Evil Mage Damir

CE (Mage)

Dead by Damir's hand.

STR 13/+1
DEX 18/+4
CON 15/+2
INT 18/+4
WIS 16/+3
CHA 18/+4

BAB: +4
Melee +5, Missile +8
Initiative: +8
HP: 48
AC: 10+3+0+4=17
Weapon 1: Dagger
Weapon 2: Short bow
Armor: Studded leather

Fort: 2+2=4
Ref: 4+5=9
Will: 3+5=8

Improved Initiative
Bardic Knowledge
Bardic Music (Fascinate, Inspire Courage, Countersong, Inspire Competence, Suggestion)
Shortbow Proficiency
Weapon Proficiency (Rapier/Sabre)
Extra Spell

Skills (Max 9/4.5):
Appraise +7
Balance +4
Bluff +12
Concentration +11
Decipher Script +8
Diplomacy +8
Disguise +9
Gather Information +6
Hide +7
Knowledge (arcana) +9
Knowledge (geography) +4
Knowledge (history) +5
Knowledge (local) +5
Listen +8
Move Silently +9
Perform (fast-talk, singing, dancing, piccolo/flute, lute, prestidigitation, drama, storytelling, epics) +13
Profession (innkeeper) +5
*Ride +4
*Search +6
Sense Motive +8
Spellcraft +12
*Spot +6
Tumble +4
Use Magic Device +8

Spells: (6/4/3 known, 3/4/3 per day)
Lv 0:
ghost sound
read magic
dancing lights
Lv 1:
mage armor
cure light wounds
expeditious retreat
corrupt weapon
Lv 2:
detect thoughts
mirror image

Wand of Magic Missile (12 charges)
Throwing daggers x3
Short bow, arrowsx20
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds

Focuses on spells, spell-like abilities first
Runs from any fight with any real danger
Fights from range, closing only if forced
Uses Mirror Image often, likes misdirection spells/abilities/items
Attempts to barter out of fights he thinks he'll lose, or at least into better position
Uses wand if necessary, but won't waste shots - he can't recharge it himself
Not above braining someone for their money/items/etc, but usually tries to talk them out of it first
Didn't charge when Emby was attacked by ants; in his memory, Emby is dead
Went to Nevermoor to learn about necromancy; wants to find someone to bring Emby back
"Broken" Damir without his moral compass

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