Cronus Lyon

Cronus entered the priesthood relatively late in life, starting his career as a Golddale Watch member. Even at his relatively advanced age (62), he's well-known as a competent pugilist, a hobby he's held for 40+ years. He's also served rotations as a scribe for the Stormwall, reinforcing Erythnul's theoretical tactical teachings with more practical observations from their drills. Cronus is regarded as a reasonably intelligent man who prides himself in balancing the mental and physical disciplines.

Cronus doesn't have the muscle mass he once did in his arms and legs, but he still knows how to throw a punch. He hasn't picked up a lot of weight with age, either, and though his joints are stiff from years of physical punishment, he stays as active as he can. He regularly teaches sport-boxing and similar classes to keep his hand in.

Cronus is an average-height man with barely a wisp of grey hair left on his head; all his hair has apparently migrated to his ears, eyebrows, and mustache over his long life. A common joke is that punching Cronus in the face is ineffective because his gigantic mustache provides too much padding for your fist to get through.

Cronus can come off as gruff and a bit tough, but this is just his matter-of-fact Watch nature coming through. His true passion in life appears to revolve around teaching, and though he is a tough teacher, few that have made it through his classes can claim his is unfair.

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