Bright Lights, Big City

Wendy travelled with a merchant caravan from her home in the south to Greyhawk. The caravan in question stopped a few times along the route in various elven and human settlements. The caravan was very large (~120 guards, 10 wagons, 20 soldiers). As such, the raiders of the area generally left the caravan alone - it was too well guarded to risk assaulting it. Occasional night raids cost the caravan a couple of horses and some travel time, but all in all the trip was relatively uneventful. The entire trip took nearly three months.

When Wendy finally reached the city of Greyhawk, she was awestruck (dumbfounded, even) by its size. She was also amazed at the variety of races she found there - elves (of all types), dwarves, orcs, humans, gnomes, halflings, goblinoids, you name it.

She followed a lead she'd been given by a fellow guard with the caravan and went to the Acorn Inn on Bowyer's Street. She was told this inn is geared toward elves and is near both the elven village and the Artisan's Quarter. There, she met some fellows:

  • Torin Oakfellow ("Oak"): Bartender/proprietor
  • Malkav Renwald: Sculpter, painter, calligrapher, scribe, occasional poet, and recently becoming moderately famous and successful (some of his work from around 50 years ago is coming into fashion amongst some of the younger elves in the city).

In the Acorn, Wendy spoke with Malkav for a while, learning a bit about him. His age is unknown, but Wendy estimates him to be middle-aged (400-500 years old) based on his mannerisms. She met him sketching a nearby lady (a younger grey elf) while sitting at the bar and spoke to him for a few, finally convincing him to have her sit for him. He left her with a tip ("Say hello to Brutus at the Green Dragon Inn for me.") and headed out with the grey elf lady and her friends (they'd been fervently debating his art at a nearby table when Wendy came in, and Malkav was sketching the grey).

post-break notes:

Talk to Brutus @ Green Dragon
(walking in sees: 2 dock workers, big guy w/ leather armor & truncheon, muscly woman with chainmail, young guy with travelling cloak, Brutus)
Tells Brutus about Malkav - vaguely positive. Gets drinks, room from him.
Talk to young guy - introduces self, and the guy responds ("I'm Will"). They make small talk for a little while, realizing both are new to town.

post another break:

goes with Will 1st night to gamble with river-folk - mainly watching
next day, Will says he's looking for work and invites Wendy along if she wants
Wendy decides to come along
some job postings:

  1. pests in sewer
  2. recover lost merch for merchant's guild
  3. break into guy's house (or try to)

decide to go for lost merch
invited in to waiting room, wait, invited in to office
situation: caravan late - assumed accosted. want people back, merch if possible (but merch assumed taken)
skills: Will: relatively skilled woodsman; good with animals; fair shot with a bow; have my own horse
Wendy: pretty good with bow and sword; light on feet and quick to react; personable; comfortable in both city and countryside
missing: 6 guards, 2 merchants
terms: 500 gp retainer; addl 200/hostage recovered alive; addl 10% of any recovered merch
introduced to Will's horse (Duncan) and raven (Princess)
"She's well behaved" "not really" (Princess: *bites Will*)
(side note: Wendy is unsure around birds, or at least around Princess since she's a "pet")
(side note: Wendy can sing well and enjoys singing - sings to self while walking back to meet merchant guy)
meet up with "merchant guy" (Vladimir Kroff) - tall, dark silk clothing, skinny dagger on hip; riding a nice horse
Wendy introduces self to horse (horse's name is "Dollars to Donuts")
Wendy points out stupidity of guy's outfit and having big, blatant rune-marked bags on horse - Vlad smiles slightly, says essentially "you pass", and changes into chainmail and longsword. Gets rid of marked-up saddlebags.
After leaving city, Vlad tells you where you're going and pays out retainer - headed east toward Cairn Hills. Probably 3 or 4 days to get to the hills, another 5 or 6 to get into the mountains.

(next session's notes)
on 3rd day of travel, see some goblins
Will and Wendy spot at same time
Wendy tells Vlad - says investigate carefully
Princess scouts - house on fire with humanoids nearby
approach cautiously - at distance, see goblins trying to pull cart full of stuff away from burning farmhouse
tie up horses to plow in field
as doing that, grunty shouting in orcish as 2 orcs burst from hiding on nearby hill - "Intruders!"
prep weapons

Wendy: "Orcs are mine!" and attacks with longbow - fires and hits one of the orcs, wounding him (1 hp)
Will misses
Orcs miss with javelins
Goblins don't know where anyone is yet
Vlad holding action - out of range

Wendy wounds orc 1 again (1 hp)
Will tries again - fires into ground by goblins, who spot him
Orcs again throw and miss - one was close to Wendy
Vlad fires at approaching goblins - wide right
One goblin hits will for 1 hp

Wendy fires again at same orc and misses
Will fires at goblin who hit him - misses badly and drops crossbow to heft quarterstaff and step 5'
Orcs both miss Wendy with last javelin - draw axes and prepare to charge
Vlad whips a hand crossbow bold into the shoulder of one of the goblins, then puts his crossbow down and draws his longsword
Goblins throw javelins - injured one fumbled, two others missed, one got Vlad (1 hp)

Wendy misses, drops and draws rapier
Will waits for orcs to close
As orcs charge, Wendy stabs (threat) for 2 hp - orc stumbles but connects for 7 hp
Other orc charges at Will and swings, but Will ducks and connects orc's head for 5 hp; orc goes down
Vlad charges in to take haymaker at goblin, burying sword in spine (11 hp)
Other goblins all throw at Vlad - one hits for 4. They then draw their morningstars and cautiously approach, waiting for a chance to run

Wendy pees a little and attacks with rapier, missing. Her orc also misses.
Will closes to flank Wendy's orc, but misses attack. Orc now looks a little scared.
Vlad moves toward goblins, who back away threateningly

Wendy attacks flanked orc, but misses, as does Will. Orc makes a fighting withdraw
Goblins break and run from Vlad, who starts to give chase for a round, then stops.

Wendy (orcish): What's going on? Why'd you attack us?
Orc turns and runs.
Will casts sleep at orc (before, no one knew he cast). Orc fails save and falls asleep.

Wendy: (to Will): What did you do?
Will: Oh, he's sleeping.

Party ties orc, then checks area. Corpse outside house (stabbed to death), charred corpses inside (farmer and family). Cart contains farm implements, food, furniture; nothing valuable.

Wendy is depressed about the murdered children.
Will says stop for the night and bury dead.

2 orcs, 1 goblin => 2 axes, 2 scale armor, 1 morningstar, 1 studded leather, 5 gp, 3 sp (Wendy gives money to Vlad)

Interrogating orc: Wendy decides to threaten the orc, manages to get that the Black Rock Orcs just bested and enslaved the goblins in the area. Stupid pitiful goblins couldn't even defend their own caves, and we took them.
"You hit like a girl." "I am a girl. What's your excuse?"

Wendy tempted to kill orc - revenge for killing kids. Vlad doesn't care. Will not entirely comfortable killing him outright, though he's tempted.

Decide to watch him through night and decide what to do in the morning.

During night (Wendy's watch), hear noise. Wakes group. Orc wakes and stares quietly for now. Stuffs dirty clothing into orc's mouth to keep him quiet, then moves toward noise. Party takes cover by wall of ruined farmhouse to see what's going on. Sees cellar creaking open like someone peering out.

(Aside, due to Move Silently check. "Apparently I FART with every step, 'cause I rolled a ONE!" - Carol)

Vlad covers other side of house.
As approaching cellar, hear two rapid thunks in wood, then see two grey, ghostly figures running from back of house. Cellar door slams open and another figure takes off from there.
(Wendy sees that they were the goblins from earlier, but two are camo'd with ash and charcoal).

Wendy yells "Stop" in orcish, "Goblins" in Oeridian and takes off after. Party chases after them. Wendy tries to peg cellar one with sling, but missed; Will shoots an arrow and also misses. Wendy calls out to Vlad to not give chase.

Will checks orc, Wendy and Vlad check cellar; nothing in cellar. Will calls out "Oh" of surprise as Wendy sees how goblin was peeking through knothole in cellar door waiting for them.
Orc is still there - pinned to cart by javs and dead.

Party beds again; rest of night is uneventful.
300 XP ea

post yet another break, finishing out the merchant story arc

after 2 days, came across undead. Ignored and passed.

After another 3 days, saw orcs guarding rockfall. Wendy saw finished wood in rockfall, stopped to investigate, saw orcs.

Wendy shot, wounded orc, knocked him down. After that, shot and killed other, and Will killed first (but not before he called out a warning about intruders). Party climbed from pass to ridge to survey situation and look out for reinforcements.

See crevasse once get to top of ridge. In crevasse, Wendy sees horses and carts - need to check it out. Start to scout area. After scouting, decide to take dead orcs and horses out of the way and come back. Vlad will guard horses. He gives Wendy and Will a bag of coins and tells them they can keep whatever they don't use in negotiations if they find any survivors.

Wendy and Will go back. Wood in rockpile catches Wendy's eye again, so she digs it out and finds that rockfall was covering an artificial tunnel. Tunnel has glowing twine-ball orbs (dwarven glow-lamps) lining walls, and some traps in the entryway (all were tripped, including pressure plate that triggered rockfall).

wendy shoots orc; orc runs. Wendy has will guard while she blocks off narrow part of cave.
Have to retreat out under fire. Will injured by orcs, but the two manage to shoot and drop some while getting to cover by carts. Will casts SNA I to call a wolf to attack orc sgt, then hits him with magic missile. Next, manages to put three more orcs to sleep. Orc sgt and another orc close w/ party, but are taken down. Ogre misses with spears, gets frustrated, closes, and is taken down by sneaky sneak attack combo w/ Will flanking for Wendy.

After, Wendy coup-de-grace's sleeping orcs. Find merchants in prison and Wendy picks lock. Help worst injured into the carts, help get some healed.

Get merchants in OK shape to help grab weapons, etc. and throw into carts.

As much as thief in Wendy wants to loot, worried about patrols coming back and lack of remaining spells, plus we have wounded. Grab carts and available loot and clear out.


2 carts
7 horses
8 orc greataxes
2 greatspears
35 sp
28 gp
1x 25 GP obsidian


1x human sergeant (no gear)
3x guards (no gear)
2x merchants (no gear)

Find Vlad all beat up and nearly dead. Will heals him. Some gold is missing (one of the pouches) - says that some goblins with the orcs took it and ran when he and the last orc had stabbed one another and he lay bleeding and helpless. Goblins took his knife, crossbow, bolts, and pouch of gold, but left his sword.

Takes a full fortnight to make way back due to injured men and tired horses.

Merch pays 1710 split between Will and Wendy (870 GP ea). Unhappy that he lost all the merchandise (took a wash on this), but very happy that he was given the intel about the Black Rock Orc Tribe and their new hideout in this area.

Gain 700 XP for story plus monsters (each) - level 2 now

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