Combat House Rules
Table of Contents

Rate of Fire

Personal weapons:

  • Holdout: 1/round
  • Blaster Pistol: 3/round
  • Heavy Blaster Pistol: 3/round
  • Blaster Carbine: 5/round
  • Blaster Rifle: 5/round
  • Autoblasters: 10/round

Vehicle weapons:

  • Autoblasters: 10/round
  • Blaster Cannon: 3/round
  • Laser Cannon: 3/round
  • Ion Cannon: 2/round
  • Missile Launcher: 1/round

"Covering Fire:"

With autoblasters, you can lay down covering fire. TODO detailed rules - maybe cover a 10m path or something? What is the impact to people in the area trying to move/return fire/etc.?


If you fire at maximum rate and get a mishap, your gun overheats and jams. TODO possibility of explosion on critical failure; also if firearm is modified for higher output.

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