Dangerous Big Data Interpretation (Isle of Mist)

The lyrics to this song can be found here. This song was not a theme for a particular session but instead for a particular NPC. I feel that the lyrics to this song are particularly appropriate to the motivations and inner thoughts of that NPC. In fact, this was the song that inspired me to start looking for theme songs for the campaign.

Overall, the themes of surveillance in the song work well for the Forest Ghost named Fionan-Shi; after all, she'd been assigned to watch over the PCs for quite a few months. In that time, she'd even been caught by them once or twice, much to her chagrin. How could they know she was watching them? Had she misjudged them, underestimated them? She eventually decided that she had.

In the same vein, though, the PCs had underestimated her; they didn't realize how dangerous Fionan-Shi was, and quite possibly they never will, since they will hopefully never have to face her in combat. Though she looks like an aelphin, she is not; she's a scion of the gods, much like they are, and an ascended being (a dryad) to boot. Dryads in this campaign aren't bound to a single tree but instead must remain within a certain range of trees of their soul-type; Fionan-Shi is a willow, pliable and durable, far stronger than her size would suggest.

Also appropriately, over the time she watch the PCs, she came to respect and love them very much (in a maternal way). She saw how they were willing to sacrifice themselves to save others (some more so than others, but still…). She also saw how hard they would work to do what they felt was right. She never revealed this to them - that would be both unprofessional and against her personality. She truly felt it, though, and that is why she lobbied so hard to bring Yoshirou-Mura into the fold of the Forest Ghosts, leading her down the first step she had to take to become a Forest Wolf ("it must be fate; I found a place for us") just how she'd found her own place in the Forest Ghosts as a Coillearnach Owl. She put herself on the line, backing the PCs; if she'd read them wrong, she'd put them in a position to do much more damage than they could ever know.

I also felt that the references to "sinking down into the dark" fit Fionan-Shi's character particularly well. Though she'd developed this deep concern and love for the PCs, she had to "keep on running" and "sink down into the dark." That was her mission, to observe unobserved, to detach from the situation, to watch the aelphin lands and protect all her people. She sacrificed some small measure of her happiness for the greater good by choosing to fade back into the forest to watch the invaders and direct her fellow Forest Ghosts as to how best to repel the demons coming into the aelphin forests.

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