Demonhome Zwallen

The PCs have only met one Zwallen to date and thus know little about them as a race or culture. The PCs met him in the dharven city of Hallvar when he tracked them down to ask them about a creature they'd briefly seen during their travels.

Physical Description

If the zwalle the PCs have met is a reliable indication, the zwallen are very large and imposing creatures. They stand roughly 10' tall with very long arms that reach nearly to their calves. Their bodies are covered with thick, coarse hair; they do not wear clothing as a result (aside from harnesses and belts to which objects can be attached). Their build can best be described as a "bear-gorilla" with a heavy, wide muzzle. They have fangs that show even when their mouths are closed. This mouth shape makes them speak other languages with a very strong accent.


The PCs know very little of zwallen culture. They have learned that the low, growling language of the zwalle is known as Sjef Lis.


Zwallen money looks like small crystalline needles of different colors. The money is generally usable directly as a magical component for enchanting objects, but it has a trade value as well. The color of the crystal denotes the amount of stored magical energy and thus the approximate trade value. These are the crystals the PCs have seen thus far.

  • Red beads: 0.5 copper pieces
  • Yellow squares: 13 copper pieces
  • Blue squares: 4 silver pieces
  • Clear needles: 11 silver pieces
  • Purple needles: 6 gold pieces
  • Green tetrahedrons: 12 gold pieces

The money glows with an extraordinarily faint aura of an indiscernible type of magic under detect magic or arcane sight. The zwallen know a very, very simple level 0 spell that they cast during enchantments to free the stored magic and allow it to be "pushed" into the desired device. They also know a very, very simple level 0 ritual that allows the creation of this money in the first place, producing "coinage" that is "worth" the amount of material provided.


  • Knowlege-storing crystal spikes about a foot long that glow; these are obviously magical and can store "a lot of many of books".

Notable NPCs


The stag-headed giants who appear to be the religious leaders of the zwallen are known as the zwall'rak. They are just as large as a zwallen but somewhat broader and heavily muscled. They have similar bear-wolf muzzle-shaped heads to the zwallen, but their heads are covered in bony plates that give the impression that they are wearing stag-skulls. This impression is helped along but the stag-horns that grow from their heads.

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