General Clyffe Markwood

Race/AL: Human, NE
Class/Level: Fighter/Warrior of Darkness, 9/7
Str: 21, +5
Dex: 18, +4
Con: 20, +5
Int: 16, +3
Wis: 14, +2
Cha: 15, +2
Melee Weap: Greatsword of Life Stealing +3
Melee Attk/Dmg: +25, 2D6+10 (deals 1 neg. lv on critical hit; grants wielder 1D6 temp HP when neg. lv dealt; after 24 hrs, target must roll Fort DC 16 for each neg. lv or lose a character lv)
Missile Weap: Repeating Crossbow +2
Missile Attk/Dmg: +24, 1D8+5 (+Fort DC 20 or die w/bolts +1 of slaying humans, or no dmg when using 10 Spectral Arrows, but 2 neg lvs dealt)
Armor: Elven Chainmail +2
F/R/W, BAB: 16/9/12, 16/11/6/1
HP, AC, Init: 240, 23, +8
Skill Ranks: Alchemy 8 rnk; Bluff 19 rnk; Climb 11 rnk; Hide 19 rnk; Jump 7 rnk; Knowledge (arcana) 6 rnk; Knowledge (the planes) 4 rnk; Move Silently 19 rnk; Ride 15 rnk; Spellcraft 8 rnk; Handle Animal 5 rnk; Spot 8 rnk; Search 8 rnk

Special Abilities: Speak Infernal; Iron Will (+2 Will sv); Quick Draw (draw weapon as free action); Weapon Focus (greatsword; +1 hit); Weapon Specialization (greatsword; +2 dmg); Combat Reflexes (up to Dex mod AoO/rnd); Improved Critical (greatsword; doubles threat range); Improved Initiative (+4 Init); Mounted Combat (ride check can be used as mount’s AC 1/rnd); Mounted Archery (½ normal penalty for shooting on horseback); Ride-by Attack (may split mount’s move to before and after attack); Spirited Charge (increase dmg multiplier by 1 when charging on horseback); Power Attack (- to hit = + to dmg, maximum +/-5); Black Magic Oil (Blind-fight feat; can reroll miss chance once, and invis attacker gets no bonus to hit); Darkling Weapon (3 rnds prep + 50 GP, imbue weap w/ +1 hit/dmg or special quality equivalent to +1; duration 1 hr/WoD lv); Black Magic Elixir (Aura of Evil; +1 deflection bonus to AC); Black Magic Oil (Ensorcelled Flesh; +1 natural armor); Scarred Flesh (DR 5/+3); Black Magic Elixir (Inner Hellpower; +1 Wis); Black Magic Oil (Hellpower; +1 Str)

Equipment: Gem of Psychic Poison (if hit by divination or mind-affecting spell, caster of spell is affected with psychic poison that causes 1D6 Int dmg as initial and secondary; Will DC 17 to resist); Bracers of Archery (use any bow as if proficient, or if already proficient, get +1 attack and +2 dmg); Bag of Holding 3 (1000 lb/150 cu ft); Potion of Cure Serious Wounds x5; Potion of Bull’s Strength x2 (5 hrs); Potion of Vision (50 min, +10 Spot); Ring of Minor Fire Resistance (subtract 15 points of damage from fire attacks each round)

Notes: Extremely muscular man; he killed Peregrine’s family

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