Unnamed Experimental Async SR4 Campaign

This is a the landing page for an as-yet-unnamed, experimental Shadowrun campaign that will be run via email, IM, forum posts, and this wiki (and maybe by other means). The page content will be updated after we start the campaign and figure out just who will be playing and what the point will be.

Campaign Overview

This is actually two occasionally-interrelated campaigns. The campaigns focus on two groups, one in Seattle and one in San Francisco. The Seattle group consists of paranormal investigators. The San Fransisco group consists of a paraarchaeologist, a paracritter, and… a travel agent. Suffice to say, the prefix para- will likely crop up quite a bit during this campaign….

Cast of Characters


Since this campaign is asynchronous and world-spanning, not all of the PCs reside in the same area. Currently, some of the PCs are based in and around San Fransisco. Others call the Seattle metroplex home.

San Francisco Area

  1. Dale - "Speed Demon"
  2. Ted - J. C. "Jack" McClellan
  3. Chris - Coyle Tiernan Addison

(Dale's spare character concepts.)

Seattle Area

  1. Chris - Leonardo "Lee" Coppoletta
  2. Carol - Prudence "Prue" Greer / Calypso Nyx

Notable NPCs

Any important NPCs (that is, important enough to have their own pages) are listed here. Contacts will be particularly important in this campaign, so any important contacts players have made should probably be listed here. Players are welcome to modify their contacts and provide suggestions on descriptions, motivations, and other aspects.

As a side note, we may have to move these contacts to a different spot on the wiki if we have too many. If you link to your contacts on your character's page, however, you'll always be able to easily find your contacts. Contacts who know one another should be crosslinked as well.


  1. Former professor, now fixer, Rodney St. James
  2. Retired Seattle-area decker Firebrand (Wen Jing)
  3. CaliFree customs official Walter Fischer
  4. Antiquities dealer Charles Hawass
  5. Magician-professor and Atlantean Dr. Samuel Wainwright
  6. Denver-area talismonger Gayle "Finch" Wallace
  7. Lone Star Detective Melissa Bolander
  8. Lone Star Information Security Officer Neil Molino
  9. 405 Hellhounds go-ganger Redline
  10. Denver-area fixer "Dusty"
  11. Denver-area go-ganger "Big Maul"
  12. Austin-area mechanic Marley
  13. Austin-area immigrant family, the Hernandezes


  1. Juan Carrera, Aztechnology Researcher

Session Log

All of the past sessions are captured in the session log. We also have a page for what's currently going down.

San Fransico

Backstory: Dale - Speed Demon Session 0 (Backstory)
Backstory: Ted - J. C. "Jack" McClellan Session 0 (Backstory)
Backstory: Chris - Coyle Addison Session 0 (Backstory)

  1. The Mesa - January 2073


Backstory: Carol - Prudence "Prue" Greer / Calypso Nyx Session 0 (Backstory)
Backstory: Chris - Lee Coppoletta Session 0 (Backstory)

  1. Placeholder

Campaign Timeline

Date Event
January 13, 2011 First UGE children born
December 24, 2011 Great Dragon Ryumyo appears
April 14, 2042 Lee born in New York, NY, UCAS
April 1, 2043 Prue born in Seattle, WA, UCAS
Some time in 2047 Jack born in Boston, MA, UCAS
May 5, 2052 Coyle born in Cambridge, UK
Ronan "born" in Everett, WA, UCAS
December 11, 2058 SCIRE taken over by unknown entity or entities
Arthur and Kiera Addison killed
November 2, 2069 Free Spirit Speed Demon "born"
January 2073 Start of campaign

Campaign Q&A

»» Since we'll probably be heading all over the world, I think it would be cool to have a home base somewhere other than good ol' grunge and coffee-burg… Somewhere in the UCAS would be nice, although I think somewhere in Europe would be cool to try. London might work. Edinburgh. Brussels sounds good (although I can't find an entry for it in Sixth World Almanac), and Prague and Marseilles both sound AWESOME.
»» Whaddya think?
»> I can get behind Denver, Prague, Brussels, Marseilles, Edinburgh… I can work with whatever. I would suggest we all figure out where we are any why before the characters are finalized. Keep in mind that you can get through North and South America easily via private transportation; getting between Europe, Asia, and Africa can be a little more difficult (easy via public transportation, airlines, etc.; harder if you're trying to use someone's car).
»> Thinking about this more, I might recommend Denver or Seattle for proximity to South America; Madrid or Lisbon for proximity to North Africa; or Prague or Warsaw for proximity to Asia. I'd recommend bases in that order, too, considering that Jack seems to have a history with Aztlan. If you want to dodge Denver or Seattle, there are other UCAS, CaliFree, and CAS sprawls we could choose, too.
» I guess that depends on where most of our jobs will take place. As Barsaive (the Fourth World) was located in Europe, I wasn't sure if a lot of our stuff would be going on there. Exotic jungles and deserts in S. America, Africa, and Asia would still be common though. I wasn't planning on focusing on Aztlan for the character's interest. He's more globally interested. That, plus the feel of Europe and Marseilles, different from the typical Shadowrun city, might have been an interesting home base. That said, if most of our storyline will be happening in South America, then San Francisco sounds interesting.
> Here's my final thought on the matter. Let's start out in the Bay Area. That gives us access to all of the Americas without chartering travel, and it's cheaper than Marseilles by a damn long shot. However, getting to Europe, Asia, Africa, and/or Australia isn't out of the picture; it'd just require that the Johnson help us out with travel (for now… later on, Coyle might be able to help with that…). The recent realignment of CaliFree's status also gives us all excuses to be there - hell, without the Japanese Imperial Navy there, the smuggling market is just opening up….

Sounds good to me.

Do players need to take Coyle as a contact?

No. We'll play out how the PCs have made contact with one another during the backstory sessions.

DM's Notes

Okay, here's the deal: everything in this section is technically "DM's Eyes Only." However, we're running this game collaboratively. If any players want to look at or contribute to the sections below, they're welcome to do so. The only caveat is that I expect you to behave semi-responsibly; if you peek, try to keep your player knowledge and your character knowledge separate. If you're certain you don't want any spoilers as to the storyline, don't peek!

  1. Story Seeds
  2. Locations
  3. Old story seed ideas from the Private Eyes Google Wave

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