Ellie as The Mechanic


Character Concept: "Martian" (Pandoran)

  • +10 Pilot: Groundcraft skill
  • +10 to one Technical skill (Academics: Engineering)
  • +20 Networking: "Hypercorps" (change to Crimson Raiders)

Faction: "Barsoomian" (Pandoran)

  • +10 Interest (Hodunk Clan)
  • +10 to one skill of choice (Academics: Engineering)
  • +20 Networking: "Autonomists" (change to Bloodshots)

Physical Description

Use "Flat morph" as basis

Character Quirks



  • +Libertarianism
  • +Personal Career
  • +Vengeance (Hyperion)



Aptitude Score
Cognition 20
Coordination 10
Intuition 20
Reflexes 10
Savvy 25
Somatics 10
Willpower 20
Ego Stat Score Morph Stat Score
Initiative 60 Speed 1
Lucidity 40 Durability 30
Trauma Threshold 8 Wound Threshold 6
Insanity Rating 80 Death Rating 45
Moxie 5 Damage Bonus 1


Skill Linked Aptitude Category Score
Academics (Computer Science) + COG Knowledge 50
Academics (Engineering) + COG Knowledge 80
Animal Handling SAV Active, Social
Art (Sculpture) + INT Knowledge 10
Blades SOM Active, Combat
Climbing SOM Active, Physical
Clubs SOM Active, Combat
Deception SAV Active, Social
Demolitions COG ++ Active, Technical 60
Disguise INT Active, Physical
Exotic Melee Weapon + SOM Active, Combat
Exotic Ranged Weapon + COO Active, Combat
Flight SOM Active, Physical
Fray REF Active, Combat
Free Fall Free Fall Active, Physical
Freerunning SOM Active, Physical
Gunnery INT Active, Combat 65
Hardware (Groundcraft) + COG Active, Technical 75
Impersonation SAV Active, Social
Infiltration COO Active, Physical
Infosec COG ++ Active, Technical 30
Interest (Hodunk Clan) + COG Knowledge 50
Interest (Zaford Clan) + COG Knowledge 20
Interfacing COG Active, Technical
Intimidation SAV Active, Social 30
Investigation INT Active, Mental
Kinesics SAV Active, Social
Kinetic Weapons - Assault Rifles COO Active, Combat
Kinetic Weapons - Pistols COO Active, Combat 30
Kinetic Weapons - Shotguns COO Active, Combat 60
Kinetic Weapons - Sniper Rifles COO Active, Combat
Kinetic Weapons - Submachine Guns COO Active, Combat
Language (Native Redneck English) + INT Knowledge 90
Medicine + COG Active, Technical
Navigation INT Active, Mental
Networking (Bloodshots) + SAV Active, Social 10
Networking (Crimson Raiders) + SAV Active, Social 60
Palming COO Active, Physical
Perception INT Active, Mental 40
Persuasion SAV Active, Social 40
Pilot (Groundcraft) + REF Active, Vehicle 70
Profession + COG Knowledge
Programming COG ++ Active, Technical 65
Protocol SAV Active, Social
Psychosurgery INT Active, Technical
Research COG Active, Technical 30
Scrounging INT Active, Mental
Seeker Weapons COO Active, Combat
Spray Weapons COO Active, Combat
Swimming SOM Active, Physical
Throwing Weapons COO Active, Combat
Unarmed Combat SOM Active, Combat

+ Requires selection of a specific field or specialization
++ Cannot be defaulted


Reputation: 250 REP Points to divide

  • Crimson Raiders
  • Bloodshots
  • Hodunk Clan


Credit: 55,000 credits

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