Darias Isaac Yaren

Class: Rogue

Level: 8

Mythic Tier: 5

XP: 31,100

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Physical Description

  • Age: 20

Black hair, cut short to avoid workshop accidents then left to grow out until it slips into his dark blue eyes, crowns the young man's head. His face is often marked with stubble, not due to a choice of style so much as a lack of concern for little things like being clean shaven when inspiration strikes or when there is work to be done. With somewhat pleasant features and an athletic build, Darias might make for a handsome young bachelor, were it not for his typically nonchalant attitude toward personal grooming, and the fact he seldom smiles. For most of the masses, Darias tends to wear expressions of indifference, annoyance, and occasional disgust. In the presence of politicians, priests, and city watch, he typically wears a sullen scowl. The only time a smile brightens his face is when he strikes upon a new idea, solves a particularly difficult problem, or speaks to someone who he feels is a curious, intelligent soul, not content with being led around like sheep with invisible collars.

Not many folk see him smile with any great frequency.

He wears typical clothes of an artisan most days, sometimes wearing his protective apron away from the forge. He often carries tools wherever he goes (partially in case his services might be needed, and part out of a habit of keeping a weapon close by him).

He has a few scars, mostly due to common childhood misadventures, such as falling while climbing a tree, cutting one's arm while climbing through a brier, or slipping and falling onto hard cobblestone while being chased by a fat merchant who 'misplaced' a few coins… well, typical childhood misadventures for Darias. There are only two really prominent scars noticeable on him. One is a roughly one inch burn mark on the outside of his left palm, due to some initial clumsiness with a red hot iron bar early in Darias's apprenticeship. The other is a two inch gash and slight indentation located behind his right ear, left by a Violetford City Watchman's trucheon even earlier in his youth. (When the rather condescending City Watchman asked him if he had learned his lesson after receiving that blow, the eleven-year-old Darias replied "… I need to duck faster.")


Darias Yaren




Thief and Malcontent






Fan of protein



Attribute Score Mod
STR 16 +3
DEX 15 +2
CON 15 +2
INT 30 +10
WIS 10 +0
CHA 8 -1

Combat Statistics

BAB +6/+1
Melee +9/+4
Missile +8/+3
Initiative +6
HP 56
AC 17
Save Base Ability Magic Total
Fortitude +2 +2 +1 +5
Reflex +6 +2 +1 +9
Willpower +2 +2 +1 +5
Weapon Size Type Attack Damage Critical Range/Reach Ammo Notes
Unarmed Strike M B +9/+4 1d3+3 (L or N) x2 - - -
Sap M B +9/+4 1d6+3 (N) x2 - - -
Dagger M P or S +9/+4 1d4+3 19-20/x2 10 ft. - -
+1 Blacksmith's Hammer (custom weapon - combo of a cross between a light hammer and warhammer/light pick) M B/P +10/+5 1d6+4/1d4+4 x3/x4 - - see below for special abilities
+1 Light Crossbow M P +9/+4 1d8+1 19-20/x2 80 ft. 24 (MW) -
Armor Type Weight L/M/H Speed AC Max DEX Armor Check Penalty Arcane Failure
+2 Leather 15 lbs. Light 30 ft. +4 +6 0 10%
Ring of Deflection +1 - - - +1 - - -
Vest of Resistance +1 - - - - - - -


Skill Ability Class Abil Mod Ranks Class Bonus Racial Bonus Armor Magic Total
Appraise Int Class 10 13 - - - - +23
Balance+ Dex Class 2 9 - - - - +11
Bluff Cha Class -1 11 - - - - +10
Climb+ Str Class 3 9 - - - - +12
Concentration Con Cross 2 13 (26) - - - - +15
Craft (Alchemy) Int Class 10 7 2 (Craftsman's Sense) - - - +19
Craft (Blacksmithing) Int Class 10 13 2 (MW tools) + 2 (Craftsman's Sense) + (+5 (Mythic Craft - only magic items)) + (+5 (Mythic Crafter - only non-mythic magic items)) - - - +27 (+32/+32/+37)
Craft (Drawing) Int Class 10 10 2 (Craftsman's Sense) - - - +22
Craft (Jeweler) Int Class 10 7 2 (MW tools) + 2 (Craftsman's Sense) + (+5 (Mythic Craft - only magic items)) + (+5 (Mythic Crafter - only non-mythic magic items)) - - - +21 (+26/+26/+31)
Craft (Shipwright) Int Class 10 7 2 (Craftsman's Sense) + (+5 (Mythic Craft - only magic items)) + (+5 (Mythic Crafter - only non-mythic magic items)) - - - +19 (+24/+24/+29)
Craft (Trapsmithing) Int Class 10 8 2 (MW tools) 2 (Craftsman's Sense) + (+5 (Mythic Craft - only magic items)) + (+5 (Mythic Crafter - only non-mythic magic items)) - - - +22 (+27/+27/+32)
Craft (Woodworking) Int Class 10 13 2 (MW tools) 2 (Craftsman's Sense) + (+5 (Mythic Craft - only magic items)) + (+5 (Mythic Crafter - only non-mythic magic items)) - - - +27 (+32/+32/+37)
Decipher Script* Int Class 10 1 - - - - +11
Diplomacy Cha Class -1 11 - - - - +10
Disable Device* Int Class 10 13 2 (MW tools - tinkering) 2 (Craftsman's Sense) + (+5 (Mythic Craft - only magic items)) + (+5 (Mythic Crafter - only non-mythic magic items)) - - - +27 (+32/+32/+37)
Disguise Cha Class -1 1 - - - - +0
Escape Artist+ Dex Class 2 1 - - - - +3
Forgery Int Class 10 - - - - - +10
Gather Information Cha Class -1 10 - - - - +9
Handle Animal* Cha Cross -1 8 (16) - - - - +7
Heal Wis Cross 0 3 (6) - - - - +3
Hide+ Dex Class 2 13 - - - - +15
Intimidate Cha Class -1 4 - - - - +3
Jump+ Str Class 3 7 - - - - +10
Knowledge* (Architecture & Engineering) Int Class 10 13 2 (Craftsman's Sense) - - - +25
Knowledge* (Local: Brightmill) Int Class 10 9 - - - - +19
Knowledge* (Local: Golddale) Int Class 10 2 - - - - +12
Knowledge* (Local: Violetford) Int Class 10 9 - - - - +19
Knowledge* (Local: Across) Int Class 10 8 - - - - +18
Knowledge* (Religions) Int Class 10 11 - - - - +21
Listen Wis Class 0 10 - - - - +10
Move Silently+ Dex Class 2 13 - - - - +15
Open Lock* Dex Class 2 11 2 (Craftsman's Sense) - - - +15
Perform (something) Cha Class -1 - - - - - -1
Profession* (Sailor) Wis Class 0 8 - - - - +8
Profession* (something) Wis Class 0 - - - - - -
Ride (something) Dex Cross 2 1 (2) - - - - +3
Search Int Class 10 13 - - - - +23
Sense Motive Wis Class 0 13 - - - - +13
Sleight of Hand*+ Dex Class 2 7 - - - - +9
Speak Language* (Islander) N/A Cross - Fluent - - - - -
Speak Language* (Faeon) N/A Cross - Fluent - - - - -
Speak Language* (Equaen) N/A Cross - Fluent - - - - -
Speak Language* (Aodzhiv) N/A Cross - Fluent - - - - -
Speak Language* (Riersche) N/A Cross - Fluent - - - - -
Speak Language* (Sjef Lis) N/A Cross - Fluent - - - - -
Speak Language* (Török) N/A Cross - Fluent - - - - -
Speak Language* (Miera) N/A Cross - Fluent - - - - -
Speak Language* (K'goli) N/A Cross - Fluent - - - - -
Speak Language* (Tayeb) N/A Cross - Fluent - - - - -
Speak Language* (Skritta) N/A Cross - Fluent - - - - -
Speak Language* N/A Cross - - - - - - -
Spellcraft* Int Cross 10 13 (26) - - - - +23
Spot Wis Class 0 13 - - - - +13
Survival Wis Cross 0 4 (8) - - - - +4
Swim+ Str Class 3 5 - - - - +8
Tumble*+ Dex Class 2 5 - - - - +7
Use Magic Device* Cha Class -1 12 - - - - +11
Use Rope Dex Class 2 9 - - - - +11

* denotes a trained-only skill
+ denotes armor check penalty applies

Speak Language details

Number of Skills (1st level): [Class (8) + Int Bonus (10) + Human bonus (1) + Isle Education (2) + Apprentice (2) + Demonhome Experiences (3) + Highest Ability Mod (Int) (10)] x 4 = 144
Number of Skills (2nd level): [Class (8) + Int Bonus (10) + Human bonus (1) + Isle Education (2) + Apprentice (2) + Demonhome Experiences (3)] x 3 = 78
Number of Skills (3rd level): [Class (8) + Int Bonus (10) + Human bonus (1) + Isle Education (2) + Apprentice (2) + Demonhome Experiences (3)] x 3 = 78
Number of Skills (All other levels): [Class (8) + Int Bonus (10) + Human bonus (1) + Isle Education (2) + Apprentice (2) + Demonhome Experiences (3)] = 26

Class Features

  1. Light Armor Proficiency
  2. Simple Weapon Proficiency
  3. Martial Weapon Proficiency (Hand Crossbow, Hammer, Light Pick, Sap, Shortbow, Short Sword)
  4. Sneak Attack +4d6
  5. Trapfinding
  6. Evasion
  7. Trap Sense +2 Craftsman's Sense +2 (bonus to all Craft, Disable Device, Open Lock and Knowledge rolls pertaining to crafting)
  8. Uncanny Dodge - Retain Dex bonus to AC even when flat-footed or struck by an invisible attacker. Still lose Dex bonus when immobilized.
  9. Improved Uncanny Dodge - Cannot be flanked, unless by a Rogue 4 levels higher.


  1. Apprentice (Craft: Blacksmithing and Knowledge: Architecture & Engineering as class skills; +2 skill points for level; various story-based ties to Master)
  2. Improved Unarmed Combat - Your unarmed strikes can deal lethal or nonlethal damage. You do not provoke AoOs for attacking unarmed.
  3. (Mythic) Iron Will - +2 to will saves. - (Mythic) Roll will saves twice and take higher result.
  4. Master Craftsman - You can purchase Item Creation feats as a magic user and craft magic items (applies to Craft: Blacksmithing and Craft: Woodworking).
  5. Craft Permanent Magical Item - You may craft a magical item with permanent effects (but not those with spell completion components).
  6. Combat Expertise - Take a 1 to 5 penalty on attack rolls. Add the same amount as a dodge bonus to AC.
  7. Mythic Crafter (All Item Creation Feats) - You can craft mythic items. You get a +5 bonus on crafting non-mythic magic items.
  8. Toughness - +1 hit point per character level
  9. Improved Inititative - +4 to initiative rolls

Mythic Abilities

  1. Mythic Power - 3 + (2 x Tier) per day
  2. Hard to Kill - Automatically stabilize without Con check when below 0 hp. Still lose hp for taking actions. Still lose hp from bleed damage. You don't die until your hp drop below double your Con score.
  3. Surge - Spend mythic power as immediate action to add 1d8 to any d20 roll (after roll is revealed but before results are revealed).
  4. Custom Power - Quick Language Comprehension (DC 18 Int check 1/day - 5 success equals fluency - -2 DC for every failure until a success is scored)
  5. Trickster Attack - Surprise Strike - Spend mythic power as swift action, make melee or ranged attack at target within 30 ft., in addition to any other attacks this round. Target is flat-footed, regardless of any abilities or class features. Add mythic tier to result. Damage bypasses DR.
  6. Assured Skill - Free action before skill check, use mythic power to roll twice and take the higher result. Add tier to total.
  7. Mythic Craft - Use craft skill at double normal rate, and can make item masterwork by just paying for the better materials. Add tier for any checks related to crafting magical items.
  8. Recuperation - At 3rd tier, restored to full HP after 8 hour rest. Expend use of mythic power and rest 1 hour to regain up to 1/2 HP and any use-per-day-limited class features (treated as 8 hour rest).
  9. Sleepless - No longer require sleep. Abilities and class features that require rest to refresh can be regained after 1 hour of meditation.
  10. Critical Skill - Gain extra benefits for rolling a Natural 20 or exceeding the Target Number by a certain amount (+15/+20/+30). One benefit could be a reduction in the time needed to use the skill (Full Round -> Standard or Move -> Swift -> No time, OR 20% less time for a Natural 20 or +15, 30% less time for +20, 50% for +30). Another is a extra benefit, decided on a case-by-case basis (Minor for a Natural 20 or +15, Moderate for +20, or Major for +30).
  11. Mythic Saves - Any successful saves vs non-Mythic spells/special abilities means that you suffer no effects.
  12. Elemental Bond (Fire) - You gain resistance 10 to Fire. At 6th tier, this resistance increases to 20. At 9th tier, this resistance increases to 30. Whenever you cast a Fire spell or craft an item with a Fire spell or property, add your tier to your caster level for that spell. You can use the Heat Metal spell 3/day per the spell description (caster level = character level), and if you have any kind of forge or bonfire you can burn a casting to control the temperature of it precisely for 8 hours.
  • Mythic Power: 13/day


Metasurges Remaining: 0
Duration: 1 minute
Original Me: level 12, tier 7, 19 mythic power per day, 2 attacks per round (BAB +9, +17/+12 with Hammer), 98 hit points
Secondary Use: Burn metasurge to get a kind of “word of god” helping hand on a major aspect of the quest. (Can tell whether someone is faithful, etc.)


Uses Remaining: 0
Use: Activate and control one artifact on Isle for one minute/current character level (+1/2 mythic tier)


Uses Remaining: 0
Use: Call forth an avatar of Perai Luun

Craft Points: ?


  • Trademark: Silhouette of an anvil; within the anvil, a blacksmith's hammer and tongs form a "V," with tongs on the left and hammer on the right; tongs hold an outstretched bird's wing at the shoulder, the wing pointing right; at the base of the "V," to the left is a small Brightmill "B," and to the right, a small image of Torin Pike's trademark
  • MW Blacksmithing Tools
  • MW Tinkering Tools
  • MW Woodworking Tools
  • MW Jeweler's Tools
  • Backpack
  • Bedroll
  • Bells, ropes, and other basic alarm/trap making items
  • Candles (12)
  • Chalk (1)
  • Fishhook
  • Flint and steel
  • Ink
  • Inkpen
  • Rope (silk - 50 ft.)
  • Sewing needle
  • Waterskin
  • Tindertwig (6)
  • Artisan's outfit
  • Explorer's outfit
  • Book of blank paper (for sketches)
  • Trail Rations (14 days)
  • Sack (4)
  • Soap (1 lb.)
  • Whetstone
  • 0 pp + 700 gp + 0 sp + 0 cp

8-Hour Periods Spent Crafting: 0

Personal Details

Ted's char grew up in Violetford and apprenticed to blacksmith in Brightmill to make finicky bits

Carol's cat's name is Mousetrap; coincidentally, Ted's char invented a mechanical mousetrap.

Ted's character volunteers to go to the Endworld with the lumberjacks occasionally. In exchange for his work helping maintain their tools, etc., he gets to learn about ironwoods first-hand and tries to throw his mechanical birds from the Endworld towards one of the Watchers. Hasn't managed to get the birds close yet, but he keeps improving his designs.

More important to him to be right than to be liked/safe

Inventions he has Completed/Working On/Dreaming Up

  • Mousetrap (Completed)
  • Great Wooden Bird/Woven Wings (Hang Glider) (Completed)
  • Various Fancy Birdhouses (Completed/Working On)
  • New Forms of Hunting Traps (Completed/Working On/Dreaming Up)
  • New Crossbow Design (Mighty) (Completed)
  • New Crossbow Design (Repeating) (Dreaming Up)
  • Storage for Ice/Iced Milk (Dreaming Up)
  • Bridges for Brightmill (Working On/Dreaming Up)
  • Aquaduct Designs for Transporting Water from Brightmill to Violetford (would provide fast-flowing water… better for city than channeling the slow-moving river or digging wells… also easier… first primitive notions of a sewage system) (Working On/Dreaming Up)
  • Puzzle Toys (Completed/Workinng On/Dreaming Up)
  • Experiment with different shapes for plate armor to better deflect blows (Dreaming Up/Working On/Completed)
  • Idea for a mechanical contraption consisting of pulleys, gears and chains that could be set up near a large tree, looped around it, and allow one or two men to pull the tree pout of the ground (Dreaming Up) (Unlikely to succeed)
  • Idea for a "cherry picker" that could allow a logger to cut a tree from the top down… or allow rapid transit up and down lookout posts, etc… perhaps a large version could even lift large logs up sheer cliff faces?… possibly leads to a crude cable-car? (Working On/Dreaming Up)
  • Primitive pump to draw Timmer's ale out of his barrels… started working on this after Timmer remarked his barrels took up too much room on his first floor, and going down to the basement was hard on his legs… also considering solving this by creating an "elevator" for him (Working On/Dreaming Up)
  • Armored wagon - thinking about asking Maleos to see if he can make it move on it's own
  • Airship (Working On) - Controlled heat production, mechanical propellers, and minor design issues the biggest hold ups
  • Gunpowder (Working On)
  • Firearms (Dreaming Up)
  • Dharven Fire-Forged Steel Oven (Already Exists/Dreaming Up)
  • Radiator (Dreaming Up)

Note: I created a forum post with some more ideas that I'd thought of based on a recent conversation. There might be others that come up during discussions or whatever. I just threw the forum post out there in case anything that actually would interest Darias comes up. - CME

Personality Quirks

  • During his youth (around the time he was apprenticed out) he decided to pronounce his name Dah-RYE-as, as opposed to DARE-ree-us. His mother and sister are the only ones he'll tolerate calling him DARE-ree-us. Friends sometimes call him Dare (nickname from juvenile delinquent days - would do a lot on a dare), and he'll tolerate that.
  • Tends to get quiet and a little shifty/bristly when City Watch members are around - similar but less so when militia, political leaders, priests, or other authority figures are around.
  • Can do a lot of various bird calls - likes to birdwatch when in the woods - has made a few somewhat elaborate and aesthetically pleasing birdhouses/birdfeeders to place outside his sleeping quarters and the shop.
  • Mother told him lots of riddles when he was young. He knows hundreds, and enjoys hearing and making up new ones. When he does a small project for someone, he'll give them a small (usually around 1%) discount if they can stump him with a riddle he's never heard.
  • Loves fish - particularly poached Gliderfish with drawn butter prepared at Timmer's Tavern in Brightmill (his favorite eating establishment - comes for the fish and to converse with Timmer).
  • Loves iced milk - introduced to it while doing a short apprenticeship with a jeweler and a study of mining techniques in Golddale - has even begun thinking up ways he might be able to transport and store the sweet treat in his spare time
  • Colors he likes: Purple, Green, Brown
  • Colors he doesn't like: Orange
  • Doesn't have a high opinion of the gods - believes they probably exist, but looks at them much the same way he looks at most authority figures… "What gives you the right to tell me what to do?" - has sometimes mused that perhaps the Isle of Mists isn't a paradise, but more of a prison (it certainly feels like a prison quite often… and why do the watchers face in?…)


Darias was born in the midst of a mighty thunderstorm on a warm summer night. The weather could easily be seen as prophetic for his youth. Born to Vandar Yaren, a prominent member of the Violetford City Watch, and his loving wife, Hirisa, Darias would prove to be a great challenge for his parents.

Growing up, Darias was obviously gifted, though it took some time to notice. He began walking early but did not speak until the age of two, though he was always moving about and exploring the world around him. When he grew older, he made a habit of taking things around the home apart and, occasionally, putting it back together. In an attempt to further develop his mind, and spare the furniture, Darias's father carved him building blocks and other toys to occupy his mind. His mother, an intelligent woman fond of learning, also devoted a lot of time telling stories to Darias. Darias particularly enjoyed stories where a hero could solve a puzzle. Eventually, Hirisa began making up all kinds of riddles to tell to Darias. She even started making Darias solve riddles in order to get desserts or treats during the day. Darias began to get very good a riddles very quickly.

About four years after Darias was born, his sister Aida came into the world. As might be expected, the new baby took a great deal of time, energy, and attention from the parents… time, energy, and attention that used to go to Darias. Also as might be expected, the four year old Darias was not thrilled with his new sister. As Aida grew older, she began following her brother around everywhere, asking him questions and wanting to participate in everything he did. To make things worse, at least in Darias's mind, his mother and father often made him take his sister with him and watch her wherever he went. Imagine, he had to be responsible for looking after her! He couldn't go exploring or playing in peace. Further, she'd go telling mother and father anything "bad" he might be contemplating doing. She was no fun at all!

Once, he tried slipping away from her while exploring in the woods. He was making his way away when he heard her crying loudly and calling out for him and their parents. He felt supremely bad about that and ran back, telling her it was okay. From that point on, he didn't try to lose her again. He did try to sideline and ignore her quite often, but never abandon her again. While they were never best friends, Darias did fall easily into the big brother role. Once, when she was eight years old, she got a new dress made for her by their mother, and Aida was going with eleven year old Darias into the market to show it off to people. When they passed a trio of roughly fifteen year old boys, one of the group started hollering at her, mocking her dress and teasing her. She didn't cry, but Darias could certainly tell she was hurt by the taunts. He walked right up to the boy in question, looked him right in the eye, and then punched him as hard as he could right in his metaphorical coin purse. The rest of the fight went far less favorably for Darias. Still, the beating was worth it, just to see the older bully slumped down on the ground… and when Aida hugged him and bragged about him to their mother when they got home.

Sadly, Darias's father would not be around to hear that story. When Darias was ten, Tybalt Greenfall, another Guardsman and friend of Darias's father, came to their home in the middle of the day, face grim and jaw set. He told Darias's mother that Vandar had been crushed by a runaway cart of militia supplies, which was being taken out for yearly maneuvers. Hirisa tried to feel her way to a chair to sit, then just fell to the floor and began to weep, clutching an also crying Aida to her. Darias, shocked and afraid, stood dead-faced and stock still for a minute, then made to run out of the door. In his child's mind, he was going to find his father and he would be okay. Tybalt reached out and stopped Darias, despite the boy's now tearful protestations, and told him he needed to stay with his mother and sister. Leading him too his grief-stricken mother and sister, Darias sat down with them, cried with them, and began to truly resent the Watch, the Militia, and most any authority figures he might meet.

Darias was never what one would call a follower. He was always questioning, and exploring, always fiddling and tinkering with things, always getting into things people didn't want him getting into. While there was very little in terms of written knowledge for Darias to pour over, it was clear from an early age that he was a prodigy, and it didn't take long once Darias got older for him to figure out that most people weren't as "clear thinking" as he was. Nevertheless, they always wanted to tell him where to go, what to do, what to think… and usually with little explanation, foolish explanations, or no explanations at all. Darias's parents told him what to do, but if he asked, they always told him why, and they usually seemed to have good reasons. They also let him make mistakes if he ignored their warnings. He thus tended to see his parents as fonts of wisdom, and he held his mother, and especially his father, in high regard.

Where Hirisa always dreamed of taking on the traditional role of wife and mother, Vandar Yaren was not so fortunate in his life's path. While he too dreamed of being a parent, he had no desire to become a City Watchman. He first apprenticed in his youth to a woodworker, and fell in love with the craft. He hoped to one day take over his own shop and build furniture and other various works of woodcraft for his trade. Then, he met Hirisa, and they decided to marry and start a family. Unfortunately, there was little work at the time for woodworkers in Violetford, with many of the populace taking up that trade in the city at that time. Needing to find a way to support his family, he turned to the career path that paid the most, which meant joining the City Guard. As it turned out, Vandar was quite good at law enforcement. He had a strong back, a strong sword arm, and a virtuous heart. He made an excellent impression with his fellow guardsmen and was very well liked in the community. Nevertheless, while he enjoyed those opportunities to help and protect the people, he often looked on his chosen career with regret. He would have been far happier building a kitchen table for a family rather than enforcing the edicts of the town leaders and dealing with drunks and criminals. Darias listened whenever Vandar came home exhausted and offhandedly commented on the difficulties of having to play the enforcer for some curfew ordinance, or deal with drunks night after night, or even to inform a parent that their child, of any age, was maimed or killed, whether by malice or misadventure. Darias listened and, unsurprisingly, began to pick up on his father's underlying weariness with the Watch.

So, after his father's death, Darias's natural chaffing at what he perceived as useless rules made by foolish people, coupled with his father's underlying regrets and occasional distaste of the Watch, came to firmly cement in him an abiding distrust in, and contempt for, most forms of authority.

Family and Relationships


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