Better Lake Than Never

Roving Patrol

Party hears someone coming along the path from the opposite direction, hides. This happens early in the morning. Aida sends Moxie out to scout; she reports back, warning the party that a group is approaching. The party ambushes the group, which turns out to be a mixed group of 3 tragn (1 a spellcaster), 1 troll, and 3 white-scaled snake women (again, 1 a spellcaster). The tragn and WSSL scatter and bolt, the troll trying to hold the party off for a round or two to let them escape. They do, but in the process, the party kills the troll.

Demon City

That night, the party comes upon a city patrolled by trolls. They attempt to sneak in and scope it out, but in the process, they alert the trolls to their presence. The trolls sound an alarm, and large groups of trolls, tragn, and WSSLs burst forth from the rough-hewn buildings. The party, numerically overwhelmed, bolts and circles around to give the city a wide berth. They have to push through for the entire night, dodging patrols, or risk being captured or engaged.

The Dark Forest

As the PCs bypass the demon village, they feel more and more oppression and darkness surrounding them. Unlike the mildly-disconcerting feeling of being watched from before, the PCs now feel as though something malevolent is watching them. They travel through this dark forest for a few days. The PCs experience fatigue and low-level disconcerting visions and noises. This is especially true at night.

While on watch, Darias repeatedly sees an armor-clad figure sneaking by the camp.

On Aida's watch, she sees a large army sneaking by the camp, probably an aelphin army. The army is followed 30 minutes to an hour later by a single figure in pursuit: a youngish aelphin woman, by the size and shape of the figure.

TODO YM's watch visions? need to look @ notes

These visions repeat each night as the PCs camp.

The Trees Must Be Crazy

PCs hear creaking, slamming noises. Approach cautiously and find two living, walking tree-creatures. Caught out, and the tree-creatures animate more trees and chase after the PCs. The PCs scatter and run, eventually losing the tree-creatures in pursuit but also losing one another in the process. Maleos reconnects with Darias first, then continues using the compass to find Aida, Saul, and YM, who had all reconnected shortly after the battle. During this time, all creeped out thinking that the tree-creatures could be lurking around any turn in the road or hidden within any stand of trees.

Reaching the Sea

Finally find the river and follow it upstream to the lakeshore. Walk back along the lakeshore until finding a beached ship.

TODO Carbry's grave site

  • mud critters
  • plants
  • headless zombie (and dispel against it) - don't forget about amulet and loss in lake
  • octopoid demon vision

After battle, explore the ship and the surrounding water.
There are a couple of non-broken, still intact chests buried under the detritus on the deck

  • Drab beige growl’zek fabric, roughly 50 square yards of it, coated with some kind of waxy film that makes water bead off of it (and roughly doubles its weight).
  • 12 ceramic jugs of some form of alcoholic beverage you’re not familiar with.

Also cast some divinations and find that more lockboxes underwater. Recover amulet and 3 intact lockboxes; all the rest found are in terrible shape, broken open and useless.

  • Lockbox #1: 50 pounds of a dull iron-like metal in a pitch-sealed lockbox. The iron-like metal is not precisely iron and has a dampening effect on magic cast directly on it. The lockbox it is stored in is 1 cubic foot and weighs 80 lb.
  • Lockbox #2: Something in a pitch-sealed stone container inside a lead-lined lockbox that is further lined with cotton and sealed to watertight with pitch. The lockbox is 1 cubic foot and weighs 80 lb. The lead lining of the lockbox has been damaged. Saul and Maleos feel uncomfortable near the box and are downright sickened when it is opened. Party moved stone vessel into lockbox #1 and resealed it, seemingly negating the problem.
  • Lockbox #3: A small sack of diamonds. There are 34 diamonds in the bag, and each is worth an average of 250 gp.

The amulet the party found is a small, golden, gem-encrusted amulet of a very dharven-like design, but depicting a decidedly non-dharven goddess. The amulet would be worth a considerable sum, roughly the same as one of the diamonds (~250 gp).
The party also used make whole on Carbry's broken staff (laid across his grave). Maleos took it. It is a wizard's staff with a star sapphire tip and silver inlay along the length.

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