Eclipse Phase Character Sheet Template

Character Background

TODO add personality and physical description information.

Characters generally start with 5,000 credits, 50 REP Points, and 1,000 Customization Points during character creation.

Character Background

See Eclipse Phase page 131.


See Eclipse Phase page 132.



During character creation, can shift points around; min 5, max 30.

Aptitude Score
Cognition 15
Coordination 15
Intuition 15
Reflexes 15
Savvy 15
Somatics 15
Willpower 15

Ego vs. Morph

Ego Stat Score Morph Stat Score
Initiative (INT + REF) x2 Speed Starts at 1
Lucidity WIL x2 Durability Determined by morph
Trauma Threshold LUC div by 5, round up Wound Threshold DUR div by 5, round up
Insanity Rating LUC x2 Death Rating DUR x 1.5 (bio) or x2 (synth)
Moxie Starts at 1 Damage Bonus SOM div by 10, round down


TODO reputation with various factions and groups.


Skill Linked Aptitude Category Score
Academics + COG Knowledge
Animal Handling SAV Active, Social
Art + INT Knowledge
Beam Weapons COO Active, Combat
Blades SOM Active, Combat
Climbing SOM Active, Physical
Clubs SOM Active, Combat
Control WIL ++ Active, Mental, Psi
Deception SAV Active, Social
Demolitions COG ++ Active, Technical
Disguise INT Active, Physical
Exotic Melee Weapon + SOM Active, Combat
Exotic Ranged Weapon + COO Active, Combat
Flight SOM Active, Physical
Fray REF Active, Combat
Free Fall Free Fall Active, Physical
Freerunning SOM Active, Physical
Gunnery INT Active, Combat
Hardware + COG Active, Technical
Impersonation SAV Active, Social
Infiltration COO Active, Physical
Infosec COG ++ Active, Technical
Interest + COG Knowledge
Interfacing COG Active, Technical
Intimidation SAV Active, Social
Investigation INT Active, Mental
Kinesics SAV Active, Social
Kinetic Weapons COO Active, Combat
Language + INT Knowledge
Medicine + COG Active, Technical
Navigation INT Active, Mental
Networking + SAV Active, Social
Palming COO Active, Physical
Perception INT Active, Mental
Persuasion SAV Active, Social
Pilot + REF Active, Vehicle
Profession + COG Knowledge
Programming COG ++ Active, Technical
Protocol SAV Active, Social
Psi Assault WIL ++ Active, Mental, Psi
Psychosurgery INT Active, Technical
Research COG Active, Technical
Scrounging INT Active, Mental
Seeker Weapons COO Active, Combat
Sense INT ++ Active, Mental, Psi
Spray Weapons COO Active, Combat
Swimming SOM Active, Physical
Throwing Weapons COO Active, Combat
Unarmed Combat SOM Active, Combat

+ Requires selection of a specific field or specialization
++ Cannot be defaulted



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