Demonhome Humans

The PCs have encountered a few different groups of humans in Demonhome.

Southwestern Forests

The PCs met some humans in the forests south of the elven city of Kaede. These humans live in a farming and fishing village the name of which the PCs didn't catch. The humans looked broadly similar to those found on the Isle: tanned, with generally brown hair and eyes. They spoke lilting, flowing language whose name the PCs later learned is "Faeon".

Central Plains

In Hallvar, the PCs met humans they learned were from the south and east of the city. These humans were set up in a merchant stall near the PCs' aelphin friends. These humans spoke a different and more gutteral language known as Riersche. These merchants, unlike the other humans the PCs had encountered before, were olive-skinned and with green or amber eyes. Their hair is dark brown and very straight, and their faces are somewhat rounder with slightly uplifted eyes and mouths.

Klementyna and Carbry are from here.

Mierans (Great Lake)

The PCs met humans from the Great Lake region. These humans are quite similar in many ways to the Islanders, tending toward lighter skin tones and hair colors. They have built a sprawling empire surrounding the Great Lake of Demonhome.

Kgoli-speakers (Southern Plains)

TODO - Thema's group

Tayeb-speakers (Southeastern Swamps)

TODO - Salvatrix's and Khalil's group

Comparison with Isle Humans

TODO - PCs can provide whatever input they feel is important

Demonhome Humans as PCs

  • bonus feat at 1st lv
  • +2 to 1 ability (suggestion based on clan?)
  • +4 to 4 skills - bonuses and suggestions for different clans?

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