Eclipse Phase

Campaign Ideas

Rough notes on some campaign concepts using Eclipse Phase rules.


A combination of sleepiness and insanity has led me to believe an Eclipse Phase/Borderlands mashup might work. The Eclipse Phase instant-regeneration concept works as the Borderlands-universe "respawn stations", and "New-U" technology is also prevalent in the ruleset. There would have to be tweaks to the default campaign setting to address the technology level disparities between the two worlds, but the mechanics should fit with only relatively minor tweaks, I think.


To match the flavor of the Borderlands gameworld, there would have to be some tweaks made to the basic rules and campaign world of Eclipse Phase.

Sleeves vs. New-U Stations

Sleeves in Eclipse Phase are slow-clones - they take years to grow. As a result, the Eclipse Phase world assumes that there are a large number of empty sleeves hanging around for people to spawn into. A Borderlands campaign could still use this conceit with the assumption that your insurance policy specifies a rough body type as a preference (or not, depending on how much you want to stretch the Borderlands mythos). Alternatively, you could just assume sleeves are fast clones and the PC just has to pay a steep fee for each resleeving.


Eridium-powered weapons are pretty easily dealt with conceptually, as elemental effects are already covered. The issues become availability, cost, and damage.

Eclipse Phase Borderlands Characters

TODO see how shits get buttered if we try to create a character

  • Psi skills and powers are probably only appropriate for Sirens in Borderlands campaigns.
  • The Beam Weapons skill is probably not appropriate for Borderlands campaigns.
  • Kinetic Weapons should probably be split up for Borderlands campaigns. Initial thoughts would be to break it up like weapon types in Borderlands 2. Launchers are already covered by Seeker Weapons, so Kinetic Weapons would just break up into these skills.
    • Pistols
    • Submachine Guns
    • Assault Rifles
    • Shotguns
    • Sniper Rifles
  • We need to determine what groups are important in a Borderlands campaign (for things like Reputation and Networking). Some thoughts for Pandora follow.
    • Bloodshots
    • Crimson Raiders
    • Dahl
    • Hyperion
    • Jakobs
    • Maliwan
    • Pandoran Civilians (maybe different groups for different towns)
    • Tediore
    • Torgue
    • Vladof
    • Other bandit/pirate groups?
  • Factions and Backgrounds might need to be tweaked somewhat - for example, "Fall Evacuee" doesn't directly make sense, but it could be tweaked to "Dahl Abandonee" or something along those lines.

Dale's Original Email

Ellie as The Mechanic - Special: Junk Turret
Upgrade paths: BRAWN - BRAINS - BEAUTY
Ellie deploys a jerry-rigged turret that can be upgraded to do crazy stuff like ram enemies, fire in multiple directions, or fire whichever three of Ellie's equipped weapons she's not currently holding alongside the main turret. Melee can be overridden to repair friendly machines or hack unfriendly ones!

Tina as The Bomber - Special: Pocket Nuke
When Tina hits her detonator, watch out! Everyone and everything around her goes boom. Upgrades include things like adding Knockback to the explosion, or making the explosion heal allies. Don't like getting in so close? Upgrade it to fire a barrage of weaker homing missiles instead! Fully upgraded, Tina can use her Special a LOT!

Moxxi as The Face - Special: VR Megaphone
You're in Moxxi's world now, bitch! Whatever weapon she had equipped when she activated her special now does bonus damage! Anything else… may as well not bother. (Unless you're an enemy in Ultimate mode, of course.) Various sundry upgrades can add Cloaking, Fireworks, or pole-dancing holograms to the show.

and Tannis as The Sirentist - Special: Vault Key
Tannis can summon two Eridian Guardians to fight alongside her. Her Special can be upgraded to increase the number of Guardians, arm them with Eridian pulse weapons, or replace them with a mini-Warrior! One mid-tier upgrade also makes her Special scan enemies, displaying their weak spots to herself and all teammates.


TODO merc company like Schlock

Spy Campaign

TODO Still Schlocky-inspired; more inspired by people like Para Ventura, though - the infiltration and deep cover type of missions

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