Erin "Alpha Blue" Scott

Alpha Blue is a well-known and very experienced Street Samurai. She has been roughly converted from the 2nd Edition Shadowrun adventure Eye Witness by Mike Nystul. However, she was not directly converted, just used as a basic character concept; as such, her cyberware and equipment differ significantly from the writeup in Eye Witness. At best, the character here could be considered to be an older, more experienced interpretation of Alpha Blue.

Based on the backstory given in Eye Witness, Alpha Blue made her name bodyguarding for a simstar.

Human female, mid to late 30s
5'6", 135 lb. (due to bone lacing)
Black hair, fairly long (mid-back)
Blue eyes
Favors spandex bodysuits and other such tight-fitting clothing, especially in blues and silvers


Physical Score Mental Score Special Score
Body 4 Charisma 4 Essence 6 (1.59)
Agility 5 Intuition 3 Initiative 9
Reaction 6 Logic 3 Edge 4
Strength 5 Willpower 3 Magic 0


Active Skills Score Knowledge Skills Score Language Skills Score
Climbing 4 Simsense Production 2 English Native
Gymnastics 4 Security Companies 4 Japanese 4
Running 4 Security Procedures 5
Swimming 4 Pop Culture 2
Blades 6 Security Design 5
Clubs 4
Unarmed Combat 4
Automatics 3
Longarms 3
Pistols 3
Disguise 3
Infiltration 3
Palming 3
Shadowing 3
Negotiation 3
Dodge 3
Perception 5
Thrown Weapons 2

Positive Qualities

Ambidextrous: Does not suffer any penalties for using an off-hand weapon
Guts: Receives a +2 dice pool modifier on tests made to resist fear and intimidation, including magically-induced fear
High Pain Tolerance: Can ignore three boxes of damage when calculating wound modifiers
Biocompatibility: Reduces Essence cost of cyberware modifications by 10%

Negative Qualities

SINner: Has a legal UCAS SIN under the name Erin Scott
Augmentation Addict: Psychologically similar to a Moderate drug addiction; must periodically make a Willpower + Logic (1) Test with a -4 dice pool modifier. On a failure, must immediately work to obtain a new upgrade or upgrade an existing piece of cyberware. Can call for this check whenever the character sees a slick new piece of cyberware or if use of cyberware fails the character in any significant way.
High-Maintenance Implant: Weekly maintenance of her Wired Reflexes system are required (Cybertechnology + Logic, 8/1 hour) or they will cease to function until repaired. May also fail until repaired if a glitch is rolled when using the implant. If the implant is removed or upgraded, this must be bought off at a cost of 10 Karma.


All Alpha Blue's cyberware is alpha-grade unless otherwise noted. Alpha Blue does not have any bioware implants at this time.

Attention Coprocessor: Grants a +3 dice pool modifier to Perception Tests.
Datajack: standard datajack
Touch Link: standard touch link
Cybereyes: Rating 4 natural-looking blue cybereyes with the following modifications:

  • Smartlink
  • Thermographic Vision
  • Lowlight Vision
  • Flare Compensation
  • Vision Magnification
  • Vision Enhancement (+3 dice to visual Perception Test pools)

Cyberears: Rating 4 natural-looking cyberears with the following modifications:

  • Balance Augmentation (+1 die on balance tests)
  • Audio Enhancement (+3 dice to audio Perception Test pools)
  • Increased Sensitivity (can hear at spectra both above and below normal human hearing)
  • Damper
  • Spatial Recognizer (+2 on Perception Test dice pools to determine location of a specific sound)

Titanium Bone Lacing: Grants a +3 to Body for damage resistance tests, a +1 to both Ballistic and Impact armor ratings, and the ability to do Physical rather than Stun damage with unarmed attacks (5P dmg unarmed)
Wired Reflexes: +2 to Reaction and +2 Initiative Passes when on
Spurs: Retractable spurs that do 5P damage with a Blades attack


Monofilament sword x2
Throwing knives x5
Shuriken x10
Ceramic knife
Ares Predator IV x2

  • Regular ammo x100
  • Gel ammo x100
  • Explosive ammo x100
  • Hi-C ammo x100

HK-227X x2

  • Regular ammo x200
  • Gel ammo x200
  • Explosive ammo x400

Ares Alpha

  • Regular ammo x200
  • Gel ammo x200
  • Explosive ammo x200
  • APDS ammo x200
  • Flechette ammo x100

Flashbangs x20
Fragmentation grenades x20
High Explosive grenades x20
Thermal Smoke grenades x20
Chameleon suit
Lined jacket
Zoe Heritage armor
Second Skin armor
Form-fit full body armor
Fairlight Caliban commlink with Novatec Navi operating system (high-end)
Luxury sedan (armored): uses specs for Mercury Comet, but with Armor 10

Other Notes

Due to her finicky Wired Reflexes, Alpha Blue has a few contacts who are skilled at cybertechnology repair work.
Usually has at least a month of high-class Lifestyle - needs to appear "high end" (hence the luxury sedan and the Fairlight Caliban) to appeal to higher-end clients. This also explains her selection of armors - she has armors appropriate for higher-class meetups (Zoe Heritage, Second Skin, Form-fit) as well as armors suited for clandestine operations (Chameleon suit, Second Skin, Form-fit, Lined Jacket)

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