Between Two Sojourns

Leaving the Cavern

starts when party heads out of Iealdith's lair back towards Akihito-Remi


This encounter happens as the PCs are leaving the cavern of Iealdith after their battle with her.

The giant lightning-wreathed eagle swoops down from the ridgeline across the valley, spiraling in toward the party. It lands in a clearing perhaps 150 yards away and directly in their path. It eyes them, apparently waiting for them to approach.

The party stops, waiting. The eagle seems unconcerned at their presence. After a few moments, the party proceeds, Aida sending Moxie ahead to scout. Moxie circles the giant bird carefully and, apparently feeling no threat from her, returns to Aida. With that, the party cautiously approaches the giant raptor.

As they close in on the gigantic bird before them, they see it lower its head to pluck a pouch from a harness hidden in its feathers. It flips its head slightly, tearing the pouch open. A fine powder pours out, dissipating into a cloud in the blowing breeze. The misty powder settles into the shape of a woman. The illusion is translucent and slightly washed out by the light passing through it.

The woman slowly comes into focus. She is pale of skin with ice-blue eyes. Her white-blonde hair blows gently in the breeze. She wears armor of fine chain and carries a pair of broad, curves blades. She looks at once relieved and worried; while she speaks, she occasionally glances at something back over her shoulder.

Her words come in a language the party doesn't understand. The language is fast and flowing and perhaps a bit nasal. (Think French or a similar Romantic language with a bit of nasal inflection). Maleos quickly casts comprehend languages on himself, catching the last part of the speech before the illusion dissipates. After the message completes, the party asks Saul for the complete translation, which agrees with what Maleos heard.

"I can't speak with you long - now that Alease ('ah lee si') has made contact with you, they'll be able to zero in on you very quickly. You'll need to move on as soon as this message is over. Alease will return home to me, and with any luck, they'll follow her - she's rather noticable, after all."

"Peir ('pair'), Alease tells me that she'd found you and that you're safe and healthy. I know you don't remember me, not yet, but just know that I miss you - we all miss you. She also tells me you've found some allies. I cannot tell you how glad that makes all of us. She tells me you've done amazing things so far, and that your plan is working. You've saved them, at least for the moment. Keep on with what you're doing, and my blessings to you. We've held this long, and thanks to you and your new comanions, we've bought ourselves at least a while longer."

"I'll bring Alease home to me for now, and we'll continue our work here. I know this is confusing, but I can't afford to say more via this method of communications. Just know that we're with you, even though you're so far away; and that you're doing the right thing. I hope to see you soon… and victorious. My blessings to you all!"

After the message completes, the dust blows off in the wind. The giant eagle leans its - her - head to the party, allowing them to approach.

After a few minutes where the party pats Alease gently, they give her a message to take back to the woman - Saul thinks her name might be Nali or Nalia or something along those lines.
TODO message

After the message has been given to Alease, she offers two wing-feathers to Darias. She then carefully backs away 40 or 50 feet before taking off. Even from that distance, the wind from her flapping wings is incredibly forceful and cold.

As the party walks away, something nags at Maleos, something familiar about the woman in the illusion. (see link, above.)

The Same Tower

TODO encounter with wolves and feces in the tower clearing


TODO sighting the army of trolls and tragn potentially heading toward Akihito-Remi

Back in Akihito-Remi



TODO Maleos learning spells

TODO Darias building glider

TODO Maleos and Darias working on portable forge together

Skull Check - Maleos consults with a powerful aelphin priestess about Life, the Compass, and Everything.

Face Time

TODO Aida talking to queen - see Carol's notes

TODO Aida meeting Yoshirou-Mura's family - see Carol's notes

TODO Aida and Yoshirou-Mura's activities
During this time, Yoshirou-Mura traded in her armor for that of an elite guard and had it enchanted to a +1. She also purchased a magical item from a dharven merchant that enhances her vision. Aida did some shopping as well.

Saul-o Work

Saul was secretly working on magical items and alchemical items for the party - not revealed until the party is on the way to Carbry's gravesite.

Leaving on a Dharven Boat

Paid dharven traders to take them across the lake to the north side, close to where they want to head.

boat trip across lake - Maleos more crafting to kill time

Big Battle Boom

TODO tragn corpses and aelphin girl

PCs hear sounds of battle. Move forward prepared to fight something and find that forest goes quiet as they close in. Only find half-looted bodies of tragn and trolls strewn about. Some have odd wounds that don't look like normal aelphin sword and arrow wounds. PCs also catch a youngish aelphin girl (maybe equivalent to human 14-17) hiding up in a tree (retconning her name to be Fiona-Kawa unless I can find her original name). Scare her down and corner her. She says she's from a nearby village and was searching for specific plants (parents are perfumers) when she heard the battle - no time to run, so she hid. Maleos and Aida get Darias to back off of her for a moment; during that time, she slips away unseen.

Session ends in aelphin village a few days north of lake


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