Coyle Tiernan Addison

Character Notes


For all of his fake identities, Coyle relies on some real details of his real life. He generally creates identities who have an Irish or Scottish heritage, since he is of Irish descent (though diluted). Though he really, truly, legitimately is Coyle Tiernan Addison, Coyle usually uses his Everett childhood identity out of habit.

Coyle Tiernan Addison

Real identity.
Born May 5, 2052 in Cambridge, UK.
Mother: Kiera

  • Professor, magical theory and applied mythology (particularly druidic and other European mystic sects), University of Cambridge
  • Born August 15, 2016
  • Died ca. December 11, 2058

Father: Arthur (Elf)

  • Professor, literature
  • Born January 3, 2014
  • Died ca. December 11, 2058

Coyle's paternal grandparents lived in Ireland, but they moved to the UK (specifically, Scotsprawl) in 2011. His father grew up in Scotsprawl; his mother, in London. They met when attending Oxford. Both parents went into academia after graduating Oxford. Though his father's linguistic research drew some interest (due to the rise of Sperethiel), his mother was the true star academic. Her doctoral research into the mythological roots of druidic magical theory won her a highly-desirable research position at Cambridge, which she eventually leveraged into full professorship and tenure. Her father worked at several universities in the Cambridge area, eventually using his wife's name and his years of experience to move into the University of Cambridge in 2048. With their relatively busy professional lives, Coyle's parents waited until fairly late in life to start a family, leaving him an only child.

When Coyle was only 6, his mother was offered a Renraku-sponsored visiting professorship at the University of Washington. She would be given access to Renraku and UW datastores and laboratory facilities, working with some big name academic mages to expand upon some of her earlier theoretical research. Renraku and UW believed that her research might be expanded to create stable astral passages or portals, though the theories were only starting to be worked. Kiera convinced Renraku and UW to offer a visiting professorship to Arthur as well, allowing her to bring her family along to Seattle. The visiting professorship was granted in 2057, and the family moved to Seattle that July for a planned 4-year research assignment. To smooth their daily lives, the family applied for UCAS citizenship, becoming citizens in early 2058 when Coyle was just 5. As a result, Coyle maintains dual citizenship (UK and UCAS).

Unfortunately, Coyle and his parents were trapped in the Renraku Arcology when Deus took over in August of 2058. Both parents were killed; Coyle only survived thanks to the help of some street-savvy locals who had also been trapped. After the Arcology was shut down, Coyle's protectors managed to escape with him. Legally, however, Coyle was listed as Missing, Presumed Dead. Coyle walked out of the Arcology with almost nothing; however, he had managed to grab his parents' personal computers, which he kept with him for years afterwards.

One of the shadowrunners who rescued Coyle, a decker named Firebrand, crafted a false identity for Coyle and taught him to survive in the sprawl. Coyle spent his adolescent and teen years kicking around Everett and Bothell, slowly learning to help his "adopted family" with their runs. Coyle was never a big fighter; he was always more the type to talk himself out of danger. He started his shadowrunning career by acting as a distraction (e.g., look at the poor little lost child) and eventually graduated to become kind of the Face of the team. By 2066, the surviving members of Coyle's "new family" were looking to retire, but Coyle was too young and too wrapped up in the life to look at winding down so soon. Besides, he had no money of his own. As a last favor to Coyle, Firebrand tweaked Coyle's real identity, purging any mention of the Renraku Arcology incident (something Renraku had already largely done) and falsifying enough information to bring Coyle back to life. Firebrand also managed to find some money that Arthur had hidden away in a trust for Coyle; this lost money helped Coyle get started "in the business." As a result, as a starting character, Coyle has more equipment than the average greenhorn runner and may be mistaken for having more experience than he actually does.

While Coyle doesn't have an actual formal education, he did keep himself very well-educated for a sprawl-crawler. He is educated enough to pass for a graduate, and his false background includes a high school diploma and lists him as a former liberal arts college student at UW who dropped out after his freshman year.

Coyle's break into the running business was sort of a fluke. When Firebrand did the background workup on Coyle, he found that one of Kiera's old professor friends had gone grey market. Coyle and Firebrand contacted Rodney quietly, and Coyle slowly built up a relationship with the man; after all, Rodney felt for Coyle's loss and was willing to tell him stories about his mother and father. After Coyle and Rodney began to trust one another, Coyle managed to talk his way into working for Rodney occasionally to help get some money. Coyle and Rodney still talk, but they work together less often now. Rodney will contact Coyle if he really needs help moving certain items, but much of their relationship is now more friendly than business.

Coyle ran some initial smuggling runs through Seattle, but competition there is fierce, and some of the borders are crazy. In late 2071, he moved to California - the fall of the Japanese invasion and the lack of a stable government has made smuggling a growth industry there. Rodney helped him set up, and Coyle has managed to make contact (as Liam) with a customs official who could occasionally be bought off.

Ronan Callaghan

Fake identity, UCAS citizen (R3).
Born May 5, 2052 in Everett, WA.

Firebrand created this identity for Coyle after rescuing him from the Renraku Arcology.

Ronan is an orphan whose parents were killed in the Renraku Arcology incident. Ronan was with a friend in Seattle at the time, leaving him parentless but alive. Having no close living relatives, he was handed over to a Saeder-Krupp childcare facility. Ronan was a competent but far from excellent student and did not particularly stand out in most academic situations (aside from languages), though his teachers always noted that he was personable and friendly.

Ronan worked for Saeder-Krupp part-time as a marketing professional during high school. He used this money, as well as the money from his parents' life insurance policies, to pay off his corporate care costs. After graduation, he leveraged his linguistic talents into a career as a guide. His freelance company provides vacation tours, primarily for private individuals, and primarily in North and South America. Ronan does not promise that he is an expert in any particular area; instead, he promises to find a local expert and pay that local expert out of his fee. In exchange, Ronan provides translation services and ensures that the vacationers receive the type of experience they desire.

Off the record, Ronan's company (as a registered corporation called GoNative) provides him with an excellent cover for his smuggling activities. He accepts smuggling contracts only through known contacts. As a result, his smuggling business has started off somewhat slowly. Ronan is trying to use the legitimate tours to help him network so that he can expand both his legal and illegal businesses.

Officially, Ronan has been to various countries in both North and South America. He has not yet been to Europe.

Liam Quinlan

Fake identity, UK citizen (R1).
Born May 5, 2050 in London, UK.

Liam is a burn identity that Ronan (Coyle, but acting as Ronan) created.

Liam has only the most basic of backgrounds, going back only to 2066. Liam attended secondary school in a ritzy neighboorhood in London. He is a trust-fund kid, running the shadows for personal excitement. Ronan uses Liam's identity only when he is doing something illegal but has a slim chance of actually being tied back to it. Liam is a cheap identity with enough background to fool cursory examinations; he'll be thrown away as soon as he is exposed.

Coyle sometimes gives Liam's name when first meeting new contacts. Liam could eventually be traced back to Ronan by a very dedicated and skilled decker. However, in most cases, exposing Liam to be a fake ID will lead nowhere. Coyle watches Liam's background in various databases and has alerts set up to shred the identity if it is ever truly compromised.

Physical Description

Height: 170 cm (~5'7")
Weight: 72 kg (~160 lb)
Hair: Reddish-brown, trimmed short
Eyes: Green

Coyle is slight and wiry, tending somewhat to the short side. Coyle is familiar with altering his appearance and does so whenever needed. He keeps his appearance consistent for his different personas.

As Coyle, he generally wears glasses (though he does not need them) and is clean shaven. He speaks openly and confidently, maintaining the appearance and persona of a middle-class college-age kid who just hasn't quite figured out what he wants to do in life. Coyle often pretends to hold down menial jobs for money, but in general his alibi is that he's traveling to see the world before he goes back to college to "get a real life." Coyle dresses "normally," preferring to avoid armored clothing; if he carries any weaponry (very rare), he carries his taser.

As Ronan, Coyle goes without the glasses and tends to wear heavier clothing to make himself appear slightly larger than he is. He also wears shoes with lifts to raise himself to a more average height (~178 cm, or ~5'10"). He often wears "safari-style" clothing, including his Victory armor when needed. Ronan will also sometimes carry a pistol or two when in rough areas, but only when he can do so legally (he will carry concealed if required, but he generally stashes his weapons in his truck). Ronan wears a close-trimmed beard; Coyle also darkens his complexion very slightly when posing as Ronan.

As Liam, Coyle wears suits and sunglasses. Liam dresses and acts more like an upper-echelon professional than either Ronan or Coyle. Coyle also uses some makeup and a difference in posture to make himself look slightly older than he really is.

Basic Personality

Coyle is almost always outgoing and personable. He seems to know how to read any person or situation and know just how to break the ice in any conversation.

Coyle has a little bit of a temper, but over the years, he's learned to rein it in and slap a smile back on his face. He'll never let it show that you've pissed him off, but if you really get under his skin, Coyle can and will hold a grudge. He's not likely to try to extract physical revenge, however; he's more likely to screw you over on future deals or put you in a position where you'll screw yourself over.

Due to his time in the SCIRE, Coyle distrusts the otaku. Rationally, he knows that not all technomancers are the Children of Deus, but the emotional baggage of that time prevents him from really being able to believe that.


  1. Coyle goes out of his way to avoid Renraku products and locations. Toward that end, he has installed filter software on his commlink so that he can automatically purge references to Renraku from AR. Coyle does this to avoid thinking about the things he saw in the SCIRE; just seeing the Renraku logo can be enough to throw him into flashbacks of his time trapped by Deus.
  2. Despite spending most of his childhood in a rough area, Coyle has neglected to really become comfortable with firearms. Coyle always prefers to talk his way out of bad situations; he will resort to shooting as a last resort only, and he prefers his taser to an actual pistol.
  3. Coyle has learned to choke down soykaf and Stuffer Shack fare, but he has somehow managed to retain the more refined palate from his childhood. Whenever he has a fresh paystick in his pocket, you can bet you'll find Coyle trying to arrange "a real meal" at an upper-crust restaurant.
  4. Coyle's Irish heritage shows in his taste in alcohol - whisky or scotch, if you please. Coyle's been known to engage in a drinking contest or two; he's got a relatively strong tolerance for his size, but his ability to drink fellow runners under the table is really down to the nephritic filters he had installed on the down-low during one of his trips to Denver.

Character Statistics


Physical Score Mental Score Special Score Special Score
Body 2 Charisma 5 Edge 2 Initiative Passes 1
Agility 4 Intuition 3 Essence 6 (4.35) Matrix Initiative Passes 1
Reaction 5 Logic 4 Magic 0 Physical Damage Track 9
Strength 2 Willpower 3 Initiative 6 Stun Damage Track 9


Active Skills Score Knowledge Skills Score Language Skills Score
Con 5 Magical Theory (Druidic) 2 (3) English Native
Etiquette 4 Linguistics 3 - Seattle accent Native
Leadership 4 Mythology (European) 2 (3) - London accent Native
Negotiation 4 Renraku Arcology 2 Gaelic Native
Survival 2 Smuggling Routes 3 Spanish 4
Tracking 2 Black Markets 2 Street Lingo 4
Navigation 2 - - Sperethiel 3
Disguise 2 - - Japanese 3
Infiltration 2 - - - -
Palming 2 - - - -
Shadowing 2 - - - -
Computer 2 - - - -
Data Search 2 - - - -
Hardware 2 - - - -
Software 2 - - - -
Climbing 1 - - - -
Gymnastics 1 - - - -
Running 1 - - - -
Swimming 1 - - - -
Pilot Ground Craft 3 - - - -
Pilot Watercraft 1 - - - -
Perception 1 - - - -
Pistols 1 - - - -


  1. Rodney St. James (Connection 5, Loyalty 4)
    1. Knows all of Coyle's IDs
    2. Former academic w/ research focus in magical artifacts
    3. Now operates in grey and black markets as 'finder'
    4. Closer than purely business relationship due to his past relationship with Coyle's parents
    5. Lives in London, but travels frequently.
  2. Firebrand (Wen Jing) (Connection 3, Loyalty 4)
    1. Knows all of Coyle's IDs
    2. One of the runners who raised him - only one actually left alive
    3. Former decker, largely retired
    4. Still puts some info up on Shadowland and similar, but tries to keep out of the way
    5. Crafted fake identity to hide behind - rarely contacts as a result
    6. Lives in Seattle
  3. Walter Fischer (Connection 1, Loyalty 1)
    1. Knows Coyle as Liam
    2. Bureaucrat at CaliFree Customs
      1. Works imports as well as staging for reexport to UCAS
    3. Can sometimes help push papers
    4. Sorta trusts Coyle not to smuggle anything TOO dangerous
    5. Totally a business relationship, but needs the money badly
      1. Gambling debts
      2. Ex-wife
      3. Child support
    6. Keeps quiet for pay, but would turn Coyle in if found out
    7. Lives in San Francisco area
  4. Groovy Lost contact in 2067
    1. "Ronan" worked with her once on his first smuggling run
    2. She was a relatively green street sam when Coyle met her
    3. Coyle doesn't know her real name
    4. She relocated from Seattle to San Fran in 2067
    5. Coyle hasn't spoken to her since that mission

Positive Qualities

  • First Impression
    • +2 dice to any first-encounter social interactions
  • Bilingual
  • Black Market Pipeline
    • 10 percent discount on magical gear
    • +3 dice pool for negotiating sales of magical gear
  • Linguist
    • Halves learning time for new languages
    • Improves skill with languages by +2
  • Trustworthy
    • +1 dice to Con skill

Negative Qualities

  • SINner
    • Coyle has a legitimate UK identification
    • Coyle is also registered as a UCAS citizen
    • Ronan is registered as a UCAS citizen
    • Liam is registered as a CaliFree citizen
  • Flashbacks
    • Willpower + Intuition (3) Test to resist
    • Triggered by exposure to Renraku corporate logo or uniforms
    • If fails, incapacitated by flashbacks for 1D6 minutes

Character Equipment

Weapons and Ammo

Weapon Dmg Ammo AP Reach/Range Mode RC Notes
Stun Baton 6S(e) 10 -half Reach 1 SS Recharges 1 charge/10 sec
Defiance Protector taser 6S(e) 3(m) -half Range HoP SA Laser sight
Gecko grip (PAN or buttons; +6 to hold; can stick to surfaces)
Ares Crusader MP 4P 40(c) Range LP SA/BF 2 Top mount
Barrel mount
Clips: 5
Integral gas-vent 2
Ares Predator IV 5P 15(c) -1 Range HP SA Top mount
Barrel mount
Clips: 5
Smartgun system (+2 hit)
Ammo Type Amount Dmg Mod AP Mod Armor Notes
Taser darts 50 as taser -half I n/a
Reg LP 100 as pistol B n/a
Reg HP 100 as pistol B n/a
Stick-n-shock LP 100 6S(e) -half I n/a
Stick-n-shock HP 50 6S(e) -half I n/a
Gel HP 100 +2S +2 I n/a


Armor B I Notes
Mortimer of London knockoff 5 3 Like Actioneer (incl. conc. holster, +2), but Euro-style
Victory Light Armor Clothing (jungle camo) 3 0 +2 dice to stealth
Victory Light Armor Clothing (forest camo) 3 0 +2 dice to stealth


Vehicle Hand Accel Speed Pilot Body Armor Sensor Notes
Rover 2062 +1 20/35 140 2 13 10 2 Amenities (High)
Off-Road Suspension
Passenger Protection 2
Passenger Effects
Anti-Theft System 2

This uses the same stats as a Rover 2068, but it is an older model. Coyle bought it used from a retiring safari guide via his smuggler contact.
This vehicle has 13 upgrade slots (based on Body). Eight of these have been consumed by the previous owner's upgrades plus Coyle's.

Upgrade Slots
Additional Fuel Tank 1
Amphibious Upgrade 1 2
Gun ports (2) 1
Rigger adaptation
Satellite Comms
Biofiber smuggling compartment 2
Standard winch 1
Passenger Effects 1
  • Base Upgrades
    • Amenities (High): Comfier seats, small refrig, small bar; seats 6
    • Off-Road Suspension: On-road handling suffers 1 point penalty; off-road, 1 point bonus
    • Passenger Protection (2): 2 dice pool bonus to reduce damage from accidents
    • Anti-Theft System (2): Verbal warning w/in 1m; 10S(e) electric shock upon failed break-in
  • Aftermarket Upgrades
    • Additional Fuel Tank: +6 hours operation time
    • Amphibious Upgrade (1): Sealed engine compartment and doors; can drive through up to 4' of water, slowly.
    • Skinlink: Basic skinlink built into normal manual vehicle controls
    • Gun Port: X2, 1 per rear seat. 4 points RC, vertical and horizontal 90-degree firing arc with full armor protection
    • Rigger Adaptation: Modified for rigger control
    • Satellite Comms: Equipped with a satcom system for wireless access even when far from any sprawl.
    • Biofiber smuggling compartment: The lower deck of the vehicle holds a biofiber-enclosed storage compartment large enough to stuff a couple of bodies. The former owner used this to smuggle illegal game.
    • Standard Winch: 10-ton lifting capacity; steel cable with standard hook
    • Passenger Effects: Driver-triggerable special effects. Looks like a 3-round burst is hitting and ricocheting off the vehicle. Takes ammo blanks and holds enough for 6 hits per passenger door before reloading. Added by Speed Demon.

Cyberware and Bioware

Cyber/Bio Item C/B? Essense Cost Notes
Nephritic Screen R2 Bio 0.2 +2 dice pool to resist tokins/diseases with speed 1 min+
+2 dice pool to resist drug addiction
Reduce duration of effect of drug/toxin by 40%
Vocal Range Enhancer Bio 0.1 +1 die to some Social skill tests (+2 singing)
Can imitate voices (Cha + Con vs. Perception + Intuition)
Control Rig Cyber 0.5 Can rig vehicles
Datajack Cyber 0.1 n/a
Attention Coprocessor R3 Cyber 0.3 +3 dice to Perception Tests (non-Matrix)
Touch Link Cyber 0.1 n/a
Cybereyes R4 Cyber 0.5 Includes recorder, image link; natural appearance; (16)
Low-light enhancement Cyber [2] Can see normally in light as dim as starlight
Flare compensation Cyber [1] Eliminates vision modifications for glare
Microscopic Vision Cyber [3] 400x microscope
Smartlink Cyber [3] Act on gun (eject clip, fire gun, change modes) via PAN
+2 dice pool bonus on ranged attack tests
Thermographic Vision Cyber [2] Can switch to IR vision mode
Vision Enhancement R3 Cyber [3] +3 dice to visual Perception Tests (non-Matrix)
Vision Magnification Cyber [2] Up to 50x magnification
If spend an action to Take Aim, can reduce range to Short


Cyberdeck OS Response Signal System Firewall
Transys Avalon Novatech Navi 4 4 4 3
  • Accessories
    • Skinlink
    • Sim Module (Hot Sim)
    • Subvocal Microphone
Software Rating Notes
Browse (Crashguard) 5 Part of Singularity Seeker package
Browse Agent 3 Part of Singularity Seeker package
Pilot 3
Browse 3
Analyzer 5 Part of Iris Antivirus package
Purge 5 Part of Iris Antivirus package
Negator 5 Masks Renraku logos from AR
Command 3 -
Edit 3 -
Encrypt 5 -
Scan 5 -
Decrypt 2 -
Disarm 1 -
Sniffer 2 -
Stealth 3 -

General Equipment

Thing Notes
Lifestyle 1 month Middle
Fake SIN R3 Ronan; generally uses this ID
Fake SIN R1 Liam; burn identity for black-market contacts
Climbing gear Ascent/descent harness, carabiners, rope, etc.
Flashlight Mag-light style
Respirator R3 Provides +3 dice to toxin resistance tests
Survival kit Knife, lighter, matches, compass, rations, etc.
MAD Scanner R2 Handheld - used to check smuggling compartment
Snake Mesh Socks 2 Impact armor on lower legs

Plot Hooks

I put these notes and gaps into Coyle's backstory so that Coyle also has secrets to discover and underlying motivations. If anyone has any story elements they want to add regarding one of these plot hooks, please feel free. I figured that you guys could kind of semi-DM the plot elements that Coyle gets into - whatever you come up with, I'll work into the campaign, or I'll let you guys work it in.

  1. Why did Coyle's grandparents move from Dublin to Scotsprawl during the Awakening? Coyle never knew his grandparents - who were they?
  2. What was Kiera's research? Why did Renraku want her so badly? In particular, what unpublished work did she do for Renraku during her 18 months working for them?
  3. What was Firebrand (and the rest of his team, for that matter) doing in the SCIRE?
  4. Some of Firebrand's team made it to "retirement," but they're all dead now. Was there a pattern to them being taken out, or was it just a matter of hard lives, old grudges, etc.?
  5. What caused Rodney to go grey? Was it just the money, as he claims? He and Coyle are friendly, and he appears to have Coyle's back, but he must know more than he ever lets on. What are Rodney's secrets? What has he seen in his time in the shadows?
  6. Why was Arthur hiding money for Coyle? Why wasn't that money found in Arthur's assets after his death and claimed by the state?

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