Domestic Animals of Demonhome

Southwestern Forest

Spotted in the human village:

  • Large, spotted pigs and hairy (but non-tusked) boars
  • Very large ponies (15+ hands, far larger than the 12ish-hand-tall ponies of the Isle)
  • Red and brown chickens (as opposed to the white Isle chickens)

Spotted in Kaede

  • Toy dragons like Moxie
  • Large, long-haired cats
  • Very large flat-faced hook-beaked birds of prey (owls, not found on the Isle)
  • Falcons, including some that look similar to types found on the Isle

Southwestern Mountains

Spotted in Worms' Tongues


Mosseaters: Mosseaters are rat-sized 6-legged pests that live in and around the dharven mountain settlements. They have gecko-like climbing feet and flat, broad heads with scraping tongues. They're nearly blind but have powerful smell, long whiskers, and tremorsense. They are essentially defenseless creatures but can consume vast amounts of mosses, lichens, and fungi for their size, making them a danger to the dharven food supplies if not properly controlled. They are timid creatures of mouselike intelligence but are occasionally kept as pets (for entertainment only) by young dharven. They cannot be trained.

Spotted in The World in Our Hands


Nashorns: Nashorns are elephant-sized 6-legged beasts of burden bred and used by the dharven mountain settlements. They're slow but strong and have great endurance. They look similar to six-legged elephants with double rhino-style horns on their broad heads. They have wide scraping-mouths on the bottom of their large, rectangular heads. They use their horns to scrape fungi and lichens off the walls of the caves and use their scraper-mouths to scoop up great quantities of fungi and plant life from the ground. Nashorns are herbivorous and docile, as nearly everything is too small to bother them one whit once they're full grown. When attacked or their babies threatened, they trample and gore.

Nashorns use elephant statistics, with few exceptions. Due to their larger size and thicker hides, their AC is 19 and their Ref save is only +6. They have the same trample special attack, but they use different attacks. They have a gore attack (+16, 2d8+10) and a tail spike (+12, 2d6+8) as well as a slam attack (+16, 2d6+10). Also due to their larger size, they use d10 for hit dice, giving them 11d10+44 hp (a total of 104 hp). Nashorns require roughly 40 lb of feed per day (generally somewhere between 2 and 3 sp per day), or essentially feed equivalent to that of 4-6 horses. They can forage in grasslands or forest, but they also require significant quantities of water.

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