Character-Centric Timeline

Assume normal calendar if you want to add month/day for certain events (like date of birth or date of PCs meeting).

Year Month Day Event
0 08 17 Birth of Darias Yaren
1 02 01 Birth of Maleos Taylan
4 06 23 Birth of Aida Yaren
10 03 31 Death of Daddy Yaren
10 06 01 Darias meets Maleos
10 06 01 Aida meets Maleos
13 03 21 Darias apprenticed to Brightmill
13 05 12 Maleos casts his first spell
16 07 05 Aida joins City Watch
20 03 15 Campaign Start Date
20 03 17 Darias graduates to Journeyman Blacksmith
20 03 21 Sunbreak Ritual cast in Violetford
20 03 30 PCs go to Golddale to speak with Esme's family
20 09 21 PCs travel to Godswatch with merchants
20 09 24 Encounter with dark woman and blue-skinned demon giants on Godswatch; Maleos finds the Compass
20 10 12 Esme dies
21 03 22 PCs cross the Bridge
?? ?? ?? Discontinuity due to crossing Bridge; dates determined after the fact by PCs. 0B = Year 4
0A 10 05 Find village of Felbraed
0A 10 23 Find city of Kaede
0A 10 26 PCs fight and kill The Purging Fire
0A 10 31 PCs leave Kaede for Hallvar
0A 11 19 PCs arrive in Hallvar
0A 11 21 PCs meet Rido
0A 11 22 PCs exploring Hallvar mystery presented by Rido
0A 12 01 PCs break into secure warehouse
0A 12 03 PCs cure infested dharven
0A 12 07 PCs fight Worm Creature in Hallvar
0A 12 09 PCs find rewards from Rido
0B 02 10 Break in weather allows PCs to leave Hallvar for Kistner
0B 02 20 PCs arrive in Kistner
0B 02 22 PCs leave Kistner heading for Geskas Andan
0B 03 01 PCs arrive at Guard Outpost with prisoners
0B 03 16 PCs arrive in Geskas Andan
0B 03 20 PCs granted access to inner city
0B 03 25 PCs find Moradin's Island under Geskas Andan
0B 03 31 PCs leave Geskas Andan w/ dharven traders
0B 04 11 PCs arrive in Akihito-Remi
0B 04 25 PCs fight and defeat Iealdith
0B 04 27 PCs leave Iealdith's cavern
0B 04 28 PCs encounter wolves at ruins of mountain tower
0B 05 03 PCs see large group of tragn and trolls headed toward Akihito-Remi
0B 05 07 PCs return to Akihito-Remi
0B 05 27 PCs leave Akihito-Remi heading NNW
0B 06 01 PCs dropped off on the north side of the lake north of Akihito-Remi
0B 06 04 PCs encounter mysterious battle, find dead tragn
0B 06 06 PCs overnight in aelphin village
0B 06 18 PCs reach Carbry Ridghi's grave
0B 06 23 PCs break camp; Yoshirou-Mura sees comet
0B 06 25 Saul sees visions in the Compass
0B 06 26 Darias opens the stone vessel the PCs found at Carbry's gravesite
0B 06 25 Saul sees visions in the Compass
0B 06 28 Encounter w/ tree creature
0B 06 29 Encounter w/ tree creatures and aelphin girl
0B 07 06 Massive battle in aelphin village vs. raiding tragn heavies
0B 07 07 PCs officially introduced to Fionan-Shi
0B 07 21 PCs leave Sieffrey
0B 07 28 PCs come across human logging camp
0B 08 01 PCs meet up with dharven merchants returning to Sundtar Agamm
0B 08 16 PCs arrive in Sundtar Agamm
0B 08 19 PCs have audience with aelphin and orc ambassadors and dharven king in Sundtar Agamm
0B 08 20 Maleos is stabbed in the chest by a dharven who had ordered him assassinated
0B 08 30 The PCs spend roughly six months wintering in Sundtar Agamm
0C 03 11 The weather breaks and the PCs are finally able to leave Sundtar Agamm
0C 03 20 The PCs encounter their first orc patrol
0C 03 26 The PCs see an orc legion in action against mantids
0C 04 10 The PCs retrieve a sample of their mystery blob near the Salt Lake
0C 04 20 The PCs again run into someone claiming to be the great demon Braelyn
0C 04 25 The PCs encounter zwoll attacking a zwallen hut
0C 05 09 The PCs save some zwallen being attacked by a larger zwoll force.
0C 05 12 The PCs and the zwallen meet up with a larger group of zwallen to head to Yegek.
0C 05 24 The PCs finally arrive in Yegek.
0C 05 26 Assault on the ice tower.
0C 05 28 Recovery of wrechage from the ice tower.
0C 06 08 Xavier and Marinus, rescued prisoners from the ice tower, are now recovered.
0C 06 15 Finnebarre, the third and final rescued prisoner from the ice tower, is now fully recovered.
0C 06 17 The party sets off with Finnebarre, Xavier, and Marinus.
0C 06 18 Yoshirou-Mura is pulled somewhere else while the party is exploring The Gates of the Dead.
0C 06 21 Through the risky preparation of an unvetted ritual, the party opens up a portal, allowing Yoshirou-Mura to return.
0C 06 24 The party leaves the Gates of the Dead to head for Survoler Severine.
0C 06 25 The party arrives at Survoler Severine.
0C 06 29 The party leaves Survoler Severine for the city of Laila e'Sienne.
0C 07 04 The party is attacked en route to Laila e'Sienne.
0C 07 13 The party arrives in Laila e'Sienne.
0C 07 27 Darias and Maleos head into the orc territories on a gasbag shopping trip.
0C 08 03 The party heads to Sanse Alea to see where Saul was born.
0C 08 10 Maleos, Darias, and Saul head off to teleport to various previously-visited cities for recon and trade purposes, heading first to Yegek.
0C 08 17 Maleos, Darias, and Saul head from Yegek to Sundtar Agamm, accidentally arriving in nearby Stian Village.
0C 08 23 Maleos, Darias, and Saul head from Sundtar Agamm to Akihito-Remi with trade goods.
0C 08 27 Due to high prices in Akihito-Remi, Maleos, Darias, and Saul teleport to Luella to purchase trade goods.
0C 08 30 Maleos, Darias, and Saul teleport from Luella to Ikkuth to purchase fine cloth for the gasbag of Darias's ship.
0C 09 01 Maleos, Darias, and Saul teleport back to Sundtar Agamm to sell their aelphin goods.
0C 09 04 Maleos, Darias, and Saul return to Ikkuth to pick up the cloth order.
0C 09 05 Maleos, Darias, and Saul return to Laila e'Sienne.
0C 09 15 Launch of Darias's as-yet-unnamed new ship; interior is still empty and flight systems not yet fitted.
0C 09 22 Flight systems fitting finalized on Darias's as-yet-unnamed new ship.
0C 09 23 First sail of Darias's new ship (under partial sails).
0C 09 25 Proving flight of Darias's new ship.
0C 10 01 Interior fitting of Darias's new ship completed. First full-power sail.
0C 10 03 First full flight of Darias's new ship completed. Registration ceremony performed upon landing.
0C 10 07 PCs leave Laila e'Sienne on newly-named airship heading south.
0C 10 11 PCs participate in an underground battle while trying to repair a veneresite-clad magical cage.
0C 10 18 PCs leave the mysterious prison-island heading for the rumored lands of the menehune.
0C 10 21 PCs arrive in the vicinity of the menehune city of Kaihangamura.
0C 10 26 PCs leave Kaihangamura heading toward a compass location nearby in the Thunderhead; unable to land, they scout.
0C 10 31 PCs arrive at the compass location near Kaihangamura.
0C 11 03 PCs begin retrofit of the Thunderhead.
0C 11 12 PCs complete retrofit and leave the city of Lola for the swamps to the south.
0C 11 15 PCs encounter demons (and some oddly-familiar humans) in the swamps….
0C 11 18 PCs discover lost cavern near Ikkath containing a treasure trove of knowledge and an ancient golem army.
0C 12 07 Having finally fought their way through the caverns and figured out how to restore the treasures within, the PCs set off to put their new army to good use defending Yegek.
0C 12 10 The party is assaulted by scout-demons 150 miles south of Yegek and debates how best to use their new army.
0C 12 14 Having handed over control of the golems to Jotham, the PCs set off for the warm south again to return to their existing quests.
0C 12 16 PCs reach Geskas Andan for a short stint of recuperation and repairs.
0C 12 30 PCs leave Geskas Andan on a trade mission in the hopes of making some quick money.
0D 01 02 PCs reach Aldershoff, a fishing and trade city on Reef Island to the south of the Central Plains.
0D 01 05 PCs leave Aldershoff with cargo of rum, seafood, and sweetgrass and stop at a Compass-indicated location on Reef Island.
0D 01 07 PCs reach Ikkuth with cargo of seafood and spend some time in trade.
0D 01 09 PCs leave Ikkuth for Akihito-Remi to sell sweetgrass.
0D 01 12 PCs leave Akihito-Remi for Geskas Andan to sell rum and other treasures.
0D 01 29 After bottling and selling booze and wine, PCs set off for the Tower of Life to use their phoenix feathers.
0D 01 31 PCs complete a ritual bringing Carbry and Salvatrix back from the Halls of Judgement.
0D 02 02 PCs return to Geskas Andan to finish out the winter, having stopped at Carbry's old boarding-house along the way to pick up his remaining possessions.
0D 02 13 PCs participate in a Festival Day in Faela.
0D 03 30 Having completed their sales, crafting, and similar activities, the PCs set off for the Badlands and the caverns where Thema was originally poisoned.
0D 04 06 The PCs land the Thunderhead on the Salt Lake and disembark to travel south into the Maelstrom.
0D 04 15 The PCs arrive in the Maelstrom and descend into the caverns where Thema was originally injured, encountering dangerous new foes there.
0D 04 20 Having pulled back to regroup after their first foray into the Badlands caverns, the PCs are healed and ready to try again.
0D 04 24 The party digs into the caverns under the Maelstrom for a third time.
0D 04 30 The party takes a fourth and final delve into the caverns to access just a few more long-hidden treasures.
0D 05 15 The fourth and final delve having taken its toll on the party, they return to the Thunderhead to recuperate and continue negotiations with the Aesclerian demons.
0D 10 10 Having finished crafting as much equipment as possible, the party sets off toward the final compass goal.
0D 10 13 The party is beset by a drakke over the ocean and finds it full of worms.
0D 10 16 The party arrives at Fazl Ehsan and spends a few days clearing up their problematic worm infestation.
0D 11 14 The party is finally ready to depart the Fazl Ehsan toward the final point identified by Pelor's Compass.
?? ?? ?? Discontinuity due to the god-visit
20 take 2 03 15 Take 2
20 04 01 The PCs get straightened out and pointed in the right direction while back on the Island.
20 04 20 The PCs, having developed a plan of action and some improved contacts, heads to Brightmill to look for the Book of a Thousand Pages.
20 04 24 The PCs retrieve the Book of a Thousand Pages.
20 04 30 The PCs participate in the test-firing of the first Isler ballista.
20 05 07 While Darias works off his contract and works with Esme on research, Maleos and Aida head to North Isle to convince Priestess Callistus of their story.
20 05 19 The PCs regroup at the Godswatch with Priestess Callistus on their side.
20 05 24 The PCs plan to observe the Bridge with Margaretha's help
20 05 29 The PCs decide to head to Golddale to speak with the High Priestess of Olidammara.
20 06 04 The PCs meet with the High Priestess of Olidammara.
20 06 07 The PCs encounter Donal (last name not known), a sneaky woodsman guy working with the Shipwreck Island Rebellion.
20 06 09 The PCs return to the Godswatch, having done all the could short-term in Golddale.
20 06 11 Aida and Maleos head to Brightmill to talk to Bryn Hume about the Usurper's coming.
20 06 16 Having convinced Bryn of the upcoming Bridge-crossing, the PCs return with her to Violetford to prepare.
20 06 22 The Battle of the Usurper's Crossing takes place simultaneously across three planes of existence.
20 06 23 The PCs, having outed themselves to the majority of the Island, must now deal with the consequences while hunting down worms.
20 06 26 While hunting worms, Maleos burns his Gold Boon to create a monument (and symbolic link) to Perai Luun; the PCs then begin working through the problems they've discovered or unleashed by outing themselves.
20 06 27 Aida burns a Silver to purge Usurper Constructs from the Isle with Maleos, Darias, and the entirety of the Stormwall.
20 07 09 The PCs and the Stormwall finish interrogating the survivors from the Usurper Worm Purge and begin working on the information they've obtained; trials and hearings start for the accused.
20 09 24 Assumed return of Thema

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