Custom Magical Items


Each listing here describes a magical item I created, generally for use in a specific campaign. The items are described in a system-agnostic fashion; however, stats blocks for particular systems may be included in the item description for ease of portability. I've also added a link to the system or campaign pages where the item was used, if it was used.


Items described here may be a specific weapon type or may represent an enchantment that can be placed on a broad range of weapon types. The entry will specify any requirements or restrictions.

Long Longsword

At first glance, the Long Longsword resembles a normal longsword. Only the presence of three concentric circles on the hilt indicates the sword's magic. Upon use in combat, however, the wielder can, as a free action, extend the sword up to 15' (three squares). Regardless of length, the Long Longsword handles as a normal longsword (i.e., there are no attack penalties applied). Since the change in length is effectively instantaneous, the wielder also does not need to worry about obstacles in nearby squares; in essence, the length can change in a flash just as the sword would strike the target, then change back immediately afterwards.

In addition to the reach advantage granted by the Long Longsword, the wielder may also set vs. charge as with a spear. The attacker may not be aware of this since the longsword's length does not need to change until the last possible moment.

One limitation of the Long Longsword is that no momentum is imparted by changing the length. This means that merely pointing the sword at an opponent and willing it longer will do no damage unless the wielder also thrusts the blade.

Additional enchantments may be applied to the Long Longsword per normal weapons creation rules.

  • D&D 3.0/3.5 statistics:
    • Required spells - enlarge, haste
    • Cost - 2,315 gp

Created for the Greyhawk Post-Apocalypse campaign.

Broad Broadsword

The Broad Broadsword initially appears to be a normal broadsword. Only the triple-concentric diamond pattern engraved on the hilt of the sword may give away the enchantments without the use of magic. When used in battle, however, the Broad Broadsword may transform into a light steel shield as a free action.

The wielder of the Broad Broadsword gains the shield bonus of a light steel shield (which does not stack with an additional shield) in addition to being able to attack with the weapon as normal. Two-weapon fighters may use the Broad Broadsword as both a second weapon and as a shield simultaneously as well.

The Broad Broadsword may have both armor and weapon enchantment bonuses; however, these bonuses must be applied (and paid for) separately.

  • D&D 3.0/3.5 Statistics:
    • Spells Required - enlarge, shield, haste
    • Cost - 2,810 gp

Created for the Greyhawk Post-Apocalypse campaign.

Short Shortsword

The Short Shortsword is a versatile weapon and tool. As a free action, the Short Shortsword can become s shortsword, dagger, dart, or knife of any size between Tiny and Large. The Short Shortsword can also shift into a needle, lockpick, or other thin metal tool up to 18" long and 2" wide. When used as a tool the Short Shortsword's shapeshifting talents grant the user small bonuses on any checks requiring nimbleness. This bonus does not apply to attacks, however.

  • D&D 3.0/3.5 Statistics:
    • Spells Required - reduce, cat's grace, haste
    • Cost - 2,310
    • +2 circumstance bonus to any Dexterity-based tests

Created for the Greyhawk Post-Apocalypse campaign.

Random Axe of Kindness

This item is in work, so the powers are up for discussion. One suggestion is to allocate a set of slots (e.g., 5 spells/day or something like that) and have the actual spells available be randomly generated at the start of each day. Another option would be to unlock additional powers based on the good acts performed by the wielder. A final option would be to go all the way and make this an artifact.

The Random Axe of Kindness is a powerful weapon for the forces of Good. It appears as an ornate single-bladed battleaxe with a hammerhead on the opposing side. TODO spiffy backstory about a deity

  • D&D 3.0/3.5 Statistics:
    • Spells Required - aid, remove disease, cure moderate wounds, atonement
    • Cost - TODO
    • Powers
      • May only be wielded by Good characters who support St. Cuthbert (or a similar diety). Others have no access to the weapon's powers and are afflicted with a temporary negative level as if the axe were a Holy Battleaxe.
      • Cast Aid 1/day
      • Cast Remove Disease 1/day
      • Cast Cure Moderate Wounds 3/day
      • Cast Atonement 1/year
      • On a critical hit, roll 1D10 for an additional effect:
        • 1 - Merciful (add 1D6 nonlethal damage)
        • 2 - Holy (add 2D6 damage to evil creatures) or Disruption (DC 14 Will save or be destroyed) if the target is undead
        • 3 - Speed (immediately gain one additional attack at full base attack bonus)
        • 4 - Smite Evil (as a paladin of the wielder's level)
        • 5 - Icy Burst (+2D10 cold damage)
        • 6 - Flaming Burst (+2D10 fire damage)
        • 7 - Thundering (+2D8 sonic damage)
        • 8 - Grant wielder enhanced Strength (as bull's strength
        • 9 - Automatically counterspells the next offensive spell targeted at the wielder (as spellcaster of the wielder's level)
        • 0 - Will Save or be charmed (as charm person or charm monster)


Items described here may be a specific type of armor or may be an enchantment that can be placed on a broad range of armor types. The entry will specify.

Raptor's Plate

Raptor's Plate was crafted by the Greyhawk Raptor Corps to keep the Raptors safe during their clandestine operations in the Great Siege. Exactly 24 suits were crafted, all effectively identical; however, it is unknown how many survived the Siege and the tumultuous times thereafter.

A suit of Raptor's Plate is a simply-adorned full plate suit. The suit's fins and etchings are raven-themed, and the armor by default is painted in a mosaic black and white pattern. Raptor's Plate is made of mithril to keep weight down; as a result, it is very expensive and time-consuming to create.

Each suit of Raptor's Plate is imbued with a variety of powers to help a wearer operate alone and far from support. Raptor's Plate is a levelable item.

  • D&D 3.0/3.5 Statistics:
    • Spells Required - alter self, cat's grace, TODO
    • Material components - 25 lb mithril, 5 raven tail feathers, 50 gp onyx, 50 gp quartz
    • Cost - 140,000 gp
    • Levelable Item:
      • Level 0: Sturdy and lightweight suit of full plate with no magical powers.
      • Level 1: Mithril Full Plate +1; can shift appearance to mimic any other suit of armor
      • Level 2: Gain Silent Moves power (+5 competence bonus to Move Silently); gain Shadow power (+5 competence bonus to Hide)
      • Level 3: Mithril Full Plate +2
      • Level 4: Gain Spell Resistance (15) power
      • Level 5: Mithril Full Plate +3
      • Level 6: Gain Silent Moves, Improved power (+10 competence bonus to Move Silently); gain Shadow, Improved power (+10 competence bonus to Hide)
      • Level 7: Mithril Full Plate +4
      • Level 8: Gain Spell Resistance (19) power
      • Level 9: Mithril Full Plate +5
      • Level 10: Gain Silent Moves, Greater power (+15 competence bonus to Move Silently); gain Shadow, Greater power (+10 competence bonus to Hide)

Created during the Greyhawk Apocalypse.


Items described here are suitable for use as normal clothing. They provide no protection from damage, but they may provide protection from the elements (wind, rain, cold, heat, etc.) as a normal item of that type.

Beanie of Levitation

The Beanie of Levitation is a normal-looking propeller beanie (if there is such a thing). If the user manually spins the propeller (completely occupying one arm or requiring the use of a low-level telekinesis-type spell), the user can fly slowly forward in the direction he points the top of the hat.

  • D&D 3.0/3.5 Statistics:
    • Spells Required - levitate
    • Cost - 4,010 gp
    • Movement rate of 15' per round with poor maneuverability

Created for the Greyhawk Post-Apocalypse campaign.


Items described here may be potions (drunk to activate); lotions or oils (apply to skin to activate); drops (apply to eyes to activate); foods or beverages (eaten/drunk to activate); or powders (inhaled or blown to activate). In some cases, the same enchantment may be applied to various types of items for similar effects. The item description will note any specific restrictions.

Elven Sunwine

While not strictly a potion, Elven Sunwine is a magically-crafted beverage with a significant kick. For elves, sunwine is a mild euphoric only marginally stronger than alcohol. However, for most other humanoid races, sunwine is much more potent. Sunwine requires 20 to 50 years to properly create, depending upon the quality of the vintage.

Elven Sunwine is a swirling orange-yellow beverage that glitters gold and copper when it catches the sunlight. One barrel contains 300 bottles of wine.

  • D&D 3.0/3.5 Statistics:
    • Spells Required - emotion
    • Material components (per barrel) - 100 gp gold flecks
    • Creation cost (per barrel) - 6,000 - 30,000 gp
    • Creation cost (per bottle) - 200 - 500 gp
    • Purchase price - 250 - 1000 gp
    • Save vs. will, DC 25, at -5 per drink to resist euphoria

Created generically for D&D 3.0/3.5.

Elven Moonwine

Elven Moonwine is a powerful sedative beverage brewed in very limited quantities by elven master brewers. For elves, it can increase the effectiveness of the elven trance state significantly. For other humanoid races, the sedative effects can overpower the drinker. Consuming too much moonwine can bring about extended periods of almost coma-like deep sleep.

Elven Moonwine is a deep purple-blue beverage that sparkles silver and copper when caught in the moonlight. Elven moonwine takes anywhere from 10 to 30 years to craft, depending upon the vintage. One barrel contains 300 bottles of wine.

  • D&D 3.0/3.5 Statistics:
    • Spells Required - sleep
    • Material components (per barrel) - 50 gp mithril or silver fleck, 25 gp copper fleck
    • Creation cost (per barrel) - 1,500 - 7,500 gp
    • Creation cost (per bottle) - 50 - 150 gp
    • Purchase price - 100 - 300 gp
    • Save vs. will, DC 25, at -5 per drink to resist falling asleep/into a trance state for 1D4 hours/drink

Created generically for D&D 3.0/3.5.

Dwarven Bread-ale

Dwarven Bread-ale is a magical beverage created by dwarven explorers to sustain them during long journeys. A pint of the beverage can provide the full meal requirements for a dwarf (or other Medium-size humanoid) for a full day. The ale also lasts for many years without spoiling or souring. While considerably more expensive than a normal set of rations, the ale can be worthwhile for some extremely long-term expeditions where the chances of finding food on the way may be small. Dwarven Bread-ale is especially popular amongst dwarven deep-miners for this reason.

The ale is very strongly flavored and it can take a while for non-dwarves to acquire a taste for it. A cask contains 32 gallons (or 248 pints) of ale.

  • D&D 3.0/3.5 Statistics:
    • Spells Required - create food and water
    • Creation cost (per cask) - 10,000 gp
    • Purchase price (per pint) - 50 gp

Created generically for D&D 3.0/3.5.

Other Items

This section contains items that don't nicely fit into any other categories.

Endless Pouch

This appears to be a standard belt pouch. However, the Endless Pouch opens into a nondimensional space, much like a Bag of Holding. Regardless of what is placed in the pouch, it maintains a constant 2-pound weight. If the pouch is overloaded, pierced, or placed into another extradimensional or nondimensional space, it reacts as would a Bag of Holding.

The Endless Pouch, however, is much larger than any Bag of Holding (and consequently requires much more powerful magicks to create). While not actually endless per se, the internal dimensions of the endless pouch are akin to those of a smallish stadium. The mouth of the Endless Pouch can also be slowly stretched over items at a rate of 1 additional foot diameter per round; this allows objects up to 40' in diameter to be inserted into the pouch. If the PCs attempt to completely fill the pouch with items, e.g., by dunking the pouch into a lake, the pouch will not fill completely but will stop filling once it reaches around 4000 tons (slightly more water than is contained in an Olympic-sized swimming pool).

As a result of its size, there is sufficient air naturally trapped within an Endless Pouch to sustain living creatures for quite a period of time.

  • D&D 3.0/3.5 Statistics:
    • Spells Required - Leomund's secure shelter
    • Cost - 110,000 gp

Created generically for D&D 3.0/3.5.

Crystal Cat

Crystal cat, a wedding gift from a wizard to his beloved. Like a specialty construct - sort of an artificial familiar. Not yet used in a campaign, but possibly useful as a story seed (unique magical item or artifact).

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