Damir Krupalija

Damir Krupalia, Bard 7/Spellsinger 6

Damir is an outgoing, personable young man. He started life as an innkeeper's son.



Male, age 20
5'11", 155 lb
Blue eyes
Soft blonde hair, shoulder-length
Light blonde goatee
Thin and wiry
Skin tends toward very light, but with all the time he spends outside, has gained a light tan
Birthday: June 30th, CY 627

(worn to school, performances)
dark blue shirt, slightly flared sleeves
tapered-leg black leather pants
black belt with buckle
black riding gloves (when needed)
black cloak on cool days
brimmed black hat on sunny days
polished black riding boots

(purchased in Tantor, nicer than set 1)
midnight blue shirt, medium tails, buttoned up the front; fitted sleeves
straight-legged black pants made of soft leather, button-front
black leather belt with black sewed designs and a small blue steel buckle
tall polished black hiking boots
midnight blue oiled leather cloak
same brimmed hat as above, but purchased band and deep blue feather to decorate hat

(worn when traveling)
no hat or cloak (unless hat or cloak needed)
backpack if needed
brown pants with tapered legs
lighter blue shirt with slightly flared sleeves
slightly worn brown leather boots

(worn when cleaning in the inn, not in public)
green patterned tunic with wooden fasteners
soft leather breeches
slightly worn brown leather boots
green cloth belt

(worn when in town and is cold)
large, soft, dark blue coat w/hood
ice blue long-sleeved tunic with straight sleeves
heavy, black leather pants
cotton "long underwear"
heavy leather walking boots, oiled black
dark blue woolen gloves

Character Quirks

  1. No real long-term goals, currently - just having fun and keeping the inn alive (which he thinks is fun). His only "goal" of note is to "live a normal life." (Has a new semi-long-term goal as of Session 1, which is to get Emby into Mount Pon. Now that goal is accomplished, so he is back to thinking he will be going back to working at the inn full-time now. Now has changed again; is planning to work with the Pelorian priests in Nevermoor.)
  2. Mildly afraid of heights.
  3. Likes to egg on gamblers. Likes to egg on bar brawlers if he thinks they won't tear up the inn too much.
  4. Isn't much for fighting - usually talks his way out of fights, and ducks them when they occur.
  5. Intrigued by gnomes, who seem to usually keep up with his fast-talking skills. Also generally (and genuinely) intrigued by other races, all other races. Expresses this by learning languages and cultural notes from travelers.
  6. One time, while seeing a gnome off from the inn, saw the gnome drop something metal. Couldn't catch up with the gnome, so went over to pick it up. It's this metal thing, with like a thing on the end of it, and it rotates 45 degrees and then locks into place. And, there's this clasp that looks like it could connect to something, but he has no idea what. And a little peg you can push back and forth through a hole…etc. About the gnome: you talked him into spending the night at the inn. The next day, you followed-up asking how his stay was and bringing the horse around for him, so he'd be likely to throw more business your way in the future. Said his name was ThornBurg, but another gnome he was talking to referred to him as shoestring. You bardic knowledge him. Apparently, he went by the names Bippendorg, Mike, Froggy, Hungry-boy, gnome #74, and Hey You while in town. Basically, folks just saw him going from one place to another. You know it was the same gnome because he had an interesting belt with a skull on it. He bartered this off to the leatherworker's shop in exchange for a new belt. I bought the gnome's belt. Upon closer inspection, one belt loop, apparently the gnome's "size", was broken. Spoke to gnomish woman (Thisiquilla or Sparrow), who led me to talk to another gnomish woman, Sprocket. Arranged to meet with Sprocket in the town square to discuss the thingy with her. Met with Sprocket, Sparrow, and two male gnomes (guards, carry short swords), went to lunch with them, and showed them the device. "You receive some 2,307 distinct subcategories of suggestions over the course of the next six hours as to what the contraption might be. It could be a tool, machine, device, part, toy, magical item, trap, weapon, component, engine, game, puzzle, lock, or almost anything else you could think of. Whatever it is, it is clearly either designed to be used with something else, or has not been completed just yet. Each gnome suggests a dozen or so new "features" the item could have, such as being able to bend this way, or have this piece unscrew all the way instead of halfway. Or, well, it *might* be complete, and they just haven't figured out how to use it yet. There is one thing they can all agree on, though. It most certainly came from a gnome." I can't learn anything about the belt yet.
  7. Motto: Never be flustered, never show fear.
  8. Not a big drinker, but puts on a good show of it. A bar game of his is seeing how many pints he can convince people he's had.
  9. Talked a couple of traveling women into bed after puberty (Marlaina at age 14, Charlotte shortly thereafter), but hasn't in a long time. He got Marlaina interested in a physically superior young man who came through town as a guard, but Charlotte left angrily when he told her he wasn't right for her. He chose both women because they both seemed open to sex without attachment. Damir hasn't done anything with women for a few years now for multiple reasons. Partly because he's afraid they'll actually get to know him. Partly because he's looking for something more than a fling. Partly because he doesn't want to "taint" anyone, because he figures if he lets his guard down he'll start turning bad. He has trapped himself inside a restrictive worldview where he only sees two paths for himself, the "normal life" or the "abuse of power." (After Session 1, Damir slept with Ferella once when he went to visit her, just before he left to walk Emby to Tantor. He is currently debating and pondering what this change in his philosophy means.)
  10. Pretty flirty with local women but hasn't ever done anything with a local girl. (After session 1, slept with Ferella once.)
  11. Dad would be happy if I took over the inn. Mom wants me to broaden my horizons by going to a large institution in a large, large city.
  12. Learned I could cast six months ago when two large, drunk mercenary guards were picking on a half-elf barmaid. I was playing in the bar at the time. They began to heckle her for being a half-breed; I became very angry with them for doing so, and as they continued I got angrier and angrier. Suddenly, I felt a surge of power flow through my lute as I stole their voices (silence, 15' radius).
  13. I often close my eyes when playing the piccolo.
  14. Makes detailed mental notes when flirting with women of other races so as to compare their reactions to the reactions of human women.
  15. Worried about the future - wants to just keep his life how it is, but doesn't see how he can do that. (Now has changed; still worried about the future, but now because he wants to really DO something with his life.)
  16. Doesn't entirely trust himself - sorely tempted to abuse his charisma and his powers over people, but doesn't because he believes in a "greater good." Figures he could either become a normal person or a very bad person - has never realized he could also become a very good person. (Only now, after session 1, starting to realize it, thanks largely to Emby and Miss Bliss, and also thanks to Ferella.)
  17. Middle class - parents own an inn/tavern/stable in the town of Gwivonna. The inn is the Lucky Arrow, due to local custom which considers an arrow hung over the entryway to be lucky. The inn used to have 15 rooms, but with my help it was increased to a 20-room inn a couple years ago. The stables have 20 runs as well. The 30-table bar is the Giant's Boot.
  18. Damir fast-talks people into following him to his parents' stables and inn on their way into town, then he leaves them there and they tend to spend the night. It's a game for him, and he does it after school (and now full-time) for fun. He's pretty good at getting people to follow him to the inn without them knowing that's what he's doing - the game is to get them there without them knowing he works there.
  19. Damir has been toying with people’s feelings for so long he’s kind of forgotten that they have feelings and even that HE has feelings. He flirts with women almost without thought now. However, should anyone fall for his act too far, he tries to let them off as easily as possible, for instance by pairing them with someone else who he makes out to be more interesting than himself. His goal is to convince people only to remember him as "that nice guy who dresses well."
  20. Currently actually rather inexperienced in the art of sex. Has learned that pretty lingerie turn him on quite a bit. Slightly dominant women also are a turn-on (because of his sexual reluctance).
  21. Recently realized (session 3) that he has fallen in love with Emby Mocmar (is now engaged to be married to her)
  22. During trips to Tantor and Mount Pon, has done some things that he never thought he could do (survived battles, performed for a large crowd without setting things up carefully first, convinced assistant dean at Mount Pon to have audience with Emby despite school rules against late admissions); Damir is starting to become more confident in himself as well as more himself.
  23. Recently (session 8) made love to Emby Mocmar for the first time; as a result, has learned that he enjoys giving oral sex very much and is not offended by his own flavor.
  24. Favorite sexual position: man seated, woman seated on his lap facing him - he likes the intimacy of this position. Often, while making love to Emby in this position, he will close his eyes and trace his fingertips across her face, shoulders, arms, etc., trying to fully concentrate on feeling her (similar to how he feels the music, concentrating fully on it by closing his eyes, when playing the piccolo) Read it, Dale! Read it and let the image burn your brain from the inside out! :)

Famous Quotes:

Peregrine: "What's your trade, Damir?"
Damir: "Basically… pretty much, all of them."

Damir: “I’m a quick one.” (often repeated)

Damir: “I knew you’d catch me.”


  1. "Dreams of a Child" (named in Elvish): Quality 21 - A bittersweet melody about the dreams you had as a child that didn't come true and the dreams you never could've dreamt back then that have come true now. Written just before graduation, originally for Damir, but later modified and given to Emby as a going-away present. Damir no longer has a copy of this song, but he remembers how it goes and can improvise a performance of it. Damir has written a reprise of this song, Quality 26, based on the lyrics Emby wrote for it—it is designed to be sung by her.
  2. "Silky": Quality 28 - A song written about the Silky Doll in Gwivonna, proclaiming its virtues. Written while on the road to Tantor (taking Emby home after graduation) at Ferella's request. Mentions Ferella by name. Bawdy bar song.
  3. "Blood and Iron": Quality 18 - An heroic ballad exaggerating the exploits of Emby and Dextra in the Kobold Caves. Mentions their domination over the goblins as well as how they heroically defeated a kobold army and saved the many prisoners.
  4. "Tears": Quality 31 - A sad song without lyrics expressing how Damir felt persuading Mt. Pon to accept Emby even though he knew it meant he wouldn't see her again for a long, long time, if ever (especially since he had just realized there that he was falling in love with her and the last thing he wanted to do was help her go further away from him if he had any chance with her, but he had to do it because it was what she wanted to do, and the thing he wanted most was for her to be happy; irony is mean).
  5. "Kicking the Habit": Quality 22 - A typical bawdy bar song, written to play during tavern performances.
  6. "Change": Quality 35 (natural 20 on first Quality check) - A very long ballad, written in honor of Damir's feelings for Emby. Extremely carefully crafted to kep an audience's attention and grip their hearts. Is written about Damir's feelings for Emby, but is obfuscated so that casual listeners would not know that this comes from personal experience. Those who know Damir might be able to figure this song out almost too well (Int check or something).
  7. "A Golden Blue": Quality 27 - A comedic song about an unsuccessful farmer who lost his land and became a successful raider.
  8. "The Life": Quality 28 - A song proclaiming Damir's intentions to be a hero. Explains why Damir has chosen to abandon his former plans for his life to go do stuff that's likely to get him killed. Margins are covered with sketches of his family, the Mocmars, Ferella, Miss Bliss, Malicor, etc. There are three detailed sketches of Emby; one, her in a fancy elvish dress in an elegant pose; two, her in wizard's robes, sitting at a desk and looking attentive; and three, her in a plain dress with a grin on her face casting some spell. There is also a sketch of a young apprentice-priest of Pelor that Damir met in Nevermoor; a sketch of Miss Bliss in her Pelorian robes; a sketch of Mr. Krupalia serving a customer and Mrs. Krupalia pulling warm cookies out of the oven; a sketch of Malicor sitting in his study reading a book; a sketch of Ferella walking along the forest road with her grey cloak on, turning to look at the artist and smiling a bit; a sketch of Mrs. Mocmar bustling about her kitchen; a sketch of Mr. Mocmar striding in through the Mocmar family's front door; a sketch of Brokk in a grimy, poorly-built throne, surrounded by his goblin servants; a sketch of Dextra holding a longsword in a fighting stance; a sketch of Mist quietly stalking through the bushes with her dual blades drawn; a sketch of Dagger trying to pfilfer a sack that has suddenly and mysteriously risen beyond her grasp; and a sketch of Peregrine holding his longbow fully-drawn.
  9. "Liana's Theme": Quality 20 - An improvised, pretty, and light piccolo tune written for one of the girls at the Silky Doll who was quite taken with Damir.
  10. "Roguish Bard": Quality 23 - Originally a popular piece of bar music called "Scurvy Rogue," rewritten by the girls at the Silky Doll to describe Damir; Damir rewrote the lyrics again, polishing it up and adding some flair, and sent it back to them when he heard it.
  11. "The Silky Theme": Quality 28 - A revision of "Silky," started by the girls of the Silky Doll and polished up by Damir. This song has one verse describing (very accurately!) each of the girls of the Silky Doll as of November 644.
  12. "Falling for the First Time": Quality 31 - A song with approximately the same lyrics as the Barenaked Ladies song of the same name, but acoustic. Written for lute with piano and drums accompanying.
  13. "The Lucky One": Quality 28 - A song with the same lyrics as "The Lucky One" by Alison Krauss and basically the same tune (reference lyrics).
  14. "Surrender": Quality 27 - A song about wanting to form a relationship with an unsure partner and how hard it is to wait for them to make a decision, even though you know it's the right thing to do; similar in theme to "I Have to Surrender" by Ty Herndon.
  15. "Emby": Quality 42 (took 20) *special song - This song is a long orchestral piece Damir wrote in the hopes he might play it at his wedding; Damir carefully and painstakingly detailed this song to be as beautiful as he could make it; he worked on it for over a year. The song is partially elven in inspiration, partially human.
  16. "Young Love": Quality 24 - An improvised tune written while on the way back from Bastion with Emby and Peregrine. Emby asked for this tune to describe how Damir felt about her. It begins tentative and scared, transitioning to a sad theme for a while. The sadness suddenly, jarringly turns hopeful, then grows in tempo and volume into an excited, happy whirl of music. The happiness slowly fades, leaving a joyful but hesitant tune that dies out, seemingly unresolved. Damir performed this piece on piccolo and wrote what he could of it down afterward so that he could remember it later.


  1. Various sketches of notable people he has encountered (Average quality 21; usually took 10)
  2. Nevermoor Assassin with cowl, just after the attack; includes detail of the dagger that he stabbed Damir with (Quality 35; natural 20)
  3. Nevermoor Assassin without cowl, after capture (Quality 31; took 20)
  4. Map of the Dwarven Mine near Nevermoor (Quality 35; took 20, plus information from dwarven maps)
  5. Death Knight from Nevermoor (Quality 26)
  6. Map of area near Nevermoorian "crypt" (Quality 30)
  7. Sketches around the border of The Life (Quality 31; took 20)
  8. Orcish wizard, formerly of the Scarlet Wolves (Quality 29)
  9. Emby in a plain dress sitting cross-legged on Ferella's floor wearing the ring and looking happy (Quality 36; natural 20)
  10. Emby sitting next to a campfire studying two spellbooks and casting a test spell; learning Acid Arrow (Quality 27)
  11. Emby, reclining and nude, with her hair and sheets covering the ol' naughty bits (Quality 33)
  12. The Blood Hunters, Lord Drummond, Drummond's Dragon, and Drummond's hideout in the crater (Quality 42; magically enhanced)
  13. Map of the Keep of the Citadel, complete with annotations (Quality 31; took 10)



Ghost Sound: Create illusory sounds; minimum volume of a whisper, maximum volume dependent on level ("4 men" per level)
MC: A bit of wool or a small lump of wax
Open/Close: Open or close a small chest or door
Signature: The lock, handle, or knob is temporarily coated with a very light blue "film."
MC: A brass key (F)
Mending: Repair stains, small rips in clothing or small object
Signature: The material is permeated by a soft blue, sparkly glow around the area to be repaired.
Prestidigitation: Perform small magical tricks, drawing from any magical school
Dancing Lights: Create 4 torches, glowing man-shape, or will-o-wisp shapes; light as torches, must remain w/in medium range, can move 100'/round
Signature: The lights are tinted slightly blue-white and flicker a bit.
Mage Hand: Point finger at 5-lb max object; move it 15’ in any direction as move-equivalent action


Cure Light Wounds: Cure 1D8 +1/lv HP (max 1D8+5)
Signature: The tissue glows blue as it restitches, and the blue glow fades slowly over the round in which the spell is cast.
(Allicanadra's) Instant Bath/Filth's Bane: Clean person or object touched, operating as mending spell as well as cleaning dirt and dust off; leaves faint signature scent
Signature: A shower of blue sparkles descend from above Damir's head, sweeping the dirt away from him and leaving him smelling faintly of sandalwood; upon very close inspection, one might notice that the "sparkles" are shaped like extremely tiny jellyfish that have brushes on the ends of their tentacles (requires magnification to see this).
MC: A sliver of soap and a drop of water
Disappear/Puff and Gone: Turn caster invisible for 2 rounds
Signature: Small silvery sparkles sprinkle to ground where caster turned invisible, disappear as soon as they hit the ground; looks like caster "exploded" into silvery confetti
Puff and Flan: Creates a delicious custard dessert out of thin air
Damir's Distraction: Distract target with pleasant sensation; magic missile-style penalty to attack, dmg; magic missile-style bonus to reaction
MC: Feather


Eagle's Splendor: +1D4+1 Cha for 1 hr/lv (replaced)
Speak with Allies: Communicate silently with designated individuals (replaced)
Detect Thoughts: Detect surface thoughts of those close to me
MC: A copper piece
Insistent Wave: Force effect pushes nearby creatures back with bull rush effect; Str 12 +1/2 lvs, counted as size M and not charging, range 10' + 1'/lv
Signature: Spins quickly and blue wall of force springs from hands to push everything away
Tongues: Gain knowledge of any language
MC: A small clay model of a ziggurat
Cat’s Grace: +1D4+1 Dex for 1 hr/lv
Signature: Instantaneous blue-white radiance surrounds target, fades quickly
MC: a pinch of cat hair


Haste: +4 AC, +1 partial action/round
Signature: fine white mist of swirls around target, starting slowly but increasing in speed; very rapid at end of second swirl, when it disappears
MC: A shaving of licorice root
Major Image: As silent image, but includes visual, auditory, thermal, and olfactory components; lasts for concentration + 3 rounds; 4 10’ cube + 1 10’ cube per level (at lv 10, 56-soldier army of 12 priests and 44 warriors that Damir calls Summoning rather than illusion)
MC: A bit of fleece
Mindshare: As Speak With Allies, but adds emotion and sensation; +2 to attack or AC, +2 to skill checks
Cure Serious Wounds: Cure 3D8 +1/lv HP (max 3D8+15)
Signature: The tissue glows silvery-blue as it restitches, and the glow fades slowly over the round in which the spell is cast; the glow is more intense than that of his Cure Light Wounds spell
Plunder Thoughts: Delve deep into the mind of one subject
MC: The preserved eyeball of a telepathic creature


Modify Memory: Adjust up to 5 minutes of one subject's memory
Dolorous Blow: Doubles target's critical ranges for the duration, and makes any threat check succeed for the duration
Signature: Slight blue tinge to affected weapon's striking surface for the duration
Dimension Door: Transfer self plus willing Medium or smaller creat. per three levels, Long range





Statistical Notes

  1. +2 synergy bonus when using Fast-talk and Bluff.
  2. When playing lute, can maintain one bardic music ability while starting a second ability.
  3. When playing piccolo (or any flute), all who hear the music suffer a -1 penalty to all charm or compulsion effects, including bardic suggestion and fascination.
  4. +2 synergy bonus when using Bluff because of Sense Motive skill
  5. +2 synergy bonus when using Diplomacy and Sense Motive
  6. Must roll Will save, DC 25, or irrationally engage the obese wizard Blood Hunter who tortured him, using his most effective attack (rendered moot - killed in Nevermoor)
  7. +3 to AC when fighting defensively due to Tumble ranks
  8. Bardic Knowledge checks allowed about:
Gwivonna Peloria Tantor Mount Pon
Route to Nevermoor History of Nevermoor Crisis Nevermoor Province Bastion
Blackmail info on important Tantorians The Blood Hunters

Favorite Hangouts


  1. Lucky Arrow Inn & Stables/Giant's Boot Tavern
  2. Gwivonna Schoolhouse
  3. Road leading into town from Tantor
  4. Road leading into town from Peloria
  5. Silky Dolly whorehouse


  1. Mocmars' house
  2. Grokoth's Pantry
  3. Shaved ice shoppe
  4. Ferella's house


  1. Entrance to the Temple proper
  2. Bar - Nameless, basically some guy's house where the vice-havers congregate. Some scum. Villiany would be quite rare. The actual location of the bar tends to roam throughout the welfare district. You'd have to know a guy, or get it out of someone.


  1. TODO

Damir's Inn

Damir decided to build this inn (situated near the bridge that crosses the river on the road between Peloria and Bastion). He had Ferella build it and run it in her name while he was at war.
None Shall Pass Inn

Dining Hall 2000 GP 2 ss (30 people)
Basic Kitchen 2000 GP 1 ss (15 meals @ once)
Basic Tavern 900 GP 1 ss (20 people)
Basic Tavern 900 GP 1 ss (20 people)
Basic Bedrooms 700 GP 1 ss (2 bdrms, 1 privy)
Basic Bedrooms 700 GP 1 ss (2 bdrms, 1 privy)
-— ——
7200 GP 7 ss

Hired help:
5 wait staff, 6 GP/mo/person 360 GP
1 cook, 10 GP/mo 120 GP
2 bartenders, 10 GP/mo 240 GP
720 GP

Total: 7920 GP

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