Crossing Guards

Days Go By

maleos hears nothing from esme
maleos hears that headmaster doesn't know anything after about a week
maleos tries temple of pelor

darias spends a month dealing with his commissions

after month is up, father comes to maleos - payment for apprenticeship returned. why didn't you tell me your mentor had died?
m: she's dead?
father: you didn't know?
m: we didn't… umm.. how did she die?
father: apparently in her sleep. heart just quit.
m: we'd had an argument. I thought she's summon me when she was ready to teach me again.
father: sorry to hear that. etc. do you need some time? blah blah

maleos asking around about esme - last person to see her was messenger maleos sent. died soon after, not discovered for like a week.

basically, until spring:

  • darias working
  • aida training and working
  • maleos grieving, also plotting to destroy disk

A Year Later

maleos during winter writes his letter to Olidammara and burns it

Maleos burns this message: "Olidamara: As you may know, Pelor has asked me and my friends to "Fix This." He was not clear on what needed fixing or how one might go about fixing it. In addition, many traditions of the Temple make it difficult for me to comply with Pelor's wishes. I want to comply, but do not know how. Any assistance, insight, or inspiration you could provide would be most appreciated."

maleos starts looking for new mentor

been a year since the beginning of the campaign

with arrival of spring, messenger shows up at darias's forge. tearful missive from Sierra Pike informing Darias that Torin has died. found in forge late one evening. maybe overexerted himself.

darias out of commission for a few days, then heads to Brightmill for a week to deal with Pike family. comes home after.

after a few days, brings maleos in on what happened. discussion about parable where people died due to sin of crossing Bridge
darias decides to head out to Bridge during rotation to try to inspect statue and figure out what to do.

aida assigned to first Spring rotation at Bridge - will be there for 6 months. Tybalt volunteered to go along with group as well, but didn't tell her.

maleos planning on going to "merch the hell out of things"
darias also planning on going along. asks priests to keep eye on her and pays everything he has to them.

maleos deliberately brought Pelor's Compass along

find aida, ask her to come with them to statue. she says don't go and tells them not to jeopardize her dream. aida watches them leave, alerts guard, is asked to take them to where these people are so they can be arrested

aida and guards sneak mostly up on maleos and darias. darias takes off running when told to stop; maleos stops, yells, 'aww, c'mon, just stop'

aida runs up to maleos and apprehends him; elites push past trying to run toward darias. darias gets to statue, puts hand on it. "Okay, I'm here, what do you want me to do?" looks over shoulder instictively, sees elites approaching, but then sees aida and maleos w/ soft glow emanating from maleos's pouch. yells out 'maleos, get up here'

maleos turns to aida and says, 'should we go to him, or….?"
aida says "what the hell do you think?" drags maleos there and vows to explain what's going on then wash her hands of whole thing

maleos: you may want to call off your friends
aida: how long have I been here, a day? i'm not throwing all this away because of my idiot brother. besides, they're my superiors
aida yells at darias to get down on the ground

darias assuming maleos didn't throw away item. looks at statue - "is that what you want?" grabs handful of sand, trying to dodge behind statue and stay clear. duck around one, swings wild, but driven right into path of other swing. instinctively close eyes just as second swing about to connect with darias's head, but hear clang and feel jello. statue animated, drove broadsword into ground pinning hammer

find self once more inside blue circle. time outside seemingly stopped.

maleos addresses statue - "what do you want us to do"
darias starts yelling at maleos
statue draws sword from ground, slowly points it toward the Bridge

darias - "what are we supposed to do over there?"
maleos pulls compass out to offer to statue. only maleos sees this: diffuse light changes to thread of light leading horizontally away down bridge and off into the mists

arguing about what to do. statue groans in earth-shakiing voice "hurry". maleos turns to look at aida: "are we gonna do this?"
aida: "are you fucking crazy?"
darias: "if you're not coming, give me the medallion!"
aida keeps maleos restrained
darias tries to convince aida (using parable) to give him medallion
maleos tries to convince aida to lead him toward Bridge so he can throw medallion toward Bridge; she reluctantly agrees.
approaching edge of blue circle, feeling tug of magic starting to strain
darias tries again to convince aida to hand off medallion

darias steps over the line, world jello-snaps. Maleos and aida thrown to ground, darias nearly is
darias stumbling toward maleos, "give it to me"
maleos gets to feet and moves toward Bridge
notice guards (and rest of world) moving again
aida getting to feet and trying to grab maleos again. gets him before he gets to feet.
aida: "I'm taking these yahoos to throw this magic thing back where it came from. I dont' trust it or them."
guards still running toward group
maleos bluffs arm free and wings medallion at Bridge, skitters shy, bounces against base of Fharlanghn statue

darias runs over, scoops, tries to toss it onto the Bridge. bounces off membrane. tries to walk through with it, but can't pull medallion through membrane.
aida drops maleos and pulls out her hammer.
maleos casts mage armor and calls to darias to come back

darias tries to run through, gets thrown to ground
aida looking ahead for something to come across Bridge
maleos realizes amulet belongs to him, tells darias to give it back

maleos pushes through with great difficulty, begins moving across Bridge
darias tells aida to say goodbye to mom, then pushes onto Bridge as well
aida, ignoring him, runs forward onto Bridge

demons on other side, trying to cross; maleos tries to cast illusion but can't

todo fight with demons

todo meeting with blonde guy

todo burning the bodies

todo talking at the camp

walk another day, see vista down into valley w/ lake, river, settlement; mountains in distance far to the east.

next session starts next morning
all PCs earn 750 XP

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