"Elderberry" Brokk

"Elderberry" Brokk lv. 1 barbarian
Common knowledge: A wiry, muscular young human male. Kinda grubby and unkempt. Typically does not wear shoes. His adoptive parents occasionally try to dress him in a suit. He prefers to wear loose overalls. No shirt, no underwear, just the pants. Missing one adult tooth so far. Claims he is an orphan, and that his parents were eaten by wild monsters. In fact, his parents are quite well on the frontier. They sent Brock to school hoping he would be able to join civilization and earn better lifestyle for himself, and possibly themselves as well. Can almost read most sentences in a typical periodical, but why would he want to? Staying with a foster mother.

My knowledge: Has become the "new leader" of the goblins in the forests outside Gwivonna since he, Damir, Dextra, and Emby captured and imprisoned the thief who was their previous leader.

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