Demonhome Aelphin

The party first met an aelph in the city of Kaede. They were generally welcomed and treated warmly by the aelphin.

Physical Description

Aelphin males and females are sometimes difficult to tell apart from a distance, particularly when dressed in armor or heavy clothing. Females are slighter than males, though male aelphin are much slighter than your average human. Physically, aelphin are built short (average height of around 5'2") and wiry. Their hair ranges from dark green to brown and sometimes reds and blondes. Their skin is barklike in color, ranging from dark brown to light tan-grey, and their complexion is uneven with stripes and spots of slightly different colors. This seems to serve as a natural forest camouflage. Aelphin faces are narrow and angular. Their eyes range in color from amber to brown with occasional green eyes.

Aida learned from an aelphin pet-store owner that the aelphin may live for many hundreds of years, possibly more than a thousand.


Aelphin culture is highly aesthetic. Their homes are built of fine woods closely fit and shaped to flow with the landscape. They do build unusual buildings as well, such as the treehouse-like Temple of Faeliel Runraiion in Kaede.

Aelphin artists tend to be woodsculpters or painters. The general aesthetic is something like 40% Celtic, 30% Japanese, 20% Chinese, and 10% "generic fairy".


The Aelphin language is a flowery, lilting language that is very difficult to speak properly without an accent unless you are a native speaker. It is called Equaen.

The aelphin use various gestures and idiomatic language different from those the Islanders use. Some examples:

  1. Aelphin will acknowledge a comment for which they have nothing to add to the conversation with "As you say."
  2. Aelphin use a fully-covered mouth to indicate "keep still" and/or "be silent."
  3. Certain aelphin idiomatic language is colored by their close ties to farming/wilderness living, referring in particular to bird and plant attributes.


  • Toy dragons
  • Aelphin cats (larger and longer-lived than Isle cats)
  • Birds of prey, particularly owls and falcons

Weapons and Combat

Aelphin warriors tend to use a very quick and mobile fighting style. They favor light weapons over heavy and are not familiar with shields, using parrying-daggers instead when then use a defensive weapon. This style is rare, however. Generally, the aelphin train with a curved, single-edged light blade; leaf-blade-tipped medium spears; leaf-blade-tipped javelins; and composite-laminate longbows. Aelphin children use composite-laminate shortbows as toys and training weapons.


  • Heavy and durable papers
  • Fine wire extrusion techniques
  • Fine painting techniques
  • Herbalism and plant-based alchemy
    • fire-resistance oil
    • epoxy for lamination of wood
  • Very strong woods
  • Wood laminates that are even stronger than hardwoods

Notable Aelphin

See the minor NPCs page

Aelphin as PCs

  1. Low-Light Vision: Can see twice as far as normal in dim light
  2. Plant nature: Immune to sleep and +4 to save against animal-affecting spells; susceptible to spells that affect plant life (not broadly known)
  3. Racial Skills: +4 to Hide, Move Silently, Listen, and Spot skills
  4. Mods to abilities: +2 Dex, +2 Wis, -2 Con
  5. Weapon Proficiencies - aelphin battle sword (heavy sword), aelphin infantry blade (broadsword), aelphin light blade (rapier), aelphin composite short- and longbows (composite short- and longbows)

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