Home Again

6 months later
Darias smithy
Aida made full Watch member

todo any character development or side convos during 6 mos?

Six Months Later

time again for guard change

uneventful two nights

roll up how much Maleos, Darias able to sell

Aida watch at night but has free time. Looking for more experienced people to learn from. Not just a girl in the Watch, a bruiser, so becomes one of the guys.

Aida reporting in on 3rd night w/ Bathsheeba Frank (watch buddy) to Sgt Danotz. Sees something to east. Sent to check it out and report back.

Ted drinking contest, sees something. Slams back shot, stands to wander off and check it out and piss while doing so (multitasking!).

Dale asleep. Wakes. Cloak around head, casts detect magic. Same vision as before. Goes outside and tries to sketch shifting patterns. When spell expires, waits for eyes to adjust. Realizes it's super foggy… and also super windy. Catches momentary glimpses of people walking towards Bridge, but can't see clearly or for long through shifting, thick fog. Runs to catch up, intercept, talk to them.

Party members and Frank all converge as Darias doing up trousers.

Long Count Reset

appearance of dark woman in plate as per Dale's vision

first hit shatters shield (elite)
aida bashes left shoulder armor, strong hit
darias tries to take her sword, but she barely keeps it
elites: one misses barely, one lands grazing blow on her leg
she's parrying and trying to back away after she finally frees her sword
maleos casts grease; darias and woman both fall; calls "surrender"

aida attacks again, barely parried
darias grabs mud and flings it at her eyes; she manages to turn her head just in time and gets it all over her helmet
she stands up and manages to back out of the grease. swings sword toward Bridge and starts vocalizing, grunty and gutteral, very rapid
elites: first disarms her, hits her in leg. as she's falling, second was already swinging and hits her in back. She falls limp to the ground
maleos looks to Bridge; doing accordion thing again

scaly blue naked 10' giant men with red eyes and claws step off Bridge, growl and snarl at team. each strides toward elite. one elite parries successfully; other is disarmed and knocked into grease
aida tosses her hammer, scoops the fallen elite's hammer, and swings at blue-skinned demon. hammer tugs her arm where she wants it to go and she sees aura wrap around hammerhead as it makes contact with demon's knee. hear sick crunch, then another, as scales, then bone, break. feels hammer curve around again and guides it to take another swing at the creature, hitting it in the side.
darias pries something small and hard out of fallen woman's hand but before he can tell what it is has to dodge attack from one of blue demons
fallen elite crawls back, blood glistening on chest and left arm limp at side
second takes a swing and misses
maleos successfully casts hesitation on standing demon (goes last next round)

four more elites come it charging at start of round
scaly blue attacking elite hits him twice, knocking him to the ground on top of his hammer
kneecapped scaly blue overextends trying to hit aida, falls prone due to shattered kneecap
aida attacks again, trying to beat demon into ground; manages to bloody him again
darias flanks, drives pick at crippled demon's back. skitters across demon's back like driving pick into granite
2 elites, 4 strokes on downed demon; bloody twitching pulp on ground
other pair drive it back to foot of Bridge w/ diving charge to stomach
4 flaming bolts come out of darkness, hit chest of standing thing; roars in pain but does not yet fall
maleos tries to cast, but spell fizzles

final round, elites beat other to death and start setting fire to bodies
aida tries to stop bleeding of downed elite with help of Frank
darias rushes over to them to help cut his armor free
maleos watching over Bridge

elites strip armor from demon woman and toss it into sea, then build funeral pyre
downed elite at death's door but will live
injured elite whose hammer aida took comes over to offer her exchange with wry smile on his face. she bows slightly and trades back.

darias finally gets to look at what he took. flat-backed disk with what initially looks like abstract relief on front, but turn a little and resolves into relief carving of what almost looks like Pelor in Hearth aspect, but just… a little… different. Also made of extremely odd silver metal unlike anything on isle, extremely light but very strong

Pelor in hearth aspect is blond-curls charasmitic mid-30s light-of-the-room guy. On pendant taken from demon-woman, same feeling, but diff jawline, eyeline; tighter curls; that sort of thing. Also, art style is just a little different. Some sort of unintelligeable inscription on back just barely visible and only in good light.

decide to hide and keep it (maleos) and "turn it in later"

aida checks up on maleos and darias before going back to finish watch; as all talking, something catches darias's eye in scruff on cliff. tries to play it off, but aida catches him at it. aida calls him on it. walk over, see sword hidden in brush at base of godswatch statue. aida asks maleos if it's safe. both her and aida grab hilt, hit with waves of dizziness and stagger. darias pulls it out and drops it.
jello effect, glowing blue circle; statue E, aida N, darias S, maleos W
statue pushes sword into self, says in deep grinding sky/ground voice "you must fix this"

darias: everyone else just saw that, right?
aida: i gotta tell the experts about this

ascension happened here
+900 XP each
next session starts in the morning

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