Don't Swallow the Worm

'For Shadowing

As May draws to a close, the PCs have settled in once more for a short time at the Godswatch camp. Aida's time is half-occupied with drills and duties in Violetford, though she and Joash are still searching for new leads on Abenner Botterill and Hawa Travert. Maleos, too, travels back and forth from camp to city, researching with Esme when not working commissions for Stormwall soldiers or camp followers. Darias spends his days powering through his commission, speeding his way through the mound of repair and reforging work to be done. Over dinners, they hammer out plans and consult the Book of a Thousand Pages to guide their plotting.

Book 'Em, Maleo

Through judicious use of the book, the PCs have managed to isolate roughly where the dominated members of the Isle reside, at least roughly.

  1. Hawa Travert is difficult to narrow down, travelling incessantly through the swamps and forest of the southwestern regions of the Isle.
  2. I.I. is more stable, consistently found somewhere in Brightmill, generally in the northern hills of the city.
  3. Anita Waldemar is quite easily located; she is almost always at her home in Violetford, and when gone, she can be found within a few miles of it.
  4. W.B. is consistently found in Golddale, though they move frequently through the city.
  5. C.B., too, can be found in Golddale, generally toward the northeast of the city.
  6. T.B. is generally found in Golddale as well, though they travel sometimes to nearby settlements or to Violetford.
  7. M.S., too, stays close to a home location, often found in the very small village of Whiteoak along the northern coasts; sometimes, though, they are found on the water north of the Isle, though always within a mile.
  8. H.F. is constantly on the move throughout the Western forests of the Isle, never in the same place two days in a row.
  9. K.B. stays within Brightmill, though they cannot easily be pinned down to a single location there.
  10. Mattias Medved can always be found with Anita Waldemar in Violetford in the mornings and afternoons, but he roams far and wide during the evenings and nights.
  11. Jerred Darcy, as expected, is near constantly in Golddale, though always in different mines.
  12. David Tapia, too, is easily found near the mastersmithy of Golddale or actually within one of the nearby mines.
  13. N.M. stays within a relatively short distance of the City Square of Violetford.
  14. Nana Lund can always be found in her hometown or in the nearby waters.
  15. Cherise Godo Glass travels more than half of the time; she may be a week in waters near Northshores, then more than a week away sailing around the Isle or very far away from it, then back for another few days, but she rarely stays put.
  16. M.R. moves mostly around Brightmill but occasionally travels to Violetford as well.

From this, the PCs have deduced that the Dominated likely have separate missions or goals, though there could be some mechanism of exchange between the groups. If so, the center of that communication appears to be Violetford, as Cherise Glass sometimes sails there and back to the north and west of the Isle; T.B. travels occasionally from Golddale to Violetford; and M.R. travels occasionally from Brightmill to Violetford. Both Anita Waldemar and N.M. could provide easy exchange points within Violetford since their movements are so predictable.

Night Spooks

The night of May 23, each PC wakes in the middle of the night, certain they've just had a nightmare the details of which they cannot remember; the wakefulness only lasts a few moments, though, as they drift back to sleep. This, in and of itself, isn't terribly surprising individually; when they speak of it the next morning, though, they realize that there is almost certainly something more underlying these nightmares. They resolve to keep notes on these nightmares and compare in case they can remember something or glean some information. A second nightmare occurs May 26; again, the PCs remember nothing of it. On May 28, a third, and the PCs remember something of it this time: a greyscale field; a building; a whirling mass of darkness battering a door; a whisper, indistinct at first. The whisper repeats until the PCs can finally understand it, leaving them with this message when they wake: "It comes. I can feel it approach, though I am blinded to it. But you are not, and that gives us a chance. Gather your forces before the solstice and I will reveal myself that night; then bring the hammer to the anvil and we shall make it bleed."

Aida's interpretation of what she saw when she burned her bronze (this was her second):


Things that are difficult to read in the image:

  1. Halls of Judgement and the rest of the Astral plane (above)
  2. Shadow (on same level)
  3. Ethereal (below)

This isn't to scale. Primus, Celestia, and Elysium are the largest planes. The second largest are Tartarus, Baalor, The Beastlands, et. al. Archeron and Pandemonium are smaller than those, and then the Elemental Planes are smaller still.

Though the Astral, Ethereal, and Shadow are listed as planes they're more akin to the primal materials used to anchor this universe. The Astral anchors it from above, preventing it from sinking into the Ethereal below. And the Ethereal anchors it from below, preventing it from floating off and dissolving in the Astral. The plane of Shadow separates the two where they intermix, and the universe floats suspended in Shadow.

A large slice of the Astral, though not the entirety of it, has been co-opted by the gods; this is where the Halls of Judgment reside.

The demiplanes are all very small, the largest being only 1% of the size of even the elemental planes. The demiplanes are used for either single gods or groups of gods (or demons) to live, work, research, etc. in; some are set up specifically for single purposes, for example anti-Outsider weapons research.

The "Outer Planes", including Primus, actually border on the Outside, meaning that all of these planes are heavily guarded against invasion by the Outsiders.

Post-Session Notes

The PCs earned 1500 XP this session.

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