Epilogue (Isle of Mist)

Immediate Aftermath of the Battle

The direct aftermath of the battle, including a few of those who died being painstakingly restored to life.

Thema and crew, after the battle, on the unfamiliar Island, with everyone wondering how and why they got there.

The Days After

The aftermath of Darias's experience with the various lieutenants he shared his mind with. The aftermath of the townsfolk experiencing Darai Luun and Darilor showing up to bless the cities. The aftermath of the families at the camp seeing Darias there, bonded with the avatars of fallen gods.

A skeleton, broken in half, ragged skin clinging to it, rapidly degrading on the Bridge, a glittering gemstone hidden beneath it. Waiting.

Rebuilding the Isle

The Prison, holding stable despite some damage, and Perai Luun issuing instructions to the priesthood on how to hold the Isle together while it repairs.

The First Crossing

The eventual reopening of the Bridge with the PCs leading the First Crossing and their experiences in that moment, the final moments of the campaign.

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