Experimental SR4 Campaign: Active Session

San Fransisco

This is a continuation of the Mesa session. Most of the old notes have been moved to that session page.

The Third Day

TODO write up the summary of the third day and night, including dead biker, Jack's pedestal dream and the second Lucha Libre raid
Open questions: where were the cops that were supposed to be at the site during Lucha Libra raid?

The pedestals:

1) Upside-down V over a feather
2) Circle with 2 teardrops inside
3) Stylized crown under a sunset
4) Stylized crown over a compass
5) Sunset over a blank horizon

Have mask (from the Lucha rigger), lockpicker, and SMG with 1 clip ammo (AP) courtesy of the Luchas.

The Jeep work (Speed Demon and Gears) still has a couple of days left on it.

Going to try using Scribblar to share very minimalistic maps. We'll see how well it works.


Prue's backstory - years ago, working on first case she led and case where she first met Lee

Explosion, penthouse hotel room
Detective Paul Samson (big black guy) heading
No evidence of accelerants
5 dead, Mitsu low level exec (Akimoto Asuka), media reporter w/NeoNet (Annabelle Salaam, just making her name), 3 bodyguards
(Potential for) Big media debacle

Assensing upon entering room - see residue, anger, pain, guilt/shame
* Detection spells show her that the door was busted in, the room ransacked by fire elemental
* Strong fire elemental

Mentor (Lonnie Ooten) (retires 2069)

Goes to talk to Annabelle Salaam's boss (Hillary Dashiell) and coworkers
Hillary is mid-50s, blond, super-professional, a little cold

Goes to Annabelle's house - sparse and basic, with archaic cyberterminal in bedroom (forensics guys called for this - est day or two to find anything out)

Sleep - 4 hours
Call from forensics - actually was a commlink hidden in cyberterminal. Got into it via backdoor enough to see calendar - Aldritch Ames mtg prev night 7 PM
Other mtgs with Aldritch Ames sporadically for past 9 mo (e.g., 6 one week, then none for 3 weeks, then 5, etc.)

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