The PCs know extraordinarily little about the drakkae, having met only three. Iealdith was one of these; the other two are Baghdassarian and Panossian.

Drakkae are large, white-scaled heavily-scaled lizard-creatures. All three that the PCs have met have magical abilities. Iealdith was the smallest, roughly the size of a horse; the other two were larger still, though not as large as a nashorn. They can fly and generate devastating blasts of frost and ice from their mouths. They are intelligent and can communicate, apparently often capable of learning multiple languages (as Iealdith communicated in Equaen and the others in Sjef Les).

The PCs have now met more drakkae, a black-scaled one and a copper-scaled one. Both were larger than the previous drakkae they had encountered, especially the coppery one, who was probably more than 100' long fully extended.

The drakkae are somehow related to the daeva.

Known Drakkae

  1. Iealdith, deceased
  2. Baghdassarian, met when defending Yegek
  3. Panossian, met when defending Yegek
  4. Loreabaghdasaryanawdat the Unyielding Reef, Duke of the Nine Caverns, Magistrate of Tutku-Karim, Third Eye of Bilalousaidrosyan, deceased (slain by the Usurper)
  5. Bilalousaidrosyan, Queen of the Middle Isles, She of the Laurels, Evening Star and Copper-Tongue, Blood of the First, a large copper drakke who rules the daeva city of Fazl Ehsan

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