Emby Mocmar/Krupalija

Half-Elven, age 17. Black hair, spectacles (Emby is nearsighted) Dresses in a modestly cut, pastel one-piece dress. (Treat as a wizard's robe for armor purposes) Owns many nice dresses, including some exotic elven styles, in her home back in Tantor. Mid-to-long, straight hair; green eyes; slightly upturned nose.

Damir's thoughts: Finds Emby very intriguing as someone much more open than himself, and considers her to be very much more intelligent than he is. Respects Emby's friendship too much to bullshit her about important stuff, and won't lie to her if she asks him a real question. Still flirts around with Emby and still means nothing by it. Damir purchased a carved, painted wooden figurine of a spellbook on a stand, wrapped it in staff paper with a note he had written to her, and gave it to her as a gift upon their graduation from Gwivonna school. Damir meant the note to express his friendship with Emby and to tell her that he felt she was a good person who will find her dreams. He spent a lot of time on the note and expresses his deepest thanks for all her help, trying to express to Emby how much she and her friendship means to him (a hard thing for Damir to actually do). Damir finally stopped writing after 5 or 6 pages, but his goals would be to thank Emby for her help and support, express his friendship, and inspire her to follow her dreams. He also hopes that she will keep the note and remember how much he cares for her when she's at the top of her class at Mount Pon, and even afterward. Has now realized that he has fallen in love with Emby, but is trying to ignore this fact as she is gone now to Mount Pon. As the storyline continued, Emby joined Damir on his quest and they have fallen in love.

Q&A Favorites:
Food - Elven berry pastry dish
Color - Blue
Song - Damir's unnamed composition (named in elvish as something that translates to Dreams of a Child)

Common knowledge: A bright and inquisitive girl, she hopes to move on to the Magic Academy at Mount Pon and become an expert spellcaster. Her magical training near the ending of her schooling would not have been possible without the assistance of Old Man Malicor. Emby considers him her mentor. Her parents live in Tantor, where they run one of the smaller teleportation businesses (1000lbs per day.) Goes to school with the PCs.

Uncommon: She is currently distressed because her parents want her to take over the family business, trading goods by teleport. They allowed her into Malicor's custody as a servant, thinking he would work her hard enough to teach her that a wealthy life would be a much better life. Whenever her parents (usually her father) come to visit, Malicor makes a big production out of making her cook and clean, then they have a big laugh about it afterwards. She awakened at age 15, and by researching at the library in Tantor, taught herself several cantrips before meeting up with Malicor.

My Knowledge: Parents live in Tantor. They own one of the smaller teleport businesses there. Dadhe's the elfhops from town to town quite a bit on business. Mom handles the accounting for the place. It's not as lucrative as it sounds—not when you can only move 1000lbs. a day. Mostly just dull quota-oriented work. Awakened, found that magic training was inconvenient in Tantor. Few Wizards, all of them busy half the time with government projects, huge class-to-teacher ratio. Met Malicor.

Awakening: "I was bored a lot as a kid. I used to play games with my mind a lot. One day, when I was… eh… about 15, I started noticing I could do little things. Move pieces of paper dangling from a string… that sort of thing… When nothing big ever developed, I went to the library (in Tantor) one day and decided to see if what I had was real magic or not. I researched for a few months, and did the exercises I found in the books. Pretty soon, I was lighting candles with my mind."

New Loot

As of the end of the session Bam! Lich Goes Down, acquired the following new loot:
Circlet of Clarity:
+2 to INT
+5 to Concentration checks
+2 to will saves

Crossbow Bolts of Spell Storage
single use, up to level 3 spell

Versitile Wand of Acid Bolt
(7 charges)
Carved from a single piece of bone, and trimmed with a comfortable grip made from leathery Black Dragon scales. An intricately carved pommel with six tiny, chipped gems socketed into it enables this wand to accept the wielder's energy-substitution feats, if they know any. As a side effect, any elemental attack spell can be used to recharge to this wand. (Note to self, Igol now uses a Vile one of these.)

Igol's Emergency Spellbook
Contains numerous useful magical spells, but also some magical traps and vile spells. Several pages are crinkled or grease-stained. (Emby does "Instant Bath" on this book, and the next one, as soon as she gets her hands on them. The priests will recommend you go through it with the rod of negation first before they take it from you.)

"A Definitive Treatise On The True Nature of Magic," by Igol Ponce
A half-finished, yet exhaustive work, at times overly wordy and extremely arrogant, describing magical theory. In particular, elemental magic, the schools of magic, and metamagic are discussed, charted, explained, and illustrated. The methodology is pretty brilliant in some respects. There are, however, some serious gaps and omissions, such as healing magic and positive energy. Worse, the last few pages before the blank ones are full of half-formed, scribbled theories trying to explain away certian things, like sorcery and divine magic, as perversions of arcane magic. It is clear that the author has his own agenda. Fortunately, an editor with an elegant, flowing handwriting has made numerous changes and corrections, crossing out some of the author's bullshit with neat lines, clarifying and explaining some points in the margins, and frequently insulting the work's original author. The title page has "Please don't burn this, Damir" written in that same flowing script in the whitespace. This tome can be used to research new spells up to level 5. It also provides a solid theoretical basis to learn energy-substitution metamagic feats.

Potion of CCW

Potion of True Seeing

Potion of CSW

Wand of Exotic Food Creation
14 charges
This wand is made of a cool, faintly waxy-feeling material not unlike resin. Red and white stripes alternate and encircle its length, twirling from the base up to the pointed tip where they swirl together into a spiral.
This wand can conjure any tupe of food the user desires. The default if the user has no preference is a richly frosted strawberry shortcake. Conjured food can be steaming hot, tepid, or freshly chilled, and is created matching the ideal form of the food in the user's mind. Thus, a tomato soup conjured by a master chef will be greatly different from a tomato soup conjured by a small child, though both will be of the highest quality.
Leftovers evaporate after one hour. "Purify food and water" spells cause this food to instantly disintegrate.
This food is not real, and has no nutritional value whatsoever.

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