Carbry Righi

Carbry Righi

Wizard, Lv 12
75,502 XP
78,000 NFNL
Archmage, Tier 4 (0 of 3 trials completed for Tier 5)

Carbry is an older man, perhaps mid to late forties. He's far from the bookish wizard, though; he looks more like Nicholas Cage in The Sorcerer's Apprentice, though with a more angular face. He sports a scruffy van Dyke and long hair. He's usually darkly tanned and has scars on his face and arms from various battles. If you had to describe him in a word, your first impulse might be "intense."


Height 6'1"
Weight 177 lb
Hair Dark brown, short, unruly, and streaked with grey
Eyes Dark green


Attribute Score Mod
STR 10 +0
DEX 16 +3
CON 14 +2
INT 30 +9
WIS 12 +1
CHA 18 +4

Combat Statistics

BAB +6
Melee +6
Missile +9
Initiative +7
HP 61 +5/lv
AC 131
Save Base Ability Magic Total
Fortitude 4 2 m 6
Reflex 4 3 m 7
Willpower 8 1 m 9
Weapon Size Type Attack Damage Range/Reach Ammo
Staff2 L B +9/+9 1d6+3/1d6+3 n/a n/a
Armor Type Weight L/M/H AC Max DEX
armor wt lmh ac dex


See Roll20 for details. Carbry is more a jack of all trades and master of none than a complete master in any one thing, though he has deep knowledge of arcana, religion, and spellcraft.

Trained Skills:

  • Appraise
  • Concentration
  • Craft (Carpentry)
  • Craft (Calligraphy)
  • Craft (Jewelry)
  • Decipher Script
  • Knowledge (Arcana)
  • Knowledge (Engineering)
  • Knowledge (Dungeons)
  • Knowledge (Geography)
  • Knowledge (History)
  • Knowledge (Nature)
  • Knowledge (Religion)
  • Listen
  • Ride
  • Sense Motive
  • Spellcraft
  • Spot

Languages: Riersche (native), Kgosi (fluent), Aozdhiv (fluent), Mieran (moderate), orcish (moderate), Equaen (basic)


  1. Craft Single-Use Item
  2. Craft Charged Item3
  3. Craft Permanent Magical Item
  4. Empower Spell (+50% to all effect variables; +2 spell levels)
  5. Quicken Spell (cast as free action; +4 spell levels)
  6. Widen Spell (+50% area of effect; +3 spell levels)
  7. Maximize Spell (maximum variables; +3 spell levels)
  8. Quick Draw
  9. Improved Counterspell (any spell of that school)
  10. Spell Focus (evocation; +1 to DC for all evocation saves)
  11. Energy Substitution
    1. Cold
    2. Electricity
    3. Sonic
    4. Acid
  12. Spell Perfection (apply free metamagic to scorching ray up to 9th level)

Mythic Abilities

  1. Mythic Spellcasting: can learn mythic spells
  2. Mythic Power: 3 + 2*tier uses/day (currently 9)
  3. Surge +1d8
  4. Hard to Kill: Automatically stabilizes at negative HP; survives until negative twice CON.
  5. Archmage Arcana (Mage Strike): Swift Action, expend 1 mythic power to make 1 melee attack (in addition to other attacks this round). Expend one spell to gain a bonus on the attack roll equal to 2x spell's level and deal 2d6/spell level energy damage (your choice of acid, cold, electric, or fire). Normal damage bypasses all DR, but energy damage is still affected by resistances and immunities.
  6. Enhance Magic Items: Add 1/2 tier to caster level of potions, scrolls, staves, and wands you use. When using staff or wand, can use mythic power instead of charge to activate the power.
  7. Spellbane Counterstrike: When you successfully counterspell, you can freely move up to your speed as part of the counterspell action as long as you end your move within melee range of the spellcaster. Your move from this action doesn't count toward your total move action this round. If the spellcasting would have drawn an AoO, you can make an AoO against the spellcaster.
  8. Spell Sieve: If you successfully counterspell an arcane spell that is on your spell list and of a level you can cast, you can absorb the countered spell's power and use it for your own purposes. On your next turn, you can cast that spell as a spell-like ability using your arcane spellcaster level as the caster level.
  9. Mythic Quick Draw: You can use Quick Draw to draw items of any kind, not just weapons, provided they are stored or concealed on your person. As a move action, you can expend one use of mythic power to retrieve up to two hidden items. You must have two hands free to do so.
  10. Enduring Armor: Surrounded by magical force granting armor bonus of 3+tier; if it is ever disrupted, it can be restored as a swift action.
  11. Mythic Spell Focus (evocation): +1 to DC of evocation spells. Spend 1 mythic power to cause target to have to roll 2 saves and take the lower result.


  1. Carbry's recreated Staff of Power holding 20 charges
    1. Staff +2
    2. +2 luck bonus to AC
    3. 1/day, cast true strike as a swift action
    4. All elemental powers below can be cast using fire, cold, electricity, acid, or sonic damage
    5. 1 charge powers
      1. Cast single-target projectile elemental attack to long range as lv 12 caster (900 feet); does 5d4+5 damage; ranged attack with range increment of 240'.
      2. Cast single-target heavy projectile elemental attack to short range as lv 12 caster (55'); does 10d6+10 damage; ranged attack with range increment of 10'.
      3. Do double damage on next attack (or x3 on a critical)
    6. 2 charge powers
      1. Cast a fireball-like elemental attack with a radius (chosen at casting time) of anywhere between 10' and 30' as a lv 10 caster.
      2. Cast a fireball-like elemental attack as an emanation (cone from caster) of anywhere from 30' to 60' as a lv 10 caster.
      3. Cast a fireball-like elemental attack as a line (emitted from caster) of anywhere between 50' and 100' long as a lv 10 caster.
      4. Cast either of the 1-charge powers as though it had been affected by empower metamagic (150% to variable numeric effects)
      5. Cast either of the 1-charge powers as though it had been affected by maximize metamagic, which takes a full-round action to perform
    7. 3 charge powers
      1. Use any of the 2-charge powers as though they had been affected by empower metamagic (150% to variable numeric effects)
      2. Use any of the 2-charge powers as though they had been affected by maximize metamagic, which takes a full-round action to perform
      3. Use any of the 1-charge powers as though it had been affected by both empower and maximize metamagic// which takes a full-round action to perform
    8. 4 charge powers
      1. Use any of the 2-charge powers as though they had been affected by both empower and maximize metamagic, which takes a full-round action to perform
    9. Incorrect-casting traps
      1. Roll spellcraft DC 30 or better or be hit by empowered single-target elemental attack of the type you were trying to use for 10d6+10 damage, Reflex save for 1/2 damage (DC 24)
      2. Roll spellcraft DC 30 or better or be hit by stun effect for 1d4+1 rounds, Will save for 1/2 duration (DC 22)
      3. Roll spellcraft DC 35 or better or be at the center of 20'-radius sphere of force (like wall of force as cast at 12th lv)
  2. Wand of Rage (lv 2; 1 creature w/in close range; target rages like lv 3 barbarian for 3 + adjusted Con mod rounds) (7 charges)
  3. Wand of Drunkenness (lv 2; 1 creature in close range; Fort negates; 10 min/lv; loses 2 pts Dex, Int, Wis and may fall unconscious; acts inebriated for duration). (20 charges)
  4. Wand of Improved Invisibility - Dharven stone wand with metallic inlay (Improved Invisibility, 2 charges remaining )
  5. Small Wizard's Library (his non-destroyed books)
  6. Handy Crafting-sack (like a Handy Haversack that produces most simple tools upon request - used to support Craft checks)
  7. Heirloom sapphire and silver ring worth 631 gp


See Roll20 for what spells he has memorized at any given time. He tends to favor evocation spells, though he doesn't go in fully loaded for bear unless away from "civilization."


Carbry has an extensive collection of spells built up over 35 years of study. He had even acquired some other spellbooks over the years containing spells he could not yet learn at the time. He has studied most of these, though some are still beyond his reach.

Spells/day: 4/4/4/4/3/3/2
Bonus spells: 0/3/2/2/2/2/1/1/1/1
Total spells: 4/7/6/6/5/5/3

Personal Details

The oldest member of the party, he would have been 49 (almost 50) as of Swamp Things.


Carby is exceedingly private about his personal life, even with his closest friends. Out of the entire party, only Salvatrix knew that he was gay, and even with her he barely spoke about his love life. Intense, charismatic, and confident, he did have a marginally active love life when the party stayed a while in a town.

Carbry was never interested in long term relationships of any sort. He told himself that this wasn't just because he was selfish; he was merely too interested in his work and his exploration to saddle someone with that life. This may even have been (at least partially) true.

Carbry can have an intense single-mindedness. When he focuses on something, he focuses 100% of his attention on it, which can be intimidating. He can seem to be aloof in conversation, but if you manage to wander onto a subject in which he is interested, his laser focus will lock on and he will siphon every last bit of knowledge you're willing to share out of you.


  • Loves and relies on splashy and intense spells, particularly evocations. His spells reflect his flashy, intense personality.
  • Loves wands. He likes to keep a short bandolier or similar of wands, particularly ones he's enhanced with metamagic. Then he can quick-draw wands he likes and use them for the duration of a battle. He particularly likes wands of widened sheet lightning for the initial stages of a confrontation.
  • Carbry speaks slowly because he's so often lost in thought or up inside his own head. Maybe a bit of Colossus in his personality in terms of "fatherlyness."
  • Carbry had a bit of a closer relationship to Klementyna than others, and that wasn't always appreciated by her because he could be a bit "fatherly" in ways that try to rein her in. It was never enough to cause a falling out, but it could cause some tension for a time. It was always driven by Carbry worrying about Klementyna getting herself into trouble and Klementyna thinking that Carbry should keep his nose out of her life choices.
  • Carbry is a big reader, and he may have even had some precious story-books (religious or otherwise) that he either kept in storage or brought along. He may have read or told some of these stories to the party, and Salvatrix and Khalil eventually memorized them and began to tell them with him, embellishing in places and kind of putting on shows for people when they would come into town.
  • His life goal was to gain reknown as a master enchanter. His first step on this path was the creation of his staff, which was a custom enchantment that allowed him to use it in three different way with the same command word depending upon how he held it. A fourth enchantment on it acted as a safeguard, shocking the wielder with non-lethal damage if the command word was spoken while the staff was held incorrectly.

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