Demonhome Dharven

The party first met a dharve in the city of Hallvar. They were generally welcomed and treated fairly by the dharven, though the interactions were more businesslike than the warm greetings of the aelphin.

Physical Description

In general, the dharven are a short race, averaging around 4'9". The females average an inch shorter and the males an inch taller. Dharven skin tone ranges from coal black through granite grey to ash white. Their skin is relatively smooth and varies slightly in tone over an individual as with humans. An individual dharve's hair tends to complement the color of his skin; darker dharven have black or dark grey hair, while lighter-skinned dharven may have bluish-grey to white hair. Their eyes range in color from black to grey to silver-blue.

Dharven males and females look fairly different from one another, much like human males and females. Males tend to be heavily built with strong upper bodies and wide legs, though this may be an indication of the dharven mining-heavy lifestyle. Dharven females tend to be lean and curvaceous with full busts and hips. Some dharven do tend toward heavy bellies, though this seems to be quite a bit more rare than in human cities; again, this may be due to the dharven cultural attitude toward manual labor. Dharven faces tend to be slightly rounder than human faces with slightly upturned eyes and smaller noses.


Dharven society seems to view manual labor largely as a game or a pleasurable activity. Both men and women are quite strong and robust, though whether this is due to their cultural penchant for manual labor or vice versa is unknown.

The dharven seem generally cool and businesslike, though the PCs' full experiences with the dharven to this point have been in a mercantile center.

"We have both gold and snuffgas." - I have good news and bad news for you.


Dharven food tends toward breadiness. They have thick ales, hearty breads, and stews that are practically jellies. These dishes incorporate lots of root vegetables, mushrooms, and some odd lichens that are ground into a fine flour. These dishes do not have the delicate top-notes so common in aelphin dishes but are extremely hearty, filling, and stable (lasting many days to weeks before turning).

Dharven ales compete with aelphin wines in number, type, and quality. Ales range from the standard yellow-orange ale, a daily beverage (roughly 8% alcohol by volume and quite bready) to the heavy, nearly-black Desislav Lina brew that many suspect may be magically prepared in some way.


The dharven language of Aodzhiv is gutteral and somewhat shouty. Think something of a mixture of Germanic, Gael, and Norwegian.

Weapons and Combat

The only blatantly-armed dharven the PCs have encountered are the city watch and the Hallvar gate-guards. The gate-guards wield large axes-on-poles and carry pickaxes on their belts. They use heavy metal shields and wear banded and plated armors with chain and scale backings. The watch, on the other hand, wear chain-and-scale armor and carry large truncheons.

Most dharven in Hallvar, however, carry something that could conceivably be used as a weapon. These items are usually picks, axes, or small hammers that are normally used as workaday tools but could easily be used in combat as well.

The PCs have yet to see dharven fight.

The dharven seem somewhat reluctant to approach Aida.


  • Fine extrusions and wires
  • Extremely refined steel
  • Interesting metals
    • Argia?
    • Some silvery-white metal more precious than silver known to the dharven as "rakel"
  • Gemcutting and polishing
    • Includes translucent-stone "lenses" made of a smokey-black stone called "hrist"

Notable Dharven

See the minor NPCs page
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Dharven as PCs

  • Darkvision: Can see 60' in full dark
  • Racial Ability #2 TBD
  • Racial Skills: +4 to (4 skills TBD)
  • Mods to abilities: +2 Str, +2 Con, -2 Dex
  • Weapon Proficiencies - dharven battleaxe, dharven warhammer, javelins, crossbows

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