Character Sheet Templates

Vampire Character Sheet

Freebie points: 15 (7 for Disciplines/5 for Attributes/2 for Abilities or Virtues/1 for Backgrounds, Humanity/Path, or Willpower)


TODO physical description.

Character History

TODO history


TODO quirks





TODO long-term goals


TODO short-term goals


5 dots


Owed to the Character

Owed to Others


7 dots (You automatically have one dot in each Virtue.)

Conscience/Conviction: x
Self-Control/Instinct: x
Courage: x

Humanity/Path: x
Willpower: x
Blood Pool: x


3 dots


7/5/3 dots or 15 total (You automatically have one dot in each Attribute.)

Physical Social Mental
Attribute Score Attribute Score Attribute Score
Strength x Charisma x Perception x
Dexterity x Manipulation x Intelligence x
Stamina x Appearance x Wits x


13/9/5 dots or 27 total (You cannot start with more than three dots in any one Ability, though you may increase the dots to five using Freebie Points.)

Talents Skills Knowledges
Skill Score Skill Score Skill Score
Alertness x Animal Ken x Academics x
Athletics x Crafts (+) x Computer x
Awareness x Drive x Finance x
Brawl x Etiquette x Investigation x
Empathy x Firearms x Law x
Expression x Larceny x Medicine x
Intimidation x Melee x Occult x
Leadership x Performance (+) x Politics x
Streetwise x Stealth x Science (+) x
Subterfuge x Survival x Technology x
Diplomacy (*) x Acrobatics (*) x Clan Knowledge (*)(+) x
Haggling (*) x Camouflage (*) x Computer Hacking (*) x
Intrigue (*) x Hunting (*) x Economics (*) x
Scrounging (*) x Archery (^) x History (*) x
Search (*) x Demolitions (^) x Psychology (*) x
Grace (^) x Disguise (^) x Area Knowledge (^)(+) x
Instruction (^) x Herbalism (^) x Bureaucracy (^) x
Interrogation (^) x Lip Reading (^) x City Secrets (^)(+) x
Intuition (^) x Meditation (^) x Cryptography (^) x
Masquerade (^) x Pilot (^)(+) x Enigmas (^) x
Mimicry (^) x Ride (^) x Research (^) x
Style (^) x Sleight of Hand (^) x Sect Lore (^)(+) x
Throwing (^) x Professional Skill (^)(+) x Sewer Lore (^) x
Ventriloquism (^) x Expert Knowledge (^)(+) x
Hobby Talent (^)(+) x Linguistics x
(*) Guide to the Camarilla
(^) Vampire Storyteller's Companion
(+) These Abilities are actually a collection of similar skills (not specialities) which a character must purchase separately. For example… Crafts: Car Repair, Crafts: Woodworking, and Crafts: Pottery are all separate Abilities.
Note: This list of Abilities is far from exhaustive. The Abilities listed from Vampire: The Masquerade, Third Edition, Revised, Guide to the Camarilla, and Vampire: Storyteller's Companion have been included, but as the latter two books note, there are numerous other possibilities for Talents, Skills, and Knowledges. The core rulebook Abilities cover most situations. However, if an Ability is too broad for a character concept, or an appropriate Ability is not found, discuss the issue with the Game Master and try to work out a better Ability fit.


Important Equipment/Possessions

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