Defending Harstone's Denizens (DHD) Campaign


This campaign world is made up of small villages separated by vast gulfs of uncharted wilderness. Monsters and corrupted beasts are common, making it extremely dangerous to venture beyond the safety of the nearest town. Thankfully, many of the towns are interconnected by magical gates left over from a previous advanced civilization.

Players and Characters

Character Summary Player
Nathan Fire-specialist sorcerer Ted Piening (DM)
Caleb Roguish Indiana-Jones type with wizardly powers Dale Stearns
Magnus Druidic explorer with a penchant for using elven weapons Eric
Kintra Cleric/Barbarian (Retired) Aaron
Isidor Thalberg Bard/Barbarian from a far-away land Chris Ellison (Occasional)


  1. Earlier sessions should go here
  2. Incoming Signal - No IFF! - Isidor arrives in Throme.
  3. He's Dead, Jim... - Some big important guy is murdered and the party must find out who did it.
  4. Fire Water Burn - The party discovers a fort infested by hobgoblins.
  5. You And What Army? - The party ventures out to cleanse the horbgoblin threat.
  6. Well Hydra-ted - A dragon-creature assaults the farms on the outskirts of Throme.
  7. Later sessions should go here

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