Experimental Async SR4 Campaign: Locations

Cali Free

Some team members are currently based in the Cali Free State near San Francisco.

San Francisco/Silicon Valley

The San Francisco area was under Japanese control for so long that some thought things would never "return to normal" there (as if you can ever call San Fransisco "normal"…). However, since the revolt and re-assertion of CaliFree power in 2068, San Fransisco has begun to reassert some of its former openness and inclusiveness. Metahumanity and odder sapients are now much more free to walk the city, and the demilitarization of the area has allowed all of the citizenry to collectively let out its breath.
Ares (and, to a lesser extent, the other megacorps) had a pretty tight grip on the area for a few years, but San Fransicans have never been content to sit under someone's thumb. As a result of the diminishing influence the megacorps have over the Silicon Valley area, San Fransisco in early 2073 is something of a "growth location" for shadowrunners and smugglers.

TODO haunts


Coyle mostly grew up in the UCAS, specifically Seattle. Also, some PCs are currently based in Seattle.


TODO haunts, history - SCIRE, Everett, Bothell


Speed Demon lived in Denver most recently

TODO haunts



Speed Demon spent time in Austin after leaving Aztlan

TODO haunts


Jack had some run-ins in Aztlan - need to determine where
Speed Demon was born in Aztlan - need to determine where

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