The PCs know almost nothing about the menehune, having only the tales of a dharven explorer who spoke of metal creatures of various forms.

Tall Tales from a Short Man

While travelling with the merged dharven caravan, you all met a dharve who said he was an explorer. He's one of the dharven who helps map out villages, etc. and directs the merchants to them. He's been east (mostly southeast) and told you all some tales of his travels, though he may have been blowing smoke or at least enhancing his adventures a bit.

His first set of stories involved his travels immediately after leaving Sundtar Agamm. He swung north out of Sundtar Agamm in an effort to avoid the desert, and in doing so, he said he saw giant artificial mountains to the north. Since he wasn't headed that way, he didn't really come very close to any of them, but he drew you a sketch. He estimated they were better than 200' tall, maybe even taller. At night, they were adorned with fiery lights.

Metal Creatures

Once past the desert, he swung south and encountered another mountain range. In the mountains, he encountered men of metal. He sketched them as well. He did not learn their language extremely well, but he did learn enough to make some basic trades with them, mostly exchanges of jewels and jewelry for various of their works of art, food, and drink. He said that there were various beings who all called themselves "menehune" though their physical shapes differed. He dealt mostly with some that looked vaguely humanoid and with some that looked like spiders. They all appeared to have skin of bronze and/or brass, though they were all individually decorated with paints, engravings, inlays, and whatnot. The decorations seemed to serve as a ready way for members of the menehune to identify one another on sight.

Artifical Mountain

He'd set out with the goal of reaching as far to the southeast as he possibly could, and he had to stop south of the mountains when he encountered a thick, impassable swamp full of walking trees. He made it barely three days in before the thick clouds of bloodsucking insects drove him and his fellows back. They turned back and largely followed the south coast, meeting some human camps along the way and initiating some basic trade with them as well.

All of this was more than 100 years ago, and others have done more exploration since. He tells the stories mostly to entertain you and hopefully to get you to pony up some beer for him to keep his beak wet. He is an accomplished storyteller.

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