Contingency Plan - Wrath of the Gods

One imagines that, in the event one comes face-to-face with a Battle or Wrathful aspect of a God or Goddess, one is absolutely doomed. Even so, a contingency plan for use against human forces inspired by the Battle or Wrathful aspects of these Deities might be useful in an emergency. If nothing else, it would demonstrate that I took the time to carefully consider that god's strengths and weaknesses in the moments before my inevitable death.

Nonstandard spells are italicized. Non-spells are (in parenthesis.)

This page is for amusement purposes only. But, you know… I probably WILL have some of these spells on slow-dial.


Battle: Antimagic Shell, (Repeating Crossbow)
Wrath: Dispell Magic, Sonic Bolt/Shout


Battle: Grease, Mist, Fireball
Wrath: Dimension Door, Bolt of Flame


Battle: Lightning Bolt
Wrath: Rock to Mud, Rust, Roadrunner


Battle: Magnetize Rock, Magic Missile
Wrath: Expectranous Patronum


Battle: Fly, Mud Spray, Ray of Sun
Wrath: Lightning Rod, Charm Person


Battle: Grease
Wrath: Fly, Lightning Bolt


Battle: Disrupt Undead, Acid Spray, Pulverize Bone
Wrath: Censor Vision, Broken Mirror Image, Dimensional Anchor


Battle: Cold Shower, True Shot, (Longbow)
Wrath: Ring of Fire, Iron Skin


Battle: Lightning Bolt, Displacement
Wrath: Cone of Cold, Quench

Vecna (?)

Battle: Silence, Stone Skin, Haste, Make Wizard Hit Stuff With Quarterstaff Good
Wrath: Why, Mass Message

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