The PCs encountered the daeva for the first time on the southeastern island. They are smallish (roughly dharven-sized, or 4' tall) reptilian bipeds.

The daeva use necromancy (and/or vitamancy) freely, heavily making use of their ancestors as mindless laborers. The society seems to understand that trade is a thing and has a willingness to trade with other cultures, but the PCs have noticed a fairly strong division of labor and communal aspect to the daeva society - i.e., though there are skilled tradesmen, they do not seem to be paid for their labor.

Daeva enter periods of torpor where they move little, do little, and have very low metabolic rates.

Daeva are cold-blooded and are not visible with infravision.

Daeva appear to be immune to disease. As such, their villages can be off-putting to other races because of the rampant sanitation problems. These don't bother the daeva as they have no cultural taboos against "filth" - there is no need since no diseases, or at minimum no non-magical diseases, can affect them.

Their diets appear to consist largely of either raw or (purposefully or accidentally) fermented vegetation and fruits, though they also eat (often fermented) fish. Alcohol seems to affect them minimally if at all.

Daeva do not often use metal weapons or tools, opting for drakkaebone and drakkaescale instead. They do use rust-resistant metals (due to their often swampy homes) and precious stones as jewelry, though it is most often pierced into their scales rather than worn.

Daeva as PCs

Immune to Disease: Complete immunity to all non-magical diseases.
Reptilian Torpor: If not active, require only 1/10 the food of a human to survive.
Scent: can use scent as a primary sense, track via it, and so on
Visual Acuity Penalty: visual acuity is only 1/2 that of a normal human, which imposes a -4 penalty on spot and search checks if only sight applies
Racial Skills: +4 to survival, craft (bonecraft), swim, and knowledge (nobility)
Mods to abilities: +4 Con, -2 Dex
Weapon Proficiencies - drakkebone and drakkefang weaponry, basically exotic knives and shortswords

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