyn, or parts of it, at least. He remembers fragments of a tale of a girl being used in some kind of magical experiment long ago. The experiment caused her great pain, leaving her burning from the inside out for an extended period of time. Saul doesn't remember the full story, but something or someone intervened and broke her free from her torment, but her mind had been damaged from the extended torture. Though the magical experimentation had given her great powers, it had also driven her quite mad. The myths spoke of her looking relatively normal, a beautiful young woman with flame-red hair, when she was feeling well; but when her madness broke loose, she would turn into a lady of flame and fire, uncontrolled and dangerous.

Leaving Off

The session ends just where the eastern road from the badlands to Yegek turns back west, north of the mountains.

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